Comics Reviews: Black Lightning 9, Jonah Hex 12


black Lightning 9 coverBlack Lightning #9 – “Fear and Loathing at Garfield High” – Tony Isabella/Trevor von Eeden/Vince Colletta

This one starts with my favourite storytelling device (can you tell I’m being sarcastic?), that old trope where we come in right in the middle of the action then catch up through flashbacks. This time, we see Black Lightning getting blasted through the window of a building and falling three stories to the street. The guy who blasted him is called the Annihilist, some kind of terrorist asshole who’s taken over Garfield High School (where Black Lightning teaches in his civilian identity of Jefferson Pierce). Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Black Lightning 9, Jonah Hex 12”

Comics Reviews: Flash 259, Wonder Woman 241, Green Lantern 102, Firestorm 1

Flash 259 coverFlash #259 – “Black Hand—the Kill-Proof Criminal” – Cary Bates/Irv Novick/Joe Giella

This one starts with Black Hand doing his annoying “narration” schtick again. It’s even more obnoxious than usual; not only is he breaking the fourth wall, he has home movies too. He recaps last issue, when he stole the aura that protects Flash from burning up at super speed and Flash promptly—well, burned up, leaving nothing behind but his boots. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 259, Wonder Woman 241, Green Lantern 102, Firestorm 1”

Comics Reviews: JLA 152, Superboy & the Legion 237, All-Star Comics 71

JLA 152 coverJustice League of America #152 – “2000 Light Years to Christmas” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This issue is a bit strange; it’s supposed to be a Christmas allegory, an updating of the Star of Bethlehem/Three Wise Men story. But it’s a bit heavy-handed and I’m not exactly sure what point Gerry Conway was trying to make. Anyway, it starts with three weird-looking aliens zipping through space. They run into some kind of space warp and crash land on Earth, losing the three “gifts” they’re carrying. One lands in Georgia, one in the Middle East, and one in Canada. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 152, Superboy & the Legion 237, All-Star Comics 71”

Comics Reviews: Superman 321, Action 481, Black Lightning 7, Jonah Hex 10

Superman 321 coverSuperman #321 – “Too Strong to Survive” – Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts right where last issue ended, with Superman about to be detained by the Army for illegally entering a top secret facility. We get a recap to bring us up to speed: the Army told Superman a lighthouse would be attacked by foreign spies in a mechanical octopus at a certain time; he was a bit late, thanks to a fight with Solomon Grundy, but when he showed up his powers were running out of control (thanks to the Parasite, but Superman doesn’t know that) and he smashed the mechanical octopus to pieces. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 321, Action 481, Black Lightning 7, Jonah Hex 10”

Comics Reviews: Batman 297, Detective 476, Brave & the Bold 140

Batman 297 coverBatman #297 – “The Mad Hatter Goes Straight” – David V. Reed/Rich Buckler/Vince Colletta

This one starts at the taping of a lavish TV commercial for the Great Excursion Travel Agency. During the taping, the marquee lights up with the word “give” and everyone in the theatre comes forward like they’re hypnotized or something and puts all their money and jewelry into a hat. The commercial’s star takes the hatful of loot backstage and passes it to Mad Hatter. He goes back to his hideout with his new-found fortune, but his victory rings hollow. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 297, Detective 476, Brave & the Bold 140”