Little Green Men

ArmiesOn Monday there was a post over at Back in the Bronze Age about those little plastic Army men a lot of us had as kids. (If you’re wondering about Back in the Bronze Age, it’s a really cool site focusing on the years 1970-1985 or so–aka the Bronze Age of comics–but they don’t just talk about comics. Check ’em out and tell ’em Gulliver sent you.)Anyway, that post got me nostalgic, so I dragged out my old Army men and took a few pics. I got these in England in (I think) 1983. They came in a bubble pack with six different armies, each a different colour except Japan and France which are the same colour for some reason. I used to set these guys up and knock ’em down regularly, but they’ve been half-forgotten in the basement for years; it was kinda fun to set them all up again. Anyway, I took a few close-ups of the different Armies.American armyBritish armyAustralian armyFrench armyGerman armyJapanese armyOn the other hand, Gulliver doesn’t care for these little guys; let’s just say they have history …Gulliver tied downAnd now you know how he got his name!

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