Comics Reviews: Flash 272, Wonder Woman 254, Green Lantern 115

Flash 272 coverFlash #272 – “The Girl With the Master Mind” – Cary Bates/John Calnan, Rich Buckler/Vince Colletta

A quick recap of last issue: a villain named the Clown blames the Mayor, the Governor, the head of the local power company, and the Flash for an accident that wiped out three of his family members and left him mute. Clown and his family were acrobats and a power failure at a circus precipitated the fatal fall. Flash was supposed to be at the circus that night but was on a JLA mission, and the Clown thinks if the speedster had been there, his family might still be alive. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 272, Wonder Woman 254, Green Lantern 115”

Comics Reviews: JLA 165, Superboy & the Legion 250, Jonah Hex 23

JLA 165 coverJustice League of America #165 – “A Mother of Magic” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts right where last issue left off. You may remember, Zatanna and the JLA tracked down her mother Sindella—who she’d previously believed dead—to a hidden magical city in Turkey. But it turns out Sindella has something inside her head called a Medulla Jewel, that powers the magical city. The Jewel is nearly exhausted, which will mean Sindella’s death, so the Highlord of the city wants to transfer the Jewel to Zatanna. The rest of the JLA isn’t about to let that happen, so they spring into action and attack the Highlord’s soldiers. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 165, Superboy & the Legion 250, Jonah Hex 23”

Comics Reviews: Superman 334, Action 494, DC Comics Presents 8

Superman 334 coverSuperman #334 – “The Man Who Stole Superman’s Eyes” – Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one opens with Superman searching for Lana Lang, who’s apparently run off half-cocked again and gotten herself in trouble. We see Lana in an abandoned subway station, being held by a bunch of costumed weirdos calling themselves Skeleton. They’re the remnants of SKULL, the gang of high-tech thieves that Superman put away back in issue 325. Superman told Lana about the dregs of SKULL regrouping as Skeleton and she tried to investigate, but got caught. They think Superman sent her to spy on them and they knock her out just as she yells for help. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 334, Action 494, DC Comics Presents 8”

Comics Reviews: Batman 310, Detective 483, Brave & the Bold 149, Warlord 20

Batman 310 coverBatman #310 – “The Ghost Who Haunted Batman” – Len Wein/Irv Novick/Dick Giordano

This one starts with some guys robbing a museum in Gotham. By their clichéd accents, I can only assume they’re British. Batman makes short work of them, but is confronted by their boss, Gentleman Ghost. Ghost takes a shot at the Caped Crusader with a phantom flintlock, but when Batman grabs a shield from the museum’s collection to protect himself, the bullet turns out to be a magnesium flare that blinds him. Gentleman Ghost and his crew escape before Batman’s sight returns. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 310, Detective 483, Brave & the Bold 149, Warlord 20”