Veronica Mars Reviews: Season 2, Episode 21

Veronica Mars S01 titleEpisode 21: Happy Go Lucky

This one starts at Aaron Echolls trial for murdering Lilly Kane. Aaron is on the stand and he spews a load of crap about Lilly hit on him and he was flattered because he was an aging movie star. Aaron claims he never had sex with Lilly and that he only went to her house because she stole his Oscar statue. Aaron says Duncan came in ranting and raving, so Aaron left … the implication being Duncan killed her afterwards. Veronica is pissed off about Aaron lying on the stand and looks forward to testifying about the tape she saw of him banging Lilly. She really wants to nail Aaron, but Keith warns her Aaron’s lawyer will try everything he can to discredit her. Veronica says she unflappable; I guess we’ll see.

At school, Veronica is studying like crazy, hoping to ace all her exams so she can win the Kane scholarship and go to Stanford. Gia gives Veronica some cupcakes to thank her for saving her ass from Lucky last episode and suggests they get together and study tomorrow. Wallace and Jackie show upWallace checks out Veronica's cupcakes and unlike Veronica, Wallace is pretty chill. He’s doing great in all his classes, has the basketball scholarship to Hearst in the bag, and Jackie’s talking about maybe sticking around instead of going to the Sorbonne. Veronica just wants some peace and quiet to study, but Weevil shows up to ask for help with his algebra. He needs a B to pass Algebra and graduate, to fulfill a promise to his grandma. Unfortunately, Veronica’s too swamped to help him.

Before she can get back to studying, Lucky shows up with a gun and freaks everyone out. He rants for a bit about getting fired and wonders where Gia Lucky about to shoot Wallaceis. (She’s hiding behind a table with Veronica.) When Jackie tries to call 911, Lucky points his gun at her and Wallace jumps him. Lucky shoots Wallace, but the gun is loaded with blanks. Too bad for Lucky the security guard’s gun has real bullets, and he blows Lucky away. At a press conference later, Gia’s dad (Woody) claims he didn’t know how disturbed Lucky was or what he might have against him. Woody says Lucky was a bat boy for the Sharks years ago and was let go, so maybe that’s why he still holds a grudge. Veronica and Keith know Woody’s full of shit, since Lucky has been sending him creepy videos for a while now.

Keith tells Veronica he got inside Lucky’s apartment and found out he sent dozens of emails (with attachments) to Woody from a bunch of differentVeronica says she'll get Woody's emails addresses. Lucky deleted the originals, so Keith plans on breaking into Woody’s house to check his computers. Keith says the emails will still be on the server, so if he can find a computer in Woody’s house that hasn’t downloaded the emails yet, he can get them. (Apparently, he shoulder-surfed Woody’s password a while back; I guess for a detective it just comes naturally.) Veronica mentions her study date with Gia and says it’ll be way easier for her to access the computer, especially since Woody and his wife are going out to dinner.

At the hospital, Jackie tells Terrence about Wallace’s heroics at school and Terrence wishes he was around to protect Jackie, since he’s her father. Beaver's carJackie tells him her life is better than it’s ever been, so he has nothing to feel guilty over. At the prison, Aaron talks to Logan, asking him not to testify about what he saw on the sex tapes. Logan isn’t too moved, even when Aaron reminds him he’ll get in trouble for destroying evidence if he admits to erasing the tapes. At school, Beaver’s car has been keyed (by someone who got he wrong vehicle) and Veronica says she might know someone who can help him out. That night, Veronica studies at Gia’s place and has a hell of a time keeping Gia focused. She pretends her laptop is busted and Gia says she can use the computer in the guest room.

Veronica finds Lucky’s emails and forwards them to her own account. She also finds another email with an audio file attached. The audio is of a couple of guys talking about how Woody is a perv who molested them. Veronica is freaked out and forwards that email as well, just as Woody comes in. SheWoody finds Veronica on his computer gives him her story about the broken laptop and wanting to take a practice test and he seems to buy it. She gets the hell out of there, making an excuse to Gia about a headache. At home, she plays the audio for Keith and they try to puzzle it out. There are two guys on the tape, but there are gaps where a third speaker was probably edited out. They mention some of the Sharks knowing about what Woody did to them and Veronica remembers that Lucky was a bat boy for the Sharks. Keith says Lucky’s emails are so full of crazy rantings it’s almost impossible to figure out if he’s accusing Woody of molesting him or not.

