Comics Reviews: Flash 333, Wonder Woman 315, Green Lantern 176, Jonah Hex 84

Flash 333 coverFlash #333 – “Down With the Flash” – Cary Bates/Carmine Infantino/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with a trio of vandals (led by an old dude) sneaking into the Flash Museum to cause trouble. The curator, Dexter Myles, calls the cops and confronts the vandals, who knock him out. They set the place on fire before taking off. A cop shows up with Detective frank Curtis in tow. Frank heads into the inferno to look for Dexter while the officer calls it in. At Peter Farley’s place, Flash talks to Peter’s law partner (Cecile Horton), who has agreed to take over Flash’s manslaughter case after Peter was injured by a bomb last issue. Cecile is very businesslike, but not exactly friendly. Flash takes her to the hospital to see Peter and they agree to meet later. Flash hears what’s happening at the Museum and zooms over just in time to help put out the blaze and save a firefighter. The damage is extensive and Dexter figures thevandals getting orders people of Central City will be glad to foot the repair bill, but Flash isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, the three vandals meet in an old warehouse and are addressed through a speaker by an unseen “master”. He congratulates them on their success and orders them to remove the micro-transmitters from their ears. He says they’ll have no memory of what they did or even of meeting each other, then sends them on their way. We don’t see the guy’s face, but judging by the green Robin Hood tights-and-boots combo, I’m thinking it’s Pied Piper. Flash keeps himself busy rescuing some crooks whose car went off a pier Flash saves Fionainto the water. North of Central City at Woodside Psychiatric Clinic, Fiona Webb is doing much better. Even a flyer about the “missing” Barry Allen doesn’t bother her too much. Fiona says she’s finally stopped thinking about Barry in any capacity, good or bad. Unfortunately, Woodside gets a couple of strange visitors named Spike and Mace. Mace apparently has delusions (and mommy issues) and Spike brings him to the clinic for treatment, forcing his way into the doctor’s office at gunpoint. Mace loses it again, thinking Fiona is his mom, and attacks her. Before he can do any damage, Flash shows up and takes Mace and Spike down. Fiona thanks Flash and says she feels guilty because he killed Zoom protecting her. She offers toCecile makes her feelings clear testify for him, but Flash hopes it won’t come to that. Downtown, Cecile runs into N.D. Redik, who’s still pissed off that Flash won’t hire him as his defense attorney. His mood doesn’t get any better when he learns Cecile is now defending Flash, who shows up to whisk her off for their meeting. Cecile tells Flash the only reason she took his case is because Peter took it before he was hurt. She tells Flash she hates his guts and always will. She’ll make a hell of a defender.

Wonder Woman 315 coverWonder Woman #315 – “The Face in the Mirror” – Dan Mishkin/Don Heck

Last issue, Wonder Woman went to the Caribbean to rescue Keith Griggs from Circe and ran into even bigger trouble … Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec God. Tezcatlipoca changed Wonder Woman back to Diana Prince and took her and Keith through a portal to what seems to be ancient Aztec times. Diana got a real shock when she found the place teeming with Amazons. Tezcatlipoca tells her the place is merely a construction of his own mind, a realm where all within slowly go crazy. He certainly seems to prove that point with his deranged behaviour, taking off before revealing anything else. Diana and Keith attack the Amazons and Diana realizes she’s lost her super-powers. Her martial artsDiana and Keith escape training makes up for it and she and Keith break free and retreat into the Aztec pyramid. The door closes behind them and Keith is kinda happy because he’s hot for Diana. Elsewhere, Steve (and his idiotic gremlin pal) is heading for Paradise Island to answer the call sent by Sofia Constantinos last issue. Sofia is still sending and mentions something that really gets Steve’s attention … his death. Back in Washington, Etta realizes Steve has stood her up for dinner and heads back to the office. She notices some guy watching her, but figures it’s no big deal. In the pyramid, Diana and Keith find a room full of artifacts and Diana gets zapped when she tries to touch a weird Tezcatlipoca figurine. Etta being watchedShe and Keith knock out a couple of goons before finding the way out and noticing another strange temple, this one covered in mirrors. They split up to tackle the temple in a pincer move, and Diana is glad Keith isn’t overprotective of her like Steve. In Washington, General Darnell has trouble defending his budget to a Senate committee led by Senator Covington, who seems to want to gut the Pentagon’s Intel services. Darnell calls Etta and she makes an excuse for Steve before heading home … still being followed by someone. Outside the Aztec temple, Diana uses her lasso to sneak inside and finds the place full of mirrors. The mirrors are filled with twisted images of Diana and Wonder Woman. Tezcatlipoca appears and says madness is hisDiana tormented gift to mankind and that when he rules the world will be engulfed in chaos. He taunts Diana, showing her images of her deepest subconscious desires (to rule mankind, to be a man, to please her mother at any cost). Diana tries to fight back, but the images are pretty powerful. Keith comes in and attacks Tezcatlipoca, who sends him through a mirror. Diana realizes the images in the mirrors are false and that she controls her own destiny. She touches a Wonder Woman image and regains her costume and powers, ready to kick Tezcatlipoca’s ass.

Huntress – “Chasing Rainbows” – Joey Cavalieri/Mark Beachum/Gary Martin

This one starts with Huntress tailing Tom Kelly, trying to figure out if he’s responsible for the data leak about Project Starfish at the hospital. She thinks Kelly is handing over the data to a contact, but it turns out to be aHuntress and Peake captured mugger trying to steal Kelly’s rare 45s. Kelly is kinda hot for Huntress and so is Detective Minelli, who’s still following her on orders from the commissioner. Huntress checks another suspect, Dr. Peake, who’s an artist on the side. He’s kind of a dick, but she figures he isn’t the data leak until she finds out his rainbow paintings are really spectrograph readings, with the colour bands representing elements in the stolen formulae. Unfortunately, she’s a little off in her deductions … Peake did steal the formulae, but the real mastermind is Sea Lion, who wants the Project Starfish data to regenerate his missing limbs. Sea Lion captures Huntress and Peake and takes them to his submarine, where he demonstrates some of Starfish’s potential by turning Peake into mere protoplasm … and it’s Huntress’s turn next.

