Comics Reviews: Jonah Hex 42, Warlord 39

Jonah Hex 42 coverJonah Hex #42 – “Wanted for Murder” – Michael Fleisher/Gerald Forton

This one starts with a bunch of sheep rustlers herding their stolen flock down a trail. We learn they’ve already run into Jonah Hex (one guy is wearing Hex’s famous Confederate jacket) and strung him up from a tree. They probably should’ve waited around to make sure he died, but you know how impatient rustlers are. Hex ambushes them, killing or capturing most of the gang except the leader, Sugar Wallace, who takes off with the sheep. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Jonah Hex 42, Warlord 39”

Comics Reviews: Flash 291, Wonder Woman 273, Green Lantern 134

Flash 291 coverFlash #291 – “The Saber-tooth is a Very Deadly Beast” – Cary Bates/Don Heck

Last issue, we found out that Barry;s neighbour, Fiona Webb, is in witness protection after ratting out her criminal boss to the feds. She was brainwashed to forget her old life and moved to Central City under a new name, but her ex-boss tracked her down and sent an assassin named Saber-tooth (no, not the Wolverine guy) after her. As if that wasn’t enough, her scuzzy boss looks exactly like Barry Allen, so she’s been freaking out lately, thinking Barry was trying to kill her. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 291, Wonder Woman 273, Green Lantern 134”

Comics Reviews: JLA 184, Legion of Super-Heroes 269, New Teen Titans 1

JLA 184 coverJustice League of America #184 – “Crisis Between Two Earths or Apokolips Now” – Gerry Conway/George Perez/Frank McLaughlin

Last issue, members of the JLA and JSA were shanghaied to the worlds of the New Gods by Metron, who told them he needed their help. Three members of the Injustice Society were on Apokolips and had helped kidnap most of the citizens of New Genesis for some nefarious purpose. After splitting into teams to investigate different leads, one group of heroes found the Injustice Society members using some kind of ray to bring Darkseid (who’d been turned to stone) back to life. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 184, Legion of Super-Heroes 269, New Teen Titans 1”

Comics Reviews: Superman 353, Action 513, DC Comics Presents 27

Superman 353 coverSuperman #353 – “The Fantastic Foe Superman Could Never Meet” – Cary Bates/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts with Clark Kent and Lana Lang skydiving to promote WGBS. Clark doesn’t open his parachute and isn’t saying anything. Lana assumes he’s scared shitless, but he’s actually spotted a mine collapse with his x-ray vision. He maneuvers into a cloud, switches to Superman to deal with the mine collapse, then switches back to Clark before dropping out of the cloud and pulling his ripcord. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 353, Action 513, DC Comics Presents 27”

Comics reviews: Batman 329, Detective 496, Brave & the Bold 168

Batman 329 coverBatman #329 – “Twice Dies the Batman” – Marv Wolfman/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

Last issue, a guy named Carl Ternion sent Batman a tape claiming he killed a man named Anton Karoselle … twice. Karoselle’s death was ruled accidental by the courts, so Ternion figured he was protected by double jeopardy from being prosecuted again. When Batman started looking into it, he found clues that an old foe of his was behind the whole mess. Continue reading “Comics reviews: Batman 329, Detective 496, Brave & the Bold 168”