Comics Reviews: Flash 260, Wonder Woman 242, Green Lantern 103, Firestorm 2

Flash 260 coverFlash #260 – “The 1000 Year-Old Root” – Cary Bates/Irv Novick/Joe Giella

This one’s a bit strange, so bear with me. It hinges on the premise (first revealed in Flash #203) that Iris West (Barry’s wife) was sent from the future as a baby because her parents thought the world was on the brink of nuclear war. The baby appeared in the backyard of Ira West and his wife and they decided to raise Iris as their own. Iris and Barry eventually found out the truth and actually visited her real parents in the future. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 260, Wonder Woman 242, Green Lantern 103, Firestorm 2”

Comics Reviews: JLA 153, Superboy & the Legion 238, Black Lightning 8

JLA 153 coverJustice League of America #153 – “Earth’s First and Last Super-Hero” – Gerry Conway/George Tuska/Frank McLaughlin

This issue starts with Green Arrow complaining. I know, what a shock, right? It’s about the JLA not doing enough to help the common people—nothing we haven’t heard from him before. He also manages to insult Red Tornado, but before anything can come of it, Arrow starts vibrating. Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern all begin vibrating and suddenly disappear, despite Wonder Woman trying to snag them with her lasso. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 153, Superboy & the Legion 238, Black Lightning 8”

Comics Reviews: Superman 322, Action 482, Jonah Hex 11

Superman 322 coverSuperman #322 – “Laser War Over Metropolis” – Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

A quick recap: Parasite used a crystal to make Superman’s powers increase out of control which also made Superman act like kind of a dick. Parasite stole the knowledge of how to operate the top secret Laser Defense System and is threatening to obliterate Metropolis if he doesn’t get a billion dollars. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 322, Action 482, Jonah Hex 11”

Comics Reviews: Batman 298, Warlord 12

Batman 298 coverBatman #298 – “The Case of the Crimson Coffin” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

This one starts with Batman noticing a boat sneaking through the fog, turning its lights off briefly, then sneaking back out again. He concludes they must’ve made a drop off and goes to check it out. A trail leads to a dilapidated mansion where Batman finds a secret door behind the staircase. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 298, Warlord 12”