Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 7

Lost GirlEpisode 7: There’s Bo Place Like Home

This one starts with Bo practicing for her Dawning ritual. Apparently, the Dawning involves crossing into another reality or something, so Bo’s trying to walk through a mystical doorway that Trick set up … but she’s not doing too well. Most Fae have years to train for their Dawning ritual, while Bo only has days left before she devolves into something nasty. But Bo can’t achieve the clarity of mind she needs to pass the threshold. Maybe she needs Yoda as a teacher instead of Trick. She finally says to hell with it and takes a break. Elsewhere, we see a couple on a back road whose carcar crusher has a flat tire. The guy brought his fiancée back to where he grew up, but she’s obviously a city gal: she can’t get any cell service and has to piss like a racehorse. He tells her to go behind a bush while he changes the tire. He says he’s done his share of tire swaps, but I don’t think he has, otherwise he’d know not to get under the vehicle with just a crappy little jack. As he’s under the car (and she’s off taking a whiz), a freaky-looking ghost-girl shows up and the weather gets weird for a minute or two. The car falls and crushes the guy, the ghost-girl disappears, and the woman comes back from the bushes and freaks out when she sees her dead fiancé.

At the Dal, Trick has called in an expert (Stella Nashira) to consult on Bo’s Dawning. Stella helps Fae prepare for their Dawnings years in advance, but Trick plays the “she’s all I have” card and Stella agrees to help. At home, Bo is dreaming about how she bad dreamaccidentally killed her boyfriend when her succubus powers first manifested. Her dad called her a whore and said she had the devil inside her. She also dreams about herself chowing down on some raw meat—possibly a corpse. She wakes up just in time for Trick to call her to the Dal. She meets Stella, who tries to interpret what’s going on in Bo’s psyche. Stella says anger and regret are both clouding Bo’s mind and she needs to deal with them. When she finds out Bo was raised by humans, she says Bo has to go back and deal with her feelings about her adoptive mother, Mary. Bo refuses, since her mom always treated her like crap. Trick reminds her she’ll devolve into an Underfae if she fails to complete her Dawning, but Bo doesn’t care.

At home, Lauren tells Bo she should go back and deal with her shit. Lauren looks up Bo’s hometown (called Grimley) and it looks like it’s the same place the dead dude from the opening was going, since he mentioned cherries and Grimley is the home of the cherry festival. Bo decides to go see her mother and says she’ll take Kenzi, who needs a vacationLauren's vials after the whole “taken over by a Kitsune” thing last episode. Bo still doesn’t know how or why Kenzi was targeted, and hasn’t asked Kenzi about it. Lauren gives Bo three vials of stuff she’s whipped up to counteract the devolution. She says each application will be less effective than the last, so Bo should use them sparingly. At the Dal, Dyson is freaking out about Bo going home and Trick realizes Dyson got his love back. Trick says Bo’s relationship with Lauren will be temporary—which I take to mean Lauren will grow old and die while Bo stays young—and Dyson says he’s willing to wait, which is actually kind of morbid when you think about it. Trick tells Dyson he’s got the best Dawning coach for Bo (Trick seems to have a thing for Stella) so Dyson just has to trust Bo to handle her shit and come back.

Out in Grimley County, Bo and Kenzi stop for gas and the gas jockey (Dougie) is an old friend of Bo’s. Ah, small towns, where every time you turn around you see someone you Kenzi meets a bumpkinknow. Kenzi is obviously out of her depth (“I seem to have attracted the attention of country folk … perhaps of the bumpkin variety.”), though Kenzi does seem really into the whole “pie festival” thing. Dougie tells Bo about Brad, the dude who got crushed by his car, who was a big jock back in high school (and used to slap Dougie around a lot). Bo has another flash of herself as a wild carnivore and Kenzi tells her to splash some water on her face. (Dougie: “We got the cleanest pissers in Grimley County.”; Kenzi: “Yeah Bo, you don’t wanna miss the pissers.”) We see the ghost-girl is watching from the road, but nobody notices her.

Bo and Kenzi show up at what looks like a farmhouse (or else Bo’s mom has a huge fucking yard) and Bo’s still reluctant to confront her mom. Kenzi says Bo should be themother hugger bigger person and forget that her mother called her evil and threw her out. (Kenzi also mentions wanting to “scarf down twenty pies on the way home.”) Bo’s pretty pissed off at how her mom treated her and Kenzi thinks she’s having a devolutionary fit, so she injects Bo with one of Lauren’s vials. Bo resigns herself to talking to her mom. (Bo: “And then we can get out of here, right?”; Kenzi: “Does a horse shit in the barn? No, seriously, is that where a horse poops?”) Bo knocks on the door and her mother really freaks her out … by hugging her and welcoming her home.

Bo’s mom (Mary) invites them in and immediately begins preparing a pie for them. (Kenzi:” Your mom; yeah, what a bitch.”; Bo: “She used to be.”)  Bo soon realizes her time warpmother has dementia and doesn’t really remember throwing her out of the house years ago. She seems to think Bo’s still in high school and has a whole shelf full of childhood stuff. Kenzi figures they might as well leave, since Bo’s mom can’t remember treating her like shit (Or as Kenzi puts it, she’s “loco in la cabeza”). But Bo wants closure, even if she has to force her mom to remember, so when her mom suggests they visit the cherry festival, Bo agrees. Kenzi is less enthused, especially since they have nothing to wear and Mary mentions she still has all Bo’s old dresses and “sensible footwear” upstairs. Kenzi is understandably horrified.

