Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: It’s Better to Burn Out Than to Fae Away

This one starts with Bo and Lauren talking some girl talk as Kenzi looks on, trying not to hurl. Lauren’s telling Bo about her Prom date from hell (I guess Lauren’s still staying with them) and Kenzi finally has enough and walks away. Elsewhere, a dude is tagging a wall in an alley and some old guy comes out and gives him shit. The tagger ignores him until the old guy whips out a scorpion tail and knocks the spray can from his hand—which is a prettyalley art hard thing to ignore. But the tagger isn’t really all that freaked about seeing a guy with a scorpion tail; he just picks up a sawed-off shotgun and blows the dude away. As his blood sprays the wall, we see the tagger’s artwork; it looks like our old friend Vex with his hand on the throat of a man with a missing hand who’s stabbing himself in the chest. It looks a lot like the vampire dude that Vex wasted back in Season One.

Bo and Lauren are getting cozy on the couch when Kenzi drags Bo aside for a quick confab. Kenzi’s a bit worried about them harbouring a fugitive from the Ash, but Bo says she’ll figure something out. Kenzi’s obviously not happy about Bo getting too close to Lauren, though she denies it (Kenzi: “I don’t care if it’s platonic … I don’t even care if it’s slutonic.”) In a fancy office building, the Morrigan is doing … whatever it is she does, Morrigan freakswhen Vex comes in ranting about the alley art of him killing the vampire. He reminds the Morrigan that he killed the vampire at her behest and wonders if she let that information slip when she and the artist (Jason) were banging. The Morrigan tells Vex to remember who he’s talking to, but after he leaves she freaks out, wondering how Jason could betray her. She trashes her desk and makes her assistant (Bianca) clean it up. She asks Bianca if she thinks Vex might be playing her and Bianca says he might have his eye on the Morrigan’s position.

At Bo’s place, Kenzi is now playing buzzkill, sitting between Bo and Lauren on the couch. There’s a knock at the door and when Bo answers, it turns out to be Bianca. She says her employer wants to “take a meeting” with Bo. At the office building, the Morrigan is trying to get some dude to sign over his royalties for a record contract (I guess she’s some kind of agent or something) and he turns her down. But Bianca uses her powers (which look a lot like Bo’s succubus mojo) to make him change his mind. Instead of thanking Bianca, the Morrigan gives her shit again for someMorrigan slight mistake. She tells Bo Bianca is invaluable to her, since she’s a seniatta—a Fae who can control humans’ inner motivations. Bo’s not impressed and asks why the Morrigan wanted to see her. The Morrigan explains about Jason killing the old Fae dude and painting incriminating shit on alley walls. She says someone on her own side has been leaking the info to Jason, so she can’t trust anyone except Bo. Bo’s not thrilled about rounding someone up to be killed, but the Morrigan says she doesn’t want Jason killed because she’s in love with him.

At the Dal, Trick tells Bo about the Morrigan. She’s a Leanan Sidhe (Kenzi: “The country singer?”), a Fae seductress who inspires people artistically then feeds off them … an evil Muse, basically. Unfortunately, her influence drives the artist crazy and to a premature death. Makes you wonder about all the singers, writers, and other artists who died young. Bo and Kenzi go Vex lurksto check out the scene of the crime, but the incriminating artwork has already been painted over. Kenzi recognizes one of the surrounding tags and Bo says maybe that artist can give them a lead on Jason. As they leave, we see Vex is following them. Kenzi introduces Bo to a guy with the unlikely name of Tryst, who’s kind of a douche. (Kenzi is quick to point out she never dated Tryst, he just bought her a hot dog once—then ate most of it.) In between his smarmy innuendo, Tryst says he and Jason used to be close and that Jason was one of the best street artists around. But he signed up with a fancy agent (i.e. The Morrigan) and made a pile of money. But he doesn’t know whereTryst Jason is now, so Bo and Kenzi go back to the Dal. They speculate that the Morrigan’s power might be making Jason go nuts and maybe his paintings are a way of warning others to stay away from her. But Bo thinks that’s a bit too lucid for someone who’s supposed to be crazy; she’s sure there’s something else going on. Tryst calls and says he ran into Jason—literally, as Jason smashed him in the face with his shotgun. He says Jason was heading for the West End and Bo and Kenzi head over there.

