Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 13

Lost GirlEpisode 13: Dark Horse

This one starts only minutes after last episode ended, with Bo a tad pissed off at Rainer after being betrayed by his general, Rosette, and watching her jump  into a fire. Rainer says he didn’t know Rosette had turned against him and wonders how powerful Bo’s father really is. Bo says even the Blood King is afraid, which freaks Rainer out a bit. They pledge to fight her father together, no matter what, but the hand mark on Bo’s upper chest startsRainer brings Bo to the Dal glowing and she almost collapses in pain. At the Dal, Trick freaks out when he sees Bo and blames Rainer. The two of them start up their old argument about Rainer rebelling against Trick because he forced a peace between Light and Dark. Bo tells them to shut the hell up and mentions the Pyrripus and her father, which gets Trick’s attention. Bo tells him about meeting the Women of the Horse last episode and that they basically opened a portal to Hel for her father to return. Bo says she can feel him trying to bring out her dark side, the Dark Queen, to facilitate his escape from Hel.

Lauren watches Massimo dig a graveElsewhere, Massimo is digging a grave as Lauren watches, tied to a fence post. Massimo is really losing his shit after swallowing the Origin Seed last episode. Lauren says that much power is too much for any human, but Massimo is still hung up on impressing his mother (Evony, the Morrigan) and decides the best way to do that is to bring her Bo’s head. At the Dal, Bo tries to get answers from Trick about her parentage. He mentions handing Aife (Bo’s mother) over to the Dark after she tried to break the truce. Aife was tortured for centuries in the Dark dungeons, but her succubus blood was passed on to Bo, along with something from her father that allowsMassimo enters the Dal her to use her powers to resurrect people. Rainer thinks that power would be great on a battlefield, but Trick points out it could be used to enslave people as well. I’m not clear on how much of those powers come from Bo’s father; Aife was shown to be able to revive people with her succubus powers, and enslave people as well. Maybe it’s the intensity that Bo gets from her dad’s side, like when she knocked out a whole room full of people. Massimo comes in and says he has Lauren and wants Bo in exchange.

At the Morrigan’s place, Kenzi is looking for Lauren but only finds a mess, including Kenzi punches Evonysome blood and a weird painting of a bunch of revelers that has one figure who looks a lot like Bo. Dyson finds Kenzi, who tells him about Lauren being gone. Evony strolls in and says she and Lauren banged (which freaks Kenzi out a bit), and Dyson quickly discern that she’s human. Kenzi punches her and Evony explains that her transformation is due to Lauren and “her miracle snatch”. She tells them Massimo is her son and wants her approval. She says he’s probably hiding in the Dark archives, which is where he learned all his Druidic secrets.

At the Dal, Massimo uses some weird thunder-beast power to knock Trick and Rainer ontable slam their asses, then kicks the shit out of Bo. He tosses her around, ending with a WWE move where he slams her through a table. Trick realizes Massimo is the one who stole the Origin Seed and he’s ready to fight him, but Rainer says it’s his right. Massimo breaks his neck pretty quickly, then gets an intense headache (because he absorbed Rainer’s power of foresight when he killed him and it’s overwhelming his brain) and takes off before he can finish Bo and Trick. Bo is crushed that Rainer is dead.

Bo feeds off TamsinBo wakes up at home, with Tamsin watching her. Tamsin says Trick drugged her, brought her home, then went to check the Light library. Bo is feeling shitty about her inability to help Hale, Rainer, or Lauren, but Tamsin tells her to quit whining and get her shit together. If she’s the Chosen One, she should start acting like it. Bo drains some energy from Tamsin and says she tastes “happier”than she used to. Dyson and Kenzi come in and things get awkward, which Tamsin helpfully points out. Tamsin is stoked because Rainer promised his soul to her before he died, so she might be able toKenzi tears the page from the book end her exile from Valhalla once she delivers it. Kenzi is reading another book with a prophecy in it (seriously, it seems like every book has some prophecy about Bo or her father, and none of them are the same) and gets Tamsin to translate something about the “daughter’s heart” being needed to close the portal to Hel. Tamsin wonders if that means Bo will have to rip out her own heart and use it, and Kenzi says to keep it quiet until they can get Lauren back. After Tamsin leaves, Kenzi tears the page with the prophecy out of the book.

