Comics Reviews: Flash 288, Wonder Woman 270, Green Lantern 131

Flash 288 coverFlash #288 – “The Day it Rained Flash” – Cary Bates/Don Heck/Frank Chiaramonte

Last issue, Flash ran into his old nemesis Dr. Alchemy, who was back committing crimes again, stealing from the police lab. Flash was disappointed, since Albert Desmond had gone straight, gotten married, and put his criminal past behind him. When Barry went to see Desmond he swore he was innocent, but Desmond’s wife contradicted his alibi and the stolen stuff was found in his garage. He later escaped from police custody, making Flash certain he was guilty. We saw that Desmond was innocent and was being set up by another Al Desmond, who doesn’t look the same but who masqueraded as Desmond well enough to fool everyone. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 288, Wonder Woman 270, Green Lantern 131”

Comics Reviews: JLA 181, Legion of Super-Heroes 266, Jonah Hex 39

JLA 181 coverJustice League of America #181 – “The Stellar Crimes of the Star-Tsar” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts out with Green Arrow making a recording for his fellow Leaguers to explain the momentous decision he’s made. We won’t find out what that decision is until later (although it’s pretty obvious from the foreshadowing in the last few issues), but the story plays out in flashback as Green Arrow recounts events leading up to the present. A couple days ago, after a JLA meeting, Green Arrow and Black Canary returned to Star City and Arrow was going on about how he thought the JLA was out of touch with the common people and all that. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 181, Legion of Super-Heroes 266, Jonah Hex 39”

Comics Reviews: Superman 350, Action 510, DC Comics Presents 24

Superman 350 coverSuperman #350 – “Clark Kent’s Vanishing Classmates” – Gerry Conway/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts at Metropolis University, with Superman coming to the rescue of an old classmate (Art Borely), who’s in a hot air balloon that’s rapidly losing its buoyancy because of a hole. Superman patches up the shoddy balloon and Art turns the rescue to his advantage, trumpeting Superman’s prowess. Apparently, Clark Kent has accompanied Lana Lang to their college reunion and Clark changed to Superman for a quick rescue after noticing Art’s trouble. He changes back to Clark and joins Lana, who’s being harassed by another old classmate, Steve Power. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 350, Action 510, DC Comics Presents 24”

Comics Reviews: Batman 326, Detective 493, Brave & the Bold 165, Warlord 36

Batman 326 coverBatman #326 – “This Way Lies Madness” – Len Wein/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with Selina (Catwoman) Kyle breaking up with Bruce Wayne. Selina’s pissed off that Bruce didn’t trust her when she was dying and was accused of robbing the museum. Bruce tries to apologize, but Selina says they’re through and heads out of town. It’s obvious they both love each other, but they just can’t get past their trust issues. After Selina leaves, Bruce wonders if his life as Batman has made it impossible to have a real relationship—and if being Batman is worth losing that. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 326, Detective 493, Brave & the Bold 165, Warlord 36”