On the way, Bo admits she’s having trouble keeping her hands off Lauren. She mentions Dyson and Ciara (who are apparently holed up together, banging like rabbits) and even the Morrigan is in love. They find Jason crotch sworddoing some more art and he almost blasts them with his shotgun. He takes off, but Vex is waiting just around the corner. Bo stops him from killing Jason, who runs away, and Vex turns his power on her. Before he can do anything, Kenzi jams a sword between his legs, which gets his cooperation—it would certainly get mine. Vex offers to buy them a drink and they head for the Dal. Before they leave, Bo takes a pic of Jason’s artwork, which shows the Morrigan holding a big stiletto (as in dagger, not shoe) about to stab … someone. Jason never finished the painting, so we don’t know who her victim is. At the Dal, Vex says he wants to interrogate Jason to find out how he knows all these Dark Fae secrets. He says the Morrigan is afraid of his growingstabby Morrigan popularity among the Dark and may be using Jason to discredit him. He offers Bo a pile of money if she’ll bring Jason to him when she catches him, so he can figure out if Jason is working for the Morrigan. Bo’s still wondering who’s playing who, and muses over the painting of the stabby Morrigan; she wonders if it’s something that’s already happened, or something that’s soon going to happen.

At home, Kenzi thanks Lauren for helping Bo against Aife, but gives her shit for screwing her under orders from the Ash. (She uses the term “spy-banged”; I want to be in a situation where I can use that term in everyday conversation.) Kenzi tells Lauren if she hurts Bo again she’ll be sorry and Lauren wonders if Kenzi’s trying to be the only human in Bo’s life. Before that can go anywhere, the new Ash shows up and invites himself in. Kenzi chokedLauren hid as soon as she heard the knock at the door, but the Ash knows she’s there. One of his goons starts strangling Kenzi, so Lauren comes out. She says even he can’t mess with “Bo’s human” on her territory and the Ash says if Lauren’s not back in his compound in 24 hours her “research project” goes dark. So, he (and probably the previous Ash) have some hold over Lauren, that’s why she puts up with all their crap. Bo’s not happy when she finds out and she tells the Morrigan she wants nothing more to do with finding Jason, since she has more important stuff to worry about. The Morrigan says that’s fine, but adds that she can solve Lauren’s problems with the Ash if Bo brings Jason back.

As Bo’s leaving, Bianca talks to her (we learn the Morrigan’s real name is Eveny Fleurette Marquise) and mentions that she used to be a painter but gave it up to use her Fae powers for the Morrigan. Bo says she’s decided to go after Jason again—full throttle; I guess the Morrigan’s offer was too good to pass up. At home, Lauren says she’ll go back to the Ash to take theBo and Lauren pressure off Bo and Kenzi. Bo mentions the Morrigan’s offer, but Lauren’s not exactly thrilled, and the way she questions what the Morrigan told Bo makes it seem like there’s something she doesn’t want Bo to know. (Which is true—we’ll see what that is very soon.) Lauren tells Bo they might not see each other again and puts the moves on her. They bang like crazy … and this time it’s not spy-banging. Next morning, Bo wakes Kenzi up, but she’s not feeling to well; she passed out on wine the night before. (Kenzi: “My mouth feels like a wet dog moved in and had puppies.”) Bo thanks Kenzi and says they have to go meet Hale at the Dal. Kenzi goes into the bathroom and gets a surprise when she finds Lauren wearing Bo’s robe. We get a callback to the first time Dyson stayed over (when Kenzi was also hung over) as Lauren asks where the toothpaste is; yup, still in the footlocker.Kenzi unhappy But now, instead of doing the “somebody got some” dance, Kenzi does a “I can’t believe you fucked her” shuffle. At the Dal, Kenzi is still feeling like death, but Hale uses his siren power to cure her hangover. (Kenzi: “Will you marry me?” Hale:”Naw, you drink too much.”) Bo asks Hale how to find someone who could be anywhere and he says she needs the Eye. (Kenzi: “Any relation to the Schnozz?”) He cyclopscomes back later and points out the Eye, then takes off. Bo and Kenzi go talk to the Eye, who’s kind of a cyclops-looking dude. He talks like a cross between someone who’s way too into D&D roleplaying and someone who spends way too much time on PUA forums. He says he can find Jason and goes all panopticon on his laptop. Jason is on King Street, but before they can go, there’s the matter of payment. He has his eye (or Eye) on Kenzi and she gives him a (very) quick kiss as payment before dragging Bo out.