Dyson pledges fealtyBo tells Dyson her father can wait and that Lauren is top priority. She asks Dyson for a favour and he thinks he’s getting lucky, but Bo mentions she already fed off Tamsin, which surprises him. Bo wants Dyson to witness her destroying her contract with the Dark and becoming unaligned again. She tears it up, but Dyson isn’t sure that’ll take. He says everyone needs a purpose and that he’s drifted his whole life, looking for a king to serve under. He says he’d rather serve under a Queen and pledges fealty (and love) to Bo, but she says she’d prefer him to fight with her instead ofBo's eyes go blue for her. Tamsin comes in and says they found some more information on the portal: it turns out to be at the “spiritual centre” where Bo and Rainer confronted Epona last episode. Beneath the centre, Bo and Dyson find the open portal (which we saw at the end of last episode) surrounded by bits of broken horse-themed crap. Three Revenants emerge from the portal and Bo drains them, which turns her eyes that evil shade of blue we’ve seen so many times.

Dyson kisses BoBo starts talking in the weird sepulchral voice she’s used before, saying humans and Fae will all bow down to her. Dyson urges her to fight it, but she says it’s too strong. He kisses her, which snaps her out of it (though she tells him to get some new material) and they prepare to fight the Revenants. At the Dal, the Morrigan is a bit wasted and putting the moves on Trick, who says she’s not really his type, being a stone cold bitch and all. She says “bitch” is just a word men use for women who intimidate them (which is probably true in many cases) and that if Bo’s father turns out to be whoEvony looking hot everyone thinks, they’re all going to wind up dead anyway. Trick tries to think of a way to close the portal and Emmanuelle Vaugier gets to show off her French when she says: “Souvent une petite chose jette une grande ombre”, which basically means “sometimes the smallest thing casts a big shadow”. That gives Trick an idea and he and Evony head out to … well, I’m not sure what they’re going to do, but it probably involves Massimo. Just for the record, if I was Trick, I’d have banged the shit out of Evony; she is damn hot in this scene.

At the horse temple, Dyson and Bo recover from the Revenant fight (which we didn’t get to see) and wonder if they’re up to fighting countless more. Bo says she feels stronger Kenzi hugs Bo goodbyeand Dyson points out she’s channeling her father’s power through the portal. She decides it’s time to let loose, but says Lauren is her top priority. She asks Dyson to make sure no Revenants out of the temple and he says he and Tamsin can handle it. Yeah, holding back the armies of hell, no biggie. Bo asks him to keep Kenzi close and safe. I don’t know why she wouldn’t insist Kenzi be as far from the portal as possible. Bo puts on the necklace she got from Lauren and when Kenzi and Tamsin show up, Kenzi hugs her and gives her a sword, saying she’ll do great. They leave to guard the portal and Bo gets ready to go after Massimo.

In the Dark archives, Massimo brags about being all-powerful and having Rainer’s foresight. Lauren says “You are a psycho-loser with a brain full of shit that you don’t even know how to use”.  Bo comes in ready to waste Massimo, but he tells her he’sBo and Lauren against Massimo absorbed so many Fae powers (the Una Mens, Rainer, Hale) that he’s unbeatable. He demonstrates by using Hale’s siren power to blast Bo. At the temple, Kenzi looks at the page she tore from the book and mutters something about destiny. Back at the archives, Massimo is toying with Bo, knocking her around easily. She uses her succubus powers (boosted by the connection to the portal) but even that doesn’t stop Massimo. She feels weak after draining him, which I assume means he actually stole some of her powers. Lauren says not to worry about her, as she learned to pick locks while observing Kenzi’s Shadow Thief training.

