Xena Reviews: Season 1, Episode 3

Xena title cardDreamworker – Director: Bruce Seth Green/Writer: Steven L. Sears

This one starts with Gabi playing at sword-fighting (against a tree, which will be a recurring theme) until Xena catches her and gives her hell. Xena warns Gabi about fighting, saying the mere fact of having a sword in your hand makes you a target. Continue reading “Xena Reviews: Season 1, Episode 3”

Xena Reviews: Season 1, Episode 2

Xena title cardChariots of War – Director: Harley Cokeliss/Story: Josh Becker, Jack Perez/Teleplay: Adam Armus, Nora Kay Foster

This one starts with Xena and Gabi on the road, Gabi regaling Xena with a story about two people turning into intertwining trees. Xena leaves Gabi to scout out their route and runs into some villagers being attacked by ruffians. Apparently, the ruffians have attacked before (some kind of territorial dispute in the valley) and the villagers are pacifists so they can’t fight back. Continue reading “Xena Reviews: Season 1, Episode 2”

Xena Reviews: Season 1, Episode 1

Xena title cardSins of the Past – Director: Doug Lefler/Story: Rob Tapert/Teleplay: R.J. Stewart

Welcome to my first review of Xena: Warrior Princess. I already talked about how I came to be a Xena fan last week, so let’s get right to it. I’ll give a brief synopsis of the story, then go into my trenchant analysis. (Yes, that was a joke.) Xena first appeared (as a villain) in three Hercules episodes and was supposed to be killed off. But the producers realized the character had great potential as a dark anti-hero struggling for personal redemption, trying to make up for all the terrible things she’d done in the past. Continue reading “Xena Reviews: Season 1, Episode 1”