On King Street, they find Jason (well, he finds them really) and he threatens to blow them away. Bo says Eveny sent them, which seems toJason with shotgun get through to him briefly, but he says he needs to finish his paintings. He keels over and starts doing the fish on the sidewalk. Bo takes him back to the Morrigan’s office. She’s not too enthusiastic and Bo soon learns the Morrigan isn’t really in love with Jason, she just said that because she knew it would make Bo more inclined to help. She thinks Vex is behind everything and wants to figure out exactly how. She gives Bo the “payment” they agreed on—the key to saving Nadia. Who’s Nadia? Well, she’s Lauren’s secret girlfriend, of course. At home, Vex is waiting to see Bo, but she’s in no mood for his shit. Unfortunately, Lauren’s already gone, so Bo can’t ask her about Nadia. Kenzi says the paintings Jason has been doing all fit together, so the Morrigan was actually about to stab Vex in the back. Bo tells Kenzi the BiancaMorrigan lied about being in love with Jason. They toss theories back and forth and realize Vex has been trying to figure things out as well. So maybe someone is trying to frame the Morrigan for killing Vex to topple her from power—someone who can get inside Jason’s head and manipulate him. Bo finally figures it out (as I’m sure some of you did a while back). We see Bianca “convincing” a dominatrix to kill Vex and she gives her the same stiletto the Morrigan was holding in Jason’s painting.

Vex is apparently really into the “M” part of S&M; makes sense, I guess …dominatrix the guy who can dominate anyone with his power gets off on being in someone else’s power. During their “session”, the dominatrix straps Vex in then changes things up by pulling out the stiletto, which breaks the mood really fast. Obviously, these guys never talked about safe words. Before she can stab Vex, Bo comes in (“Step away from the pervert!”) and she and the dominatrix have a sword duel. Bo actually seems to have trouble against the dominatrix, even though the dom is supposedly human. Kenzi looses Vex and he uses his power to control the dominatrix. He deliberates over whom to kill, but Bo says the dom is not to blame on this one.

Vex's outfit
“What the hell are you wearing?”

At the Morrigan’s office, they confront Bianca, who gives the Morrigan shit for ruining her dreams of being a painter. She kills herself, but Vex and the Morrigan don’t seem to care too much; they’re too busy pretending not to hate each other. Bo is appalled at the Morrigan’s callousness and leaves. At home, we see Jason tied up as a way of “weaning” him off the Morrigan’s influence. (Kenzi: “This boy’s got a one-way ticket to hot bitch rehab.”)  Bo wonders about the “gift” the Morrigan gave her that’s supposedly the key to saving Lauren’s girlfriend. PKD territoryShe not sure if she should mention the whole “mystery girlfriend” thing, or if she even has the right to be pissed off about it. Kenzi, surprisingly, says she should give Lauren a chance to explain. We see Lauren in some weird, Philip K. Dick-inspired lab, talking to someone (obviously the mysterious Nadia) inside a translucent pod. It looks like Nadia’s in some kind of coma, being kept alive by machines. Lauren talks about how great Bo is, but I think Nadia’s oblivious. We’ll see where all that goes next episode.

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