Bo threatens EvonyEvony shows up and Bo puts a knife to her throat, which makes Massimo start freaking out. At the temple, Dyson and Tamsin kick the shit out of he Revenants who are pouring through the portal. Trick shows up with his bo-staff to help and says they need to concentrate on saving the future, not dwelling on the past. At the archives, Bo drains Evony and tells Massimo she can taste how his mother really feels about him … it’s not good. He freaks and starts draining Evony, but Bo mentions that she learned to control her powers because of her friends, and that she can put chi back into people. But Massimo can’t, so he’ll probably kill his mother, whether he wantsBo kills Massimo to or not. Massimo does finally manage to break the connection, but Evony keels over and he begs Bo to save her. Bo says someone will need to supply the chi and drains some from Massimo, then revives Evony. Bo is ready to slice Massimo up, but he reminds her that he can’t be killed as long as he has the Twig of Zamora. Lauren sheds her manacles and grabs the Twig from Massimo’s pocket, crumbling it into dust. Bo slaps Massimo around, then stabs him. She’s freaked out afterward … understandable, since I think this is he first human she’s ever killed.

At the temple, Dyson, Tamsin, and Trick fight an ever-increasing number of Revenants. Kenzi comes into the chamber and Dyson tells her to take off, but she says she’s finally Bo kisses Laurenfigured out her purpose in all this. Bo’s heart is needed to close the portal and Kenzi is Bo’s heart. Outside the archives, Lauren basically pledges herself to Bo, kind of like Dyson did but with less formality. Bo says the Fae will be coming for Lauren, since she knows how to turn them mortal, but Lauren doesn’t seem too worried. Bo has to get to the portal, but Lauren says she’s staying behind to look after Evony, since it’s her fault Evony is human. Bo understands the need to protect humans, so she gives Lauren a big smooch before taking off.

At the temple, the fight rages on as Kenzi and Dyson have a drawn-out conversation. In the background, it looks like the Revenants are fighting each other instead ofKenzi and Dyson talk concentrating on the defenders, but I’m not sure why. I guess that explains why they haven’t been overwhelmed yet. Kenzi says she’s Bo’s heart and has to be the one to close the portal. She says she can hitch a ride when Tamsin takes Rainer’s soul to Valhalla and wait there for Bo to come rescue her. She figures she might even be reunited with Hale on the other side. Bo’s father tries to break free, shaking the foundations of the temple and making the hand mark on Bo’s chest glow again. Bo finds Kenzi’s ring in her pocket (which Kenzi must’ve slipped in there when she hugged her) and realizes Kenzi’s going to do something brave and crazy.

Kenzi in the portalKenzi heads for the portal (in extremely slow motion) and none of the Revenants try to stop her, even though she literally has a target on her ass. (her pants have a little bullseye/sniper sight thingy on one ass cheek.) Bo arrives just in time to exchange significant glances with Kenzi, but Dyson holds Bo back when she tries to stop her. Kenzi steps into the portal, which collapses instantly. All the Revenants keel over and Tamsin rushes to Kenzi’s side, but she’s already dead. Bo freaks out and Tamsin transforms to a Valkyrie and disappears with Kenzi’s body. Later, Dyson finds Tamsin outside the gates of Valhalla. She’s freaked out and says Kenzi is gone and Dyson can’t letgates of Valhalla Bo find the second hell-shoe to go looking for her. Obviously Tamsin saw something that freaked her out, but she won’t say what it was, so Dyson carries her away (and we see the gates of Valhalla are apparently in some shitty alley). Later still, we see Bo visiting Kenzi’s grave (and learn that Rainer was buried at his old battlefield) and Bo tells Kenzi’s gravestone that she needs her courage and strength, but that she’s done being afraid. Bo says whoever is behind all the pain and loss in her life are the ones who should be afraid. But we’ll have to wait until next season to see what she does about it.

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