Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2 Episode 1

Lost GirlSeason 2, Episode 1: Something Wicked This Fae Comes

This is the first episode of Season 2 and pretty much continues where last season left off; only about three weeks has passed since the last episode. We see Bo and Hale creeping through a culvert, hunting something. There’s a slight Buffy vibe to the scene, especially when Kenzi (who’s such a Xander) jumps out and scares them. We get a quick recap and find out the Ash is still on life support and with the Elders blown up by Aife, there are plenty of Underfae creatures running wild … hence the monster hunt they’re currently on. We also learn Dyson has been MIA the whole time and Bo’s getting kind of worried/annoyed. The Underfae they’reTakeout hunting (some kind of bird-thing) attacks and they barbecue it with flamethrowers. While Kenzi immediately craves fried chicken, Bo was wounded by the beast’s poisonous claws, so Kenzi hauls her off for some “takeout”. Of course, for Bo, takeout means something a bit different than for most of us … we next see her in a gas station (or maybe restaurant) bathroom, ravaging some dude. He’s a bit hesitant—maybe aggressive women scare him—but Bo manages to drain him enough for some healing. Elsewhere, we see a tow truck stopping on a lonely road to help what looks like a circus wagon. The driver (who has a weird tattoo on his hand) gets jumped by a freaky-looking dude in the circus wagon.

At the Dal, Lauren examines Trick’s hand and says he’s healing fast but should still take it easy for a while. Bo, Kenzi, and Hale come in and stick a pin in a map to represent the crispy critter they just dealt with. Bo notes Lauren looks like hell, and Lauren says she hasn’t had much sleep lately since she doesn’t trust anyone else to look after the Ash, but when she Lauren geeks outheard Bo might need help, she showed up. Definitely still some feelings there. Trick figures they got all the Underfae, but Lauren gets a call about a body found beside the highway that’s been flayed of its skin. They head out to see and Kenzi’s kinda grossed out by the whole thing, while Lauren gets her science geek on. Lauren gathers evidence and Bo and Kenzi talk about the missing Dyson. Kenzi assures her everything will be fine.

That depends on your definition of fine. We see Dyson being brought into the cop shop in handcuffs. Hale reads out the charges … apparently Dyson pounding half a dozen dudes and did $5000 in damage to a road house; I guess it was Swayze’s night off. Hale fills Dyson in on the new status quo. The acting Ash, Buzz Porter, is a drunken idiot, so Trick’s been trying tohorking skin run things from behind the scenes, but the Underfae are running wild and the Dark have gotten more aggressive. Hale’s glad Dyson is back and says Bo will be too, but Dyson’s not so sure. We see the circus folk again and the freaky dude in the cage is horking up what looks like a big wad of skin and handing it to his boss.

Speaking of weirdos, the guy Bo and Kenzi are tromping through the woods with looks like Bobcat Goldthwaite’s cousin. He’s a bloodhound they hired to track the trail from the dead tow truck driver, but this doggie has allergies and it’s fucking up his tracking ability. He does manage to freak showlead them to the carny folk and they pay him off with a shitload of allergy meds. He mentions that all the carny folk are Fae. Bo and Kenzi talk to the leader of the circus folk, a guy named Zael, and he says one of his freaks got loose and killed the tow truck guy, but it won’t happen again. Since they’re outnumbered, Bo leaves and figures she’ll let Trick decide what to do. As they’re leaving, Bo sees a creepy girl staring at her.

The acting Ash, Buzz, shows up at the Dal later (already half lit) and Trick gives him shit about maintaining dignity and all that. Trick gets a call from Dyson and tells Bo, so she heads over to see him. He’s being all broody and working on his motorcycle, as guys do. Why are there never any broody women working on motorcycles in TV shows? Bo shows up,Bo punches Dyson hugs him, then punches him in the mouth. (“What, are there no phones in douchetown?”) Dyson’s trying to play it cool, but Bo knows something’s up. Back at the Dal, Lauren says the tow truck guy was Fae and Bo mentions the circus folk. Bo’s ready to go check it out with Dyson, but he’d rather go with Hale; Bo’s not too happy about that, but at least she doesn’t deck him again.

The circus camp is empty and Dyson can’t track anyone since they salted their trail. (Is that really a thing?) He does manage to sniff out some skin and judging by the tattoo, it’s the tow truck guy. At the lab, Lauren IDs it as belonging to the dead Fae, but finds another tattoo on the inside of the skin, done when the guy was still alive. I bet that cost a shitpile of money. The tat looks like a map. Dyson asks Trick to check through his books of lore and Bo and Kenzi discuss why Dyson’s being such a dick. Trick finds ratsone of the guys from the circus chewing up his books. The guy jumps him, but Bo shows up and punches him; I’m not sure how she got there so fast, though. The intruder dives down a hole in the floor and Bo grabs a handful of him but only comes up with his robe and a rat. Yeah, the guy turned into a bunch of rats. That’s so weird, even Trick doesn’t know what the hell’s going on.

