Comics Reviews: Flash 284, Wonder Woman 266, Green Lantern 127

Flash 284 coverFlash #284 – “Run Flash … Run for Your Life” – Cary Bates/Don Heck/Frank Chiaramonte

You’ll remember last issue Flash found out that Professor Zoom was the one who killed his wife, Iris. Flash caught Zoom and was returning him to face punishment in Zoom’s home era of the 25th Century. But Zoom’s time ship was booby-trapped to zip backward to before the beginning of time in the universe. Zoom assumed that he and Flash would perish there together, since the ship was moving too fast to bail out. But Flash decided to take his chances and jumped out into the timestream, leaving Zoom to his fate. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 284, Wonder Woman 266, Green Lantern 127”

Comics Reviews: JLA 177, Legion of Super-Heroes 262, Jonah Hex 35

JLA 177 coverJustice League of America #177 – “Graveyard Gambit” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts in the middle of the ocean with Aquaman pounding some Russians who are illegally killing whales. Aquaman gives them a lecture on how surface-dwellers rape and pollute the oceans, and takes out some of his anger by having the whales capsize the ship. Aquaman tells some dolphins to save the whalers from drowning, but suddenly the sailors start glowing and turn into weird gold-colored statues of stylized soldiers. The dolphins freak out and take off, leaving Aquaman to ponder in the sailors were turned into statues, or if they were statues masquerading as sailors to begin with. He also wonders why the statues’ design looks so familiar. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 177, Legion of Super-Heroes 262, Jonah Hex 35”

Comics Reviews: Superman 346, Action 506, DC Comics Presents 20

Superman 346 coverSuperman #346 – “Superman’s Streak of Bad Luck” – Gerry Conway/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

You can guess the theme of this story by the title, and Superman’s bad luck starts on the first page. It’s winter and the streets are icy as hell, which means traffic accidents. This one happens to involve Lois Lane skidding out of control toward a delivery truck. Superman scoops up some sand from a nearby construction site and dumps it on the street, giving Lois enough traction to slow down. But the truck driver freaks out for some reason and bails out of his vehicle, leaving it to plow straight toward Lois. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 346, Action 506, DC Comics Presents 20”

Comics Reviews: Batman 322, Detective 489, Brave & the Bold 161, Warlord 32

Batman 322 coverBatman #322 – “Chaos—Coming and Going” – Len Wein/Irv Novick/Vince Colletta

This one starts with Selina Kyle looking through a scrapbook of her exploits as Catwoman and feeling a bit wistful at leaving that life behind. Elsewhere, a newspaper van delivering bundles of the Gotham Guardian is assaulted (and sliced in half!) by Captain Boomerang. He’s pissed off at the Guardian’s owner, who he says owes him a million bucks and has 24 hours to pay up. Batman shows up to tackle Boomerang, but the villain uses the old “endanger-the-innocents” ploy to distract Batman long enough to escape. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 322, Detective 489, Brave & the Bold 161, Warlord 32”