Comics Reviews: Flash 264, Wonder Woman 246, Green Lantern 107

Flash 264 coverFlash #264 – “The Golden Glider’s Final Fling” – Cary Bates/Kurt Schaffenberger/Frank McLaughlin

Remember last issue when Barry was talking about quitting as the Flash because Ringmaster made him look bad numerous times? Well, he did it. The police commissioner opens a box containing Flash’s ring (which pops out his costume) and a very old-fashioned tape recorder. The tape is from Flash, telling the cops that he’s packing it in. The commissioner is worried and gets Barry Allen to authenticate the tape (how’s that for irony), which he does. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 264, Wonder Woman 246, Green Lantern 107”

Comics Reviews: JLA 157, Superboy & the Legion 242

JLA 157 coverJustice League of America #157 – “Till Doom Do Us Part” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin, Juan Ortiz/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with a really attractive woman (named Siren) going on a diatribe about how much she hates the Justice League. She’s surrounded by enthralled helpers—all men, naturally—and says it’s time for them to eliminate the JLA once and for all. In Ivy Town, Ray Palmer finally tells his fiancée Jean Loring that he’s the Atom. You might say he left it a bit late, since their wedding is tomorrow, but Ray was worried that Jean might have another nervous breakdown when she found out. Jean’s not going nuts, but she is pretty pissed off and leaves Ray wondering if there’ll still be a wedding. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 157, Superboy & the Legion 242”

Comics Reviews: Superman 326, Action 486, Jonah Hex 15

Superman 326-coverSuperman #326 – “A Million Dollars a Minute”– Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts right after the end of last issue, with Superman telling everyone he’s agreed to go on UBC live and reveal his secret identity to the world. Superman says commercial time is selling for a million dollars per minute and even shows reporters the contract where he agrees to reveal his identity. Lana gets all choked up and Superman suddenly comes to his senses, wondering where the hell he is. He takes off and goes to see Jenet Klyburn at STAR Labs. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 326, Action 486, Jonah Hex 15”

Comics Reviews: Batman 302, Firestorm 4, Warlord 14

Batman 302-coverBatman #302 – “The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

This one starts very soon after last issue, with Batman wanted for murder. Dick (Robin) Grayson shows up, wondering what the hell’s going on and Batman gives him (and us) a recap of last issue. Basically, there’s an unknown crime boss in Gotham who uses neural implants in a cabal of “wire-head killers” to protect himself from his mob underlings. If any mobster kills him, the wire-heads slaughter the killer and everyone associated with him. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 302, Firestorm 4, Warlord 14”