Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2 Episode 9

Lost GirlEpisode 9: Original Skin

This one starts with Kenzi admiring the hot-ass boots she just got and parading them in front of Bo. But Bo’s a bit distracted, reading one of those “self-help” books about how to not freak out about being alone. (Kenzi: “Dude, no! This is how it starts.”) Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2 Episode 9”

Comics Reviews: Superman 317, Action 477

Superman 317 coverSuperman #317 – “The Killer With the Heart of Steel” – Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Dan Adkins

This continues right from last issue, with Metallo gloating about how he beat Superman and how he plans to use Superman’s super heart to power his own android body. Metallo leaves Superman to die, surrounded by kryptonite. When will these villains learn, you never walk away and assume the hero will die; once you’re out of sight, all kinds of crazy shit can happen. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 317, Action 477”

Comics Reviews: Batman 293, Detective 473, Brave & the Bold 138

Batman 293 coverBatman #293 – “The Testimony of Luthor” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Tex Blaisdell

This is part three of the “Who Killed Batman?” storyline. This time around, Luthor makes a claim to be Batman’s killer, though he basically categorizes it as collateral damage. We get another extended flashback as Luthor tells his story. Of course, he makes sure to play up the genius of his intricate plan. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 293, Detective 473, Brave & the Bold 138”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 8

Lost GirlEpisode 8: Death Didn’t Become Him

This one starts with Lauren sneaking Bo into the lab (in a body bag!) so she can see Nadia, Lauren’s girlfriend who’s in a mystical coma and being kept alive by Light Fae technology. See what you miss when you don’t pay attention? Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 8”

Comics Review: Flash 254, Wonder Woman 236, Green Lantern 97

Flash 254 coverFlash #254 – “To Believe, Or Not To Believe” – Cary Bates/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

This one’s a bit weird, though I suppose you could say that about a lot of Bronze Age Flash stories. It starts innocently enough: a girl crawled out onto a ledge to rescue her cat and now she’s stuck. The cat wiggles free, so the girl jumps after it and Flash shows up just in time to save them both with one of his famous updrafts. Continue reading “Comics Review: Flash 254, Wonder Woman 236, Green Lantern 97”

Comics Review: JLA 147, Superboy & the Legion 232, Jonah Hex 5

JLA 147 coverJustice League of America #147 – “Crisis in the 30th Century” – Martin Pasko, Paul Levitz/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one’s a JLA/JSA crossover, with the added bonus of the Legion of Super Heroes appearing … it’s some kind of mega-crossover! It actually starts with some of the JSA getting ready to return Psycho Pirate to Earth-2 after chasing him to Earth-1 and capturing him in All-Star Comics #68. But the Leaguers want their friends to hang out, so Green Arrow shuts off the dimensional transporter (almost starting a fight with Wildcat) and the JSA decides to stay and have some fun. Continue reading “Comics Review: JLA 147, Superboy & the Legion 232, Jonah Hex 5”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 7

Lost GirlEpisode 7: Fae Gone Wild

This one starts pretty much where the last episode left off. Bo and Kenzi are contemplating the “gift” the Morrigan gave Bo, which supposedly can help Lauren’s secret girlfriend Nadia, thus freeing Lauren from the Ash’s influence. But if Lauren’s girlfriend comes back, then she and Bo can’t be together anyway, so kind of a Catch-22. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 7”