Toy Nostalgia

Over at Back in the Bronze Age, Redartz showed some pix of various action figure-type toys he’s kept for years. That got me thinking about some of the stuff I have lying around, so I dug out a few relics and took some pix of my own. You can click on the images for a closer view.

This is the Dianoga (the trash compactor monster) from my old Death Star playset. The rest of the set is long gone, but for some reason I held on to this.Dianoga

These are the remnants of my short-lived dinosaur phase. (We all went through that phase, didn’t we?) One is a Dimetrodon, the other isn’t really a dinosaur … more of a generic monster with spikes all over his body. He originally had three fingers on each hand, but I ripped two of them off to make it look like he was flipping the bird. Yeah, I was kind of a dick as a kid.dinosaurs

This is an Imperious Leader figure from Battlestar Galactica; I also had an Ovion (long gone) and Starbuck (who’s currently missing both arms).Imperious Leader

This is my Fisher Price plane, complete with mechanic/pilot. One of his hands got broken off, but at least he still fits in the cockpit.fisher price plane

Here’s Robin in Superman’s costume. Robin’s original costume is long gone, so it was either this or Batman’s outfit, but that one is filthy. I had more Mego figures, which you can see below.Robin as Superman

This is my generic rubber robot, still surprisingly pliable. There’s a copyright on the bottom that says 1977 (I was five then) and I seem to remember getting him from a bin of toys for 99 cents.rubber robot

Here’s my Tauntaun, which is one of the few non-action figure Star Wars toys I have left; I used to have the Death Star, an X-Wing, a Droid Factory, and the Tatooine playset. All I have left is this and a Scout Walker.tauntaun

Remember the commercials for Weebles? (“They weeble and they wobble, but they don’t fall down!”) I got this set when I was quite young and they still don’t fall down. Originally, there was a fourth one (a girl named Karen), but I lost her a long time ago.weebles wobbling

I promised you more Mego goodness and here it is. I’m not sure which Xmas this is, but I feel like it’s 1978. It could be 1977, judging by the Star Wars figures, but for some reason I feel like I didn’t start collecting Star Wars stuff until at least a year after the movie came out. As you can see, I had several Megos and a Spider-Mobile. I still have most of the Star Wars figures (except C-3PO), but the only Mego I have left is Robin; I sure miss that Spider-Mobile. Xmas toys

In the foreground is the Spider-Man utility belt (now long gone) and I think I still have that little Tonka truck somewhere. (And yes, I was spoiled rotten as a kid; one of the benefits of being an only child:))

2 thoughts on “Toy Nostalgia”

  1. Great photos, and a great array of toys! By the way, your Robin in the Superman costume can almost pass as Nightwing!

    1. Yeah, I also have Batman’s costume and I considered putting him in that (since Dick actually was Batman for a while), but the costume is absolutely filthy, so I figured I better stick with Supes 🙂

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