The next day, Veronica testifies against Aaron, telling the court about the sex tapes she saw of him and Lilly. Aaron’s lawyer goes for the personal Veronica and Keith talk about her STDattack, implying that she offered Aaron sex to turn over the tapes to him and mentioning her recent bout of chlamydia (which the judge allows for some reason). Sheriff Lamb is called in to see a different judge, where he runs into Lobo, the casino owner. Lobo tells the judge he remembers Terrence Cook being at his casino at the time of the bus crash. Lobo says his lawyer and CFO were there too, so Lamb is forced to drop the charges against Terrence.

At school, Beaver is trying to teach Weevil algebra (in exchange for Weevil fixing his keyed up car), but he’s not getting anywhere. Weevil’s about ready to say to hell with it when Mac steps in, saying she’ll teach him if heMac becomes Weevil's tutor fixes Beaver’s car. At the office, Keith strikes out trying to track down the other guys who were bat boys for the Sharks at the same time as Lucky. While reading through Lucky’s rambling emails, he comes to a part about Lucky leaving Woody a “present” and Veronica remembers Lucky referring to roadside bombs in Afghanistan as “presents” left by the insurgents.

Keith goes to Woody’s office and tells him he thinks there’s a bomb in his Woody gets mad at Keithhouse. Woody realizes Veronica must’ve jacked his emails and when Keith mentions the molestation stuff, Woody gets all threatening and throws him out. At Jackie’s place, her father comes home, surprising her with his release. Lobo shows up to tell Terrence he owes him for getting him off the hook. He wants Terrence to be his greeter at the casino to pay off the money he owes and to pay him back for getting him off the murder charge. Terrence isn’t happy about it, but he doesn’t have much choice.

At school, Veronica talks to Logan about Lucky and Logan tells her he caught Lucky wearing a catcher’s mask and pouring bleach all over his feet one time. Logan says Lucky wore the mask a lot … whenever they wereKeith grabs the lawyer “going into battle”, but he never mentioned Woody or the Sharks. At the trial the next day, Keith testifies about Aaron trying to kill him and Veronica. Aaron has already testified that Keith attacked him and the homeowner supposedly confirmed it, although the homeowner has disappeared and hasn’t been available to the prosecution. Aaron’s lawyer goads Keith with a bunch of stuff about Veronica and Keith gets pissed off enough to grab the asshole, which kinda nullifies most of his testimony in the eyes of the jury.

At home, Veronica tells Keith about Lucky wearing a catcher’s mask and Keith recalls seeing a painting of someone in a catcher’s mask on the creepy Woody finds out about the car bombvideo Lucky sent Woody. Keith calls someone to get hold of the bomb squad and check that painting at Woody’s place. Veronica looks at the video again and notices that the Little League team Woody coaches are called the Sharks … and two of the bus crash victims (Marcos and Peter) used to play for the team. At Woody’s place, Lamb tells him the house is clear, but there was a bomb under his car. At Jackie’s place, Terrence tells her his new “job” (as Lobo’s shill) will be taking up most of his time, so they probably won’t see each other much. Jackie says she’s considering delaying going to France, but Terrence says it’s probably better for everyone if she goes ahead as planned.

Keith and Veronica take the evidence to Lamb and urge him to arrest Woody for blowing up the bus to keep Marcos and Peter from accusing him of molesting them. Lamb mentions the bomb in Woody’s car (also phone-activated, like the one on the bus) and figures lucky planted both bombs,Lamb hesitates to do the right thing but Keith isn’t convinced. Lamb thinks Keith is setting him up to look stupid again by having him arrest the mayor, but Keith says Lamb will really look stupid if he lets a killer and child molester get away. At Aaron’s trial, Logan testifies about what he saw on the sex tape, but Aaron’s lawyer discredits him by pointing out that he got immunity from prosecution (for destroying evidence) in exchange for his testimony.

At the police station, a woman comes in with her kids who say they saw someone attacking Thumper, whose body was found in the blown up baseball stadium. The kids pick out Weevil. Meanwhile, Weevil passes his Wallace and Veronica say goodbyealgebra test thanks to Mac’s tutoring. Keith finds evidence that Lucky was in a mental institution the day of the bus crash, so he couldn’t have done it. Lamb realizes he has to go after Woody now. At school, Veronica has one last test, but Wallace is already done so he says his goodbyes to her. She’s ready for the test, but gets a text about the verdict being in on Aaron’s trial. That kills her concentration and she walks out before even starting the test. Wallace goes to see Jackie, but Terrence tells him she already left for France. At the courthouse, Lamb tells Keith that Woody took off in his private plane and nobody knows where he went. Aaron’s verdict comes in and Veronica can’t believe it … not guilty on all charges.

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