Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 5

Lost GirlEpisode 5: Faes Wide Shut

This one starts with a scene many people might envy (or at least, think they’d envy), as Lauren helps Bo pick out someone to have wild sex with. She rejects a good-looking dude (he’s a Hydra with nine heads … but they aren’t on his neck) and a hot girl who’s taken a thousand-year vow of chastity. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 5”

Comics Reviews: Superman 325, Action 485, DC Comics Presents 1

Sup 325-cover (Copy) (Copy)Superman #325 – “The Super Sellout of Metropolis” – Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts with that idiotic story device where we see a scene then learn what led up to it in a flashback. Pretty much this entire issue is a flashback, which might be a new record. Anyway, we start with Superman signing autographs in front of the UBC Building and learn that Supes has signed an exclusive (and lucrative) contract with UBC to appear on air. Lois, Lana, Perry White, and Morgan Edge are nearby, upset that Superman seems to be selling out, especially to UBC. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 325, Action 485, DC Comics Presents 1”

Comics Reviews: Batman 301, Detective 478, Brave & the Bold 142

Batman 301 coverBatman #301 – “The Only Man Batman Ever Killed” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

This one starts out with a charity antiques auction. The auction is an all-cash affair, which just seems like an invitation for trouble to me. Batman thinks so too and watches as the cash is transferred to the bank’s night depository. It seems like everything’s fine, except for a car passing by the bank very slowly. The bank wall suddenly explodes and a well-equipped (and well-coordinated) team of thieves goes into action. Batman jumps in and pounds them all before the cops show up. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 301, Detective 478, Brave & the Bold 142”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 4

Lost GirlEpisode 4: Fae-de to Black

This episode starts (as do many others) with some sex. Bo and Lauren are getting it on and when they finally come up for air, we learn this has become a regular thing. That makes sense—they are in love, after all—but Bo is a succubus and needs sex the way most people need food. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 4”

Comics Reviews: Flash 262, Wonder Woman 244, Green Lantern 105

Flash 262 coverFlash #262 – “With This Ring … I Thee Master” – Cary Bates/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts not long after the end of last issue. Flash is following Central City’s newest superhero, the Ringmaster, who’s flying through the streets with Iris in his arms. Yup, Flash is jealous because his wife seems keen on this new guy. Of course, Iris is interviewing Ringmaster for her news show, but she does seem rather charmed by him. Flash breaks off his pursuit, deciding to trust his wife. He heads to the police station where a psychiatrist is about to interview Golden Glider. Barry’s lab assistant, Patty, tells him they have evidence that needs processing right away. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 262, Wonder Woman 244, Green Lantern 105”

Comics Reviews: JLA 155, Superboy & the Legion 240

JLA 155 coverJustice League of America #155 – “Under the Moons of Earth” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts out with Ray (Atom) Palmer and his fiancée Jean Loring on a moonlight walk. Ray’s asking if Jean has any secrets (not yet!) because he still hasn’t told her he’s the Atom. Before he can figure out what to do, the moonlight walk gets a lot brighter, as a second moon appears in the sky. We jump to Central City where Flash is putting Captain Cold away. When the second moon appears, it causes a huge earthquake in Central City. In the Atlantic Ocean, Aquaman is plagued by new undersea volcanoes popping up everywhere and disrupting the ocean environment. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 155, Superboy & the Legion 240”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 3

Lost GirlEpisode 3: Confaegion

This one starts with Bo getting manhandled by a huge tattooed dude, most likely some species of troll. The Morrigan sent him because she’s still pissed off about that photo that bondage Bo took of her a couple episodes back. I don’t know why she’s embarrassed, she looked great. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 3”