Comics Reviews: Flash 277, Wonder Woman 259, Green Lantern 120

Flash 277 coverFlash #277 – “The Self-Destruct Flash” – Cary Bates/Alex Saviuk/Frank McLaughlin

Last issue, Barry (Flash) Allen found out his wife Iris was dead. Barry had been drugged at a costume party and found escaped prisoner Clive Yorkin standing over Iris’s body. In his grief, Flash tried to get his friends in the JLA to bring Iris back somehow, but they all said it was impossible, so Flash went nuts and attacked them; that’s where this issue starts. Flash does pretty well against the combined efforts of his teammates, managing to run rings around them—literally. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 277, Wonder Woman 259, Green Lantern 120”

Comics Reviews: JLA 170, Superboy & the Legion 255, Jonah Hex 28

JLA 170 coverJustice League of America #170 – “While a World Lies Burning” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

You’ll remember last issue, five JLA members were sued by Ultraa for unlawfully imprisoning him and agreed to be taken into custody by the United Nations. But Ultraa’s lawyer is actually a weird protoplasmic creature, part of a hive-mind called the Over-Complex that has invaded Earth and is somehow increasing the oxygen content in the atmosphere and lowering sea levels. This is having disastrous side effects, like fires raging out of control and people rioting all over the globe. Ultraa figured out that his lawyer wasn’t human, but one of the protoplasm creatures observed Ultraa at the same time. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 170, Superboy & the Legion 255, Jonah Hex 28”

Comics Reviews: Superman 339, Action 499, DC Comics Presents 13

Superman 339 coverSuperman #339 – “Nuclear Nightmare” – Len Wein/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts with Superman in Houston stopping an experimental rocket sled that sped out of control. He slows the errant sled without injuring the test pilot and flies off. Back in Metropolis, He reflects that it’s nice to “escape” into his Clark Kent identity for a while, since being Superman 24/7 would probably drive him nuts. Clark runs into a neighbour, Mrs. Goldstein, who tells him he should exercise more and recommends he join a gym called the Hercules Health Spa. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 339, Action 499, DC Comics Presents 13”

Comics Reviews: Batman 315, Brave & the Bold 154, Warlord 25

Batman 315 coverBatman #315 – “Danger on the Wing” – Len Wein/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with Batman catching a couple of punks inside City Hall in the middle of the night. They attack, one with a knife and the other with a nunchaku, and Batman pounds both of them. A third thief is on the roof, letting a kite fly off into the night, and when Batman confronts him, he’s smart enough to give up without getting his ass beat. The kite flies through Gotham, going around corners and moving against the wind. It finally comes to rest on another rooftop across town, where it’s eagerly grabbed by the dreaded … Kite Man! Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 315, Brave & the Bold 154, Warlord 25”