At the festival, Kenzi feels like she’s in a time warp and they walk past some kids doing double dutch (Kenzi: “You’re shitting me! I thought that was only on the Wii.”) and reciting a rhyme about someone called Lady Polly, who kills people. Hmmm, I wonder if that’s significant? Bo runs into her old friend Jessica, who’s got a snotty, Mean GirlsJessica kinda thing going on. Jessica mentions the witness protection story that was spread a couple seasons ago to get Bo off the hook for killing her boyfriend way back when. Jessica whines about how Bo beat her as Cherry Festival queen three years straight (because Bo had bigger tits), then mentions how she had the hots for Brad and was going to take a shot at him. (Kenzi: “Too bad he got crushed by a car.” [Bo gives her a look] “What? It is.”) Dougie is lurking behind a nearby tree, watching them. Jessica says Kenzi looks like Debbie Gibson and reminds her of the girl in Chem Lab who used to sniff glue, who Bo says was Jessica herself.

At home, Bo’s mom is hanging clothes on the line and Bo confronts her about all the hurtful things she said when Bo left. Her mom doesn’t seem to remember (or just doesn’t Polly arriveswant to talk about it), but before they can resolve anything, the weather turns weird and the ghost-girl shows up. Bo goes after her with a hoe and she turns to smoke. The weather goes back to normal and Bo’s mom gets her old personality back, calling Bo a devil-child and a fornicator. She tells Bo to get the hell away from her and Bo freaks out. She takes off, leaving Kenzi behind at the farm. Kenzi calls Trick and he says the ghost-girl is an Underfae called Poludnica—also known as Lady Polly, like in the kids’ double dutch rhyme. Trick says Lady Polly uses her powers to stage accidents when the heat and glare of midday disorients her victims. Kenzi mentions Brad’s tire-changing “accident” and Trick says that sounds like Lady Polly.

Kenzi thinks Bo’s accidental killing of her boyfriend years ago is what brought Lady Polly to Grimley in the first place (“When Bo finds out she unleashed hell on the town byKenzi hangs up succu-killing Kyle, she’s gonna succu-plotz.”), but Trick says Polly can only be summoned on purpose, with fire and brimstone. Kenzi finds an old article in Mary’s scrapbook about a fire at a wellhouse and Trick says Polly could’ve been summoned from a well. He says Polly is bound to the land for now, but if she kills all those who summoned her, she can leave. Or, as Kenzi puts it, “tornado tits can flee this one-horse town.” Kenzi mentions she lost Bo, then hangs up before Trick can give her shit. Kenzi “borrows” Mary’s car and heads into town.

Kenzi finds Bo getting wasted at the festival on cherry wine (I know it’s a cherry festival, injection timebut does everything have to be cherry related? Wouldn’t they have a beer garden or something?) Bo starts getting hungry for horny farm boys and buxom milkmaids (her words) so Kenzi injects her with Lauren’s serum again. If you’re counting, there’s only one shot left. Kenzi tells Bo that Lady Polly was summoned by fire and shows her the clipping from the newspaper. Bo remembers the incident and says she was there. Dougie was going through some kind of goth phase and wanted to do a séance to summon Lady Polly. Bo, her boyfriend Kyle, Dougie, Brad, and Jessica wereJessica dead all there, but nothing happened. Bo figured the fire was caused by one of the candles not being put out properly. Later that night, she and Kyle had their tragic make-out session. (Kenzi: “So killing your boyfriend was actually the second shittiest thing you did that night.”) They go to round up the old gang so they can put Lady Polly back in the well, but Bo finds Jessica dead, having choked on a cherry. Lady Polly shows up to taunt her, then disappears.

Kenzi finds Dougie at the gas station and learns he’s been dealing with Lady Polly for the last ten years, trying to banish her back to the well. Polly’s been trying to get Dougie to lure the others back, but he refused. Now everyone’s come back voluntarily and Polly’s killing them off. Polly shows up and Dougie and Kenzi take off into a field. (Kenzi: “Oh well boundgreat! Nothing bad ever happens in a field.”) They get to the old well, where Bo has been poking around. She tells them Jessica’s dead and Dougie says it’s all his fault. Apparently he went back that night to summon Lady Polly on his own, by burning a copy of “Antichrist Superstar”. (Kenzi: “You sacrificed Superstar? Dude, Marilyn Manson is a god!”) Bo tells him it’s not his fault, but when Lady Polly shows up, Dougie tries to offer himself to her. She knocks him out of the way and goes after Bo. Kenzi tosses her the last vial of Lauren’s antidote and Bo injects Lady Polly with it, then kicks her down the well. Dougie is okay, just a bit bruised.

Bo goes back to see her mom, who doesn’t remember her latest freak-out because of her dementia. Bo says she’s done blaming herself for stuff she had no control over andBo makes peace forgives her mother for all the stuff she said. Bo’s finally done hating her mom—and herself—and says she’s got a new family now, one that sticks by her through everything. She says goodbye to her mom and she and Kenzi leave. At the Dal, Dyson comes in and finds Trick waiting for Stella. When she shows up, Dyson notices Trick is hot for her (Dyson: “I knew she was Trick-bait the minute she walked in.”) He tells Trick to go for it and leaves. Trick seems to like that idea. Bo shows up (with a cherry pie, of course) and says she’s ready for the ritual. Stella says things are different Stellafor each Fae, so Bo’s Dawning may take the form of a physical challenge, or a psychological one. Bo successfully crosses Trick’s threshold, but Stella says the threshold is simply the doorway to the real tests, which will be the most grueling things Bo’s ever faced. At home, Bo tells Kenzi Trick has set up a trust for Mary, to take care of her as her dementia worsens. Bo tries to get Kenzi to open up about her captivity by the Kitsune, but Kenzi says she isn’t ready to talk about it yet. Bo asks the next obvious question: why did Kenzi go see the Norn in the first place? We’ll have to wait until next episode to see what Kenzi’s answer is.

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