Comics Reviews: Batman 298, Warlord 12

Batman 298 coverBatman #298 – “The Case of the Crimson Coffin” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

This one starts with Batman noticing a boat sneaking through the fog, turning its lights off briefly, then sneaking back out again. He concludes they must’ve made a drop off and goes to check it out. A trail leads to a dilapidated mansion where Batman finds a secret door behind the staircase. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 298, Warlord 12”

Comics Reviews: Batman 297, Detective 476, Brave & the Bold 140

Batman 297 coverBatman #297 – “The Mad Hatter Goes Straight” – David V. Reed/Rich Buckler/Vince Colletta

This one starts at the taping of a lavish TV commercial for the Great Excursion Travel Agency. During the taping, the marquee lights up with the word “give” and everyone in the theatre comes forward like they’re hypnotized or something and puts all their money and jewelry into a hat. The commercial’s star takes the hatful of loot backstage and passes it to Mad Hatter. He goes back to his hideout with his new-found fortune, but his victory rings hollow. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 297, Detective 476, Brave & the Bold 140”

Comics Reviews: Batman 296, Detective 475, Warlord 11

Batman 296 coverBatman #296 – “The Sinister Straws of the Scarecrow” – David V. Reed/Sal Amendola

One thing about David V. Reed as a writer … he sure does his research. This one is a psychological thriller, focusing on fear. We start with Scarecrow bragging to a couple of his “Strawmen” that he’s isolated a drug that will bring out anyone’s hidden fears. It attacks the brain somehow and makes the victim think they’re being affected by whatever they fear most. Scarecrow says it’ll even work on Batman, since everyone has something they’re afraid of. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 296, Detective 475, Warlord 11”

Comics Reviews: Batman 295, Brave & the Bold 139

Batman 295 coverBatman #295 – “The Adventures of the Houdini Whodunit” – Gerry Conway/Michael Golden

As you can tell from the title, this is one of those murder mysteries that pop up rather frequently in Batman. This one involves the Mystery Analysts of Gotham, a group of amateur detectives who have helped Batman before. After stopping a routine robbery, Batman is contacted by Commissioner Gordon, who tells him the Mystery Analysts need his help in solving a murder … or possibly three murders. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 295, Brave & the Bold 139”

Comics Reviews: Batman 294, Detective 474

Batman 294 coverBatman #294 – “Testimony of the Joker” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

The four-part “Who Killed Batman?” storyline concludes here with the Joker making his claim. Unlike the other claimants, Joker hasn’t provided evidence to back up his claim, so Two-Face and the other villains are hearing everything for the first time. That’s right … it’s flashback time! Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 294, Detective 474”

Comics Reviews: Batman 293, Detective 473, Brave & the Bold 138

Batman 293 coverBatman #293 – “The Testimony of Luthor” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

This is part three of the “Who Killed Batman?” storyline. This time around, Luthor makes a claim to be Batman’s killer, though he basically categorizes it as collateral damage. We get another extended flashback as Luthor tells his story. Of course, he makes sure to play up the genius of his intricate plan. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 293, Detective 473, Brave & the Bold 138”

Comics Reviews: Batman 292, Brave and the Bold 137

Batman 292 coverBatman #292 – “The Testimony of the Riddler” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

The “trial” storyline from last issue continues here, with a gathering of villains trying to get the truth about which one of them killed Batman. This time, it’s Riddler’s turn to tell his tale, which he does in another extended flashback. He tells his fellow crooks about how he lay in wait on one of Batman’s patrol routes so he could give the Caped Crusader a clue to his next crime—which is the Riddler’s shtick, as I’m sure you all know. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 292, Brave and the Bold 137”