They find rat-boy is one of Trick’s Monster Manuals: it’s a rare Japanese Fae called Tesso, which absorbs knowledge by eating it. Trick tells them about the Sluagh, who tried to play both sides in the early Light/Dark wars and got screwed for it, condemned to wander for eternity. Obviously, the Sluagh are looking for something, so they killed and flayed the tow truck guy to get his map. Dyson says he’ll check some stuff out … anything to avoid talking to your girlfriend, right Dyson?

At Bo’s place, Lauren brings a bunch of books and a report on the dead tow truck guy. She couldn’t figure out the map tattoo, but the one on his hand is a weird tree design, shared by two other Fae. Lauren’s exhaustion finally catches up with her and she conks out, leaving Bo to go through the books for clues. At the Dal, Kenzi’s freaking out because she thinkssleepy Lauren Trick is going to vivisect the rat, but he promises he won’t hurt it. He extracts a piece of paper from its gullet. He’s not too happy with what it says. Bo finds the tree symbol in one of Lauren’s books. Kenzi shows up and tells Bo the Sluagh are after something called the Sword of Avros. Bo shows her the tree symbol in the book and says the three guys with tattoos are called Guardians, who donate the use of their bodies to protect some secret. Dyson calls and says another body has been found; gee, I wonder if it has a tattoo?

spine sheath At the lab, x-rays show a sheath beside the dead guy’s spine and Bo realizes he was carrying the Sword of Avros in his body. Trick finally understands what’s up. He says for the Light Fae to claim a district, the Ash has to make a covenant with the Land itself, sort of like a marriage ceremony. The Ash protects the Land and the Land gives back to the Fae, but it’s only binding if the ceremony is consummated. He says the soul of the Land actually becomes corporeal and the Ash has to mate with it (prompting Kenzi and Hale to joke about “laying turf” and “pounding ground”). Trick figures with the Ash incapacitated, the Sluagh are trying to usurp his bond with the Land. If that happens, the Light Fae would be forced into exile and the Dark would overrun the city. Trick says the Sluagh still have to find the Heartstone and break it with the Sword to sever the old bond. Much as it pains him, he knows he has to call in Buzz, since he’s the acting Ash.

Bo tries to talk to Dyson and he blows her off again. Kenzi gives him shit and Hale finally asks what the hell his problem is. Dyson tells him the truth about losing his love for Bo to the Norn. Hale says he should try getting close to Bo in case the Norn was lying, or Bo’s powers can restore Dyson’s feelings for her. They ask Buzz about the Heartstone and he bumbles about like an idiot before finally drawing them a map to find it.knife trap Dyson again tries to go with Hale to check it out, but Bo reminds him that they make a kick ass team, so whatever their personal shit is they can deal with it later, but they need to work together against the Sluagh. They follow the map and almost get skewered by a trap. Bo realizes the Sluagh have been two steps ahead of them the whole time, and there’s only one explanation … Buzz is working with the bad guys. At the Dal, Trick confronts Buzz, who says the Sluagh promised him real power, not just some stand-in job like he has now. Elsewhere, we see Zael destroying the Heartstone and waking up the land (who’s pretty damn hot).

hot land girl
Well, that’s a nice piece of … land.

Buzz tells them Tesso was looking for an incantation in the books he ate, a spell to funnel sexual energy into Zael so he can bang the Land babe. (Kenzi: “Yeah, yeah, the magical boinking, we know.”) They know the Sluagh will need a large group of sexually charged humans to feed off—sounds like a rave to me! Kenzi says she can find a party anywhere, and Bo basically propositions Dyson,but he’s still not interested.

Kenzi does find the sexy party (no word on whether Stewie Griffin is there or not) and Bo gets a bit … overwhelmed by the sexual energy. (Kenzi;”Do I have to cuff your muff?”) Bo sees the creepy girl again, but Dyson Bo and Dyson smoochdistracts her with a little dirty dancing and some heavy smooching, but it’s obvious he’s not feeling it … at least, not on an emotional level. They split up to find the Sluagh and Bo finds Zael (though I’m not sure how she found him so fast) about to mount the Land girl. Dyson and Hale find Tesso doing his chanting thing and Dyson stops the spell by breaking his neck. That’ll do it. Bo tells the Land to take off and tells Zael she gets what it’s like to be an outcast with no home, but she’s found a home now and won’t let anyone mess with it. She drains him unconscious … at least she didn’t break his neck.Bo drains Zael

Later, Trick and Dyson celebrate the Sluagh being run off. Trick says he was afraid the Sluagh were his punishment for using his blood to help Bo. As he’s leaving, Bo corners Dyson and thanks him for helping her fight Aife, then asks what the hell his problem is. He finally tells her the truth … the Norn took his love for her as payment for helping. She doesn’t believe it, but he says the kiss at the rave proved it for him. He leaves andcreepy girl Bo is drowning her sorrows when the creepy girl shows up again. She says she’s drawn to witness great tragedy, but whatever drew her is way worse than what the Sluagh tried to do. She says something old and terrible has been awakened and it’s coming for Bo. I guess we know what Trick’s punishment is now. We’ll have to wait for next episode to see what comes of all this.

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