Warehouse 13 Overview/Veronica Mars Preview

Warehouse 13 opening titleLast week was my final review of Warehouse 13, after five seasons of great shows. When I first started reviewing it, I wasn’t sure if i’d like it or not, but I ended up absolutely loving it. The premise (secret Warehouse housing artifacts that are too dangerous for people to know about) is a natural for adventure stories, which I’m a sucker for. But the best adventure show in the world doesn’t work if you can’t get interested in the characters, and these characters are great. Continue reading “Warehouse 13 Overview/Veronica Mars Preview”

Comics Reviews:

Flash 312 coverFlash #312 – “Dead Heat for a Scarlet Speedster” – Cary Bates/Carmine Infantino/Dennis Jensen

This one starts with Barry (Flash) Allen calling his parents to catch up. Apparently he’s not satisfied with the next best thing to being there, so Barry changes to the Flash and zooms across country for some home cooking. He ends up staying the night. Meanwhile in Central City, Mick (Heat Wave) Rory checks in with his parole officer, a guy named Hobart. Mick has a job at a glass foundry, and given his predilection for heat, that might seem a bit suspicious. Continue reading “Comics Reviews:”

Warehouse 13 Reviews: Season 3, Episode 13

Xmas opening titleEpisode 13: The Greatest Gift

This is a special Season 3 Christmas episode, which probably takes place between episodes 7 and 8 (Past Imperfect and The 40th Floor), since Trailer the dog is here, but Steve hasn’t defected yet. Continue reading “Warehouse 13 Reviews: Season 3, Episode 13”

Sad News

Stan Lee died today and the tributes are pouring in. There’s not much I can add; Stan co-created so many of Marvel’s characters that his legacy will probably never go away. The way we think of characters like the FF, Thor, the X-Men, the Avengers, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and (my favourite) Spider-Man–their personalities, their essence, really–is because of the way Stan wrote them. And he was so in love with comics that his enthusiasm was infectious, leaving a veritable vocabulary of his own making. I know I’ve channeled him in my own writing plenty of times, and I’m sure countless others have too.

So, as Stan might have said: Face Front True Believers, and Excelsior!

Rule Britannia!

Gulliver's allegianceYes, I’m cheering for England–my dad is from there, after all–so I hope they make it through to the final. (Off to a good start … Trippier just scored from a free kick.)

Of course, there’s no doubt who Gulliver is cheering for either …

(I know that’s a UK flag, not an England flag, but I don’t have a St. George’s flag, so it’s the best I can do.)

UPDATE: Well, Gulliver’s not happy at all now. Congratulations to Croatia on making it through … France will be quite a challenge, I’m sure.