Site Rules

No, I’m not claiming that my site rules (though it kinda does); these are the rules for interacting on the site. I want this to be a place where everyone feels comfortable about joining in the discussions, so I don’t want any:

Personal attacks







Marketing your dubious wares

or any other asshole-type behaviour.

Who determines what qualifies as asshole behaviour? ME. If I think it was innocent, I may give you one (and only one!) warning; after that, comments will be deleted. If you really piss me off, I may turn Gulliver loose, and you don’t want that. So keep it civil.

I don’t mind spirited debate; fuck, you can even swear if you want to … just don’t swear AT other people. And let’s stop using gendered insults (slut, whore, bitch, pussy, and others I won’t mention here) to refer to people, even fictitious comics characters. If you really hate a character for whatever reason, use the term “asshole” … it’s kind of a catchall for the human experience (at least, that’s what Gulliver says). If you find yourself hating a fellow commenter … well, maybe it’s time to take a break from the internet for a while.

To steal a couple of (paraphrased) lines from Chuck Wendig:

Don’t do anything here you wouldn’t do in public;

Freedom of speech isn’t the same as freedom from consequence.

If anyone wants to report abuse, send an email to: mail (at) eruditegorilla (dot) com