Comics Reviews: Flash 256, Wonder Woman 238, Green Lantern 99

Flash 256 coverFlash #256 – “Prisoner of the Past” – Cary Bates/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

If you remember, last issue ended with Flash defeating Mirror Master and disguising himself as the villain so he could infiltrate the Rogues’ meeting. This one starts with Weather Wizard and Pied Piper finding “Mirror Master” in the alley—though I’m not sure what Flash did with the real Mirror Master’s unconscious bod. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 256, Wonder Woman 238, Green Lantern 99”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 12

Lost GirlEpisode 12: Masks

This one starts with Kenzi going on about some family party she’s going to. She invites Bo, but Bo says no thanks; I can’t blame her, since Kenzi’s family sounds a bit … odd. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 12”

Comics Reviews: JLA 149, Superboy & the Legion 234, Jonah Hex 7

JLA 149 coverJustice League of America #149 – “The Face of the Star-Tsar” – Steve Englehart/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with Dr. Light finding one of the JLA’s teleporter devices that they use to travel to the Satellite. Before Light can do anything, he’s jumped by the Privateer. Light kicks Privateer’s ass, but before he can finish him off, Privateer sends a distress signal which brings the JLA (all of them—well, almost: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Red Tornado, and the Hawks) down via the teleporter. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 149, Superboy & the Legion 234, Jonah Hex 7”

Comics Reviews: Superman 318, Action 478, Warlord 10

Superman 318 coverSuperman #318 – “The Wreck of the Cosmic Hound” – Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one seems kinda goofy at first glance, but turns out to deal with some pretty deep themes. Unfortunately, it starts with that stupid storytelling device of having something dramatic happening (in this case, Superman is being crushed by cosmic energy bands shaped like a gigantic dog’s head), then using flashbacks to catch us up. I hate it when they do that! Just tell the damn story already! Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 318, Action 478, Warlord 10”

Lost Girl Reviews: season 2, Episode 11

Lost GirlEpisode 11: Can’t See the Fae-rest

This one starts with Bo and Kenzi admiring a fancy leather jacket in a store window. Kenzi urges Bo to buy it, but it’s way too expensive. Kenzi mentions that Bo could use her succubus mojo to just take it, but Bo doesn’t really care that much about material possessions—or so she says, as she looks longingly at the jacket. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: season 2, Episode 11”

Comics Reviews: Batman 294, Detective 474

Batman 294 coverBatman #294 – “Testimony of the Joker” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

The four-part “Who Killed Batman?” storyline concludes here with the Joker making his claim. Unlike the other claimants, Joker hasn’t provided evidence to back up his claim, so Two-Face and the other villains are hearing everything for the first time. That’s right … it’s flashback time! Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 294, Detective 474”

Comics Reviews: Black Lightning 5, Jonah Hex 6

Black Lighning 5 coverBlack Lightning #5 – “Nobody Beats a Superman” – Tony Isabella/Trevor von Eeden/Vince Colletta

This one continues right from last issue, with Superman finding Black Lightning standing over Jimmy Olsen’s body and getting ready to pound Lightning’s ass into the ground. Of course, we know that it was Cyclotronic Man  who almost wasted Jimmy (and there’s a handy flashback to remind us), but Supes doesn’t, so he and Lightning mix it up. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Black Lightning 5, Jonah Hex 6”