Comics Reviews: Batman 302, Firestorm 4, Warlord 14

Batman 302-coverBatman #302 – “The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

This one starts very soon after last issue, with Batman wanted for murder. Dick (Robin) Grayson shows up, wondering what the hell’s going on and Batman gives him (and us) a recap of last issue. Basically, there’s n unknown crime boss in Gotham who uses neural implants in a cabal of wire-head killers” to protect himself from his mob underlings. If any mobster kills him, the wire-heads slaughter the killer and everyone associated with him. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 302, Firestorm 4, Warlord 14”

Comics Reviews: Batman 301, Detective 478, Brave & the Bold 142

Batman 301 coverBatman #301 – “The Only Man Batman Ever Killed” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

This one starts out with a charity antiques auction. The auction is an all-cash affair, which just seems like an invitation for trouble to me. Batman thinks so too and watches as the cash is transferred to the bank’s night depository. It seems like everything’s fine, except for a car passing by the bank very slowly. The bank wall suddenly explodes and a well-equipped (and well-coordinated) team of thieves goes into action. Batman jumps in and pounds them all before the cops show up. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 301, Detective 478, Brave & the Bold 142”

Comics Reviews: Batman 300, Firestorm 3, Warlord 13

Batman 300 coerBatman #300 – “The Last Batman Story?” – David V. Reed/Walt Simonson/Dick Giordano

This is an imaginary story, set some time in the future. As a rule, I don’t like imaginary stories since they don’t really “count”. Some of them are really good, but generally I find it hard to get excited about them since they’re outside of current continuity. Anyway, this story starts with Robin at Gotham Airport, checking on an injured woman who’s about to be flown (via space shuttle) to an orbiting hospital. And you thought health care was expensive now! Before the shuttle can launch, the airport is attacked by thugs with blue skin. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 300, Firestorm 3, Warlord 13”

Comics Review: Batman 299, Detective 477, Brave & the Bold 141

Batman 299 coverBatman #299 – “The Island of Purple Mist” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

When we last saw Batman, he’d been looking for someone who was leaving clues around Gotham to expose Batman’s secret identity. He tracked the clues to a penthouse in downtown Gotham and was greeted by a bright light and a mysterious figure. The figure turns out to be local Millionaire Baxter Baines (in a weird-looking dude in a purple cape) and warns Batman that if he steps out of the circle of light he’s standing in, he’ll die. Continue reading “Comics Review: Batman 299, Detective 477, Brave & the Bold 141”

Comics Reviews: Batman 298, Warlord 12

Batman 298 coverBatman #298 – “The Case of the Crimson Coffin” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

This one starts with Batman noticing a boat sneaking through the fog, turning its lights off briefly, then sneaking back out again. He concludes they must’ve made a drop off and goes to check it out. A trail leads to a dilapidated mansion where Batman finds a secret door behind the staircase. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 298, Warlord 12”

Comics Reviews: Batman 297, Detective 476, Brave & the Bold 140

Batman 297 coverBatman #297 – “The Mad Hatter Goes Straight” – David V. Reed/Rich Buckler/Vince Colletta

This one starts at the taping of a lavish TV commercial for the Great Excursion Travel Agency. During the taping, the marquee lights up with the word “give” and everyone in the theatre comes forward like they’re hypnotized or something and puts all their money and jewelry into a hat. The commercial’s star takes the hatful of loot backstage and passes it to Mad Hatter. He goes back to his hideout with his new-found fortune, but his victory rings hollow. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 297, Detective 476, Brave & the Bold 140”

Comics Reviews: Batman 296, Detective 475, Warlord 11

Batman 296 coverBatman #296 – “The Sinister Straws of the Scarecrow” – David V. Reed/Sal Amendola

One thing about David V. Reed as a writer … he sure does his research. This one is a psychological thriller, focusing on fear. We start with Scarecrow bragging to a couple of his “Strawmen” that he’s isolated a drug that will bring out anyone’s hidden fears. It attacks the brain somehow and makes the victim think they’re being affected by whatever they fear most. Scarecrow says it’ll even work on Batman, since everyone has something they’re afraid of. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 296, Detective 475, Warlord 11”