Green Lantern 176 coverGreen Lantern #176 – “Mind Games” – Len Wein/Dave Gibbons/Dick Giordano

Last issue, Green Lantern fought the Shark and ended up in a coma after taking a brain blast. Carol and Tom see the news report about Lantern’s condition and Carol freaks out, wondering if he’ll recover. She tells Tom she has to be there for GL, no matter what. As for Green Lantern, his consciousness wakes up inside the Shark’s mind, along with a multitude of others psyches that the Shark has absorbed. GL uses his ring (and willpower) to fight back, but Shark is basically omnipotent inside his own mind, so GL has an uphill fight ahead of him. In Washington, Jason Bloch gets in touch with the Monitor, asking him to send someone to destroy Ferris Aircraft now that Green Lantern isGL tortured inside Shark's mind incapacitated. Speaking of Ferris Aircraft, two of its employees (Richard Davis and Bruce Gordon) are discussing the new solar jet project. Davis is optimistic about the jet, but he has some more chest pains, which he tells Bruce is just indigestion. Bruce finds a threatening note from Bloch and vows Bloch won’t stop him from bringing the solar jet to fruition. Inside Shark’s mind, Shark manipulates GL’s astral form, torturing him. GL asks the other spirits for help and one old man tries to attack the Shark, who uses his mental power to destroy the man’s astral form completely. Meanwhile, the monitor is assembling a team of thugs for Bloch, all of whom have GL beats Sharkconstruction-related names; yup, it’s the Demolition Team, led by Rosie (the Riveter, I presume). Inside Shark’s mind, GL keeps fighting, but his ring starts running out of charge, giving Shark the upper hand. Luckily for him, Carol and Tom sneak into the hospital (with Carol dressed as a nurse) and she brings the Power Battery to GL’s room. Carol recharges the ring, which gives GL’s astral form the boost it needs to overcome the Shark’s mental energies. GL causes Shark so much pain that he expels everyone from his mind. GL wakes up in hospital and thanks Carol for her help. He goes to find the Shark, who’s trashing the STAR Labs ship that dumped the toxic wasteShark blows up the ship responsible for awakening (and empowering) him last issue. The ship has no more toxic waste, so Shark goes nuts, tearing the ship apart. GL shows up and rescues the crew, but can’t stop Shark’s rampage. The ship catches on fire and explodes with Shark still aboard. Down by the docks, Jason Bloch meets with the Demolition Team, who are definitely ready to smash something.


Jonah Hex 84 coverJonah Hex #84 – “Carnival of Doom” – Michael Fleisher/Tony DeZuniga

This one starts with Jonah Hex buying some new pistols to replace the ones he threw in the lake last issue. He buys a Colt Peacemaker and a S&W Schofield and knocks the over-sized sights off to facilitate his quick draws. Good thing too, as a couple of bandits come in to rob the place and Hex blows them away with the fastest draw the gunsmith has ever seen. On leaving the gunsmith’s, Hex receives a telegram asking him to come to New Orleans. Elsewhere, Mei Ling and J.D. Hart are still getting along quite well … at least until Hart gives young Jason a toy gun to play with. Mei Ling freaks out, saying no son of hers will grow up to be a gunfighter. In New Orleans, a guy named Sterling tells Hex he’sHex pounds a heckler had threats to harm his daughter (Adrian) some time during Mardi Gras. Sterling wants Hex to play bodyguard for Adrian, which Hex doesn’t mind at all since she’s a total babe. Unfortunately, Hex also has to protect Adrian’s fiancé, Clifford. Back in the mid-West, Emmylou is still trying to get away from her kidnapper, who wants her to acquiesce and be part of his weird “family”, along with other kidnapped girls. Emmylou won’t cooperate, so he locks her in a closet. In New Orleans, Sterling’s maid (Elsa) goes to a guy named St. Pierre to give him Adrian’s agenda, and to let him know about Hex. At a Mardi Gras party, some snotty asshole gives Hex some shit, so he pounds Emmylou uncooperativethe guy and brings down a chandelier in front of him and his pals. Clifford is appalled by Hex’s behaviour, but Adrian thinks Hex had the right to slap around the people who were treating him like shit. They’re jumped by St. Pierre’s men (dressed like skeletons) and Hex gets grazed by a bullet and knocked out. Clifford shows his true colours and takes off, so Adrian tells the attackers that Hex is her fiancé, to keep them from blowing him away. They’re taken to St. Pierre’s mansion and tossed in the wine cellar, where Adrian tells Hex she’s hot for him. She screams to draw St. Pierre and his men, allowing Hex to jump them. St. Pierre gets the drop on Hex and Adrian picks up a gun. St. Pierre figures she doesn’t have the guts to shoot him, but she blows himAdrian shoots St. Pierre away and she and Hex make out like crazy. I guess a woman who can handle a gun turns Hex on. After handing St. Pierre and his men over to the cops (and finding out about Elsa’s participation), Hex takes Adrian home. Sterling is thrilled she’s okay and so is Clifford … but not for long. Apparently Clifford lied to Sterling, telling him he fought like hell to save Adrian. She dumps his ass and tells her father there might still be a wedding … but with Jonah Hex.

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