Comics Review: Batman 285, Detective 468

Batman 285 coverBatman #285 – “The Mystery of Christmas Lost” – (David V. Reed/Romeo Tanghal/Frank Springer)

This is another Dr. Tzin-Tzin story, so you know what that means: more mystical crap. After busting out of prison using ants, Tzin-Tzin uses some kind of elixir to make everyone in Gotham into a dimwit … except Batman; he’s spared so Tzin-Tzin can gloat. Continue reading “Comics Review: Batman 285, Detective 468”

Comics Reviews: Wonder Woman 228, Green Lantern 93, Warlord 5

WW 228 coverWonder Woman #228 – “Retreat to Tomorrow” – (Martin Pasko/Jose Delbo/Vince Colletta)

The story starts with Wonder Woman flying around in her invisible plane, when a weird rocket ship comes through a “hole” in the air and almost collides with a jet. WW saves the jet and finds out the rocket is occupied by a Nazi called Red Panzer. He seems familiar with her, but is surprised to find her in 1976. As they fight, a grapple ray pulls them and the rocket back through the hole in the air. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Wonder Woman 228, Green Lantern 93, Warlord 5”


Hey, just thought I’d direct my readers to this post over at Atomic Junk Shop. It’s about the TV show Timeless and how it might get cancelled. It’s a pretty cool time-travel show (a bit like Legends of Tomorrow, but without superheroics), so check out Greg’s write-up and maybe check the show out on Mondays (NBC 10:00). It always sucks when a good show gets cancelled (RIP: Freaks and Geeks, Firefly, Dead Like Me, etc.)

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say.

Lost Girl Review: Episode 4

Dyson with skull
Alas, poor Samir, I knew him, Horatio.

Episode 4: Faetal Attraction

This one starts in media res, with Dyson showing up at a house and Bo and Kenzi running out right before the house blows up. Debris rains down on them, including a human skull; so yeah, skull rain … where do you go from there? Well, we go back in time a bit to see Bo sleeping and Kenzi waking her up. Bo tells her about Dyson banging the waitress at the Dal. Bo’s not taking it well and Kenzi realizes she’s never been rejected before. I guess that makes sense; how do you reject a succubus who can charm you into wanting her? Kenzi tells Bo that dealing with rejection can be fun. I’m not sure if that’s exactly the right word. Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 4”

Comics Review: JLA 139, Superboy & the Legion 224

JLA 139 coverThis issue of JLA contains two stories (this was in the “52-page” era), including Englehart’s first JLA story. So let’s get to it!

Justice League of America #139 – “The Cosmic Conspiracy Against Adam Strange” – (Cary Bates/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin)

This issue has two stories, which I’ll deal with one at a time. The first is a continuation of last ish. We see Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Black Canary on the JLA Satellite searching for their teammates (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman). Continue reading “Comics Review: JLA 139, Superboy & the Legion 224”

Comics Review: Superman 308, Action 468

Superman 308 coverSuperman #308 – “This Planet is Mine” – (Gerry Conway/Jose-Luis Garcia Lopez/Frank Springer)

We start where we left off last time, with Superman whining about being an Earth-born mutant instead of a Kryptonian, and Supergirl telling him to grow up and accept it. Continue reading “Comics Review: Superman 308, Action 468”

What’s new with my writing? Glad you asked.

In my first post, I promised this wouldn’t be a writing blog, and it’s not–for the most part. But I will occasionally post something about my ongoing quest to become a published writer. Feel free to skip these posts if you’re not interested.

Actually, there’s not much to report right now; I sent off another ten queries to agents tonight. My first ten garnered nothing–well, five rejections, but nothing good–so I hope this batch gets me some nibbles at least. Wish me luck!