Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 15

Lost GirlEpisode 15: Table for Fae

This one starts with Kenzi and Nate returning from their musical road trip. Kenzi’s eager to see Bo, but by the moaning coming from the bedroom, she’s already got company. They hear what sounds like the climax of Bo’s encounter, then Lambert walks into the living room half-dressed. It’s weird, because between the climactic yell and Lambert walking out, about five seconds go by. I guess he and Bo ain’t much for basking. Kenzi recognizes him as the guy who gave Bo the bracelet at her birthday party and awkward introductionsawkward ensue. Bo comes out, even less dressed than Lambert, and Kenzi drags Nate off to get muffins. Elsewhere, we see a hipster-looking dude heading into an old building. He seems to have something pretty serious to do, but just ends up trying to roll a joint—which for some people is pretty serious, I guess. He’s interrupted by an old guy who knows his name. He sees a scar on the old dude’s neck and realizes it’s his friend Cole, but from his reaction I’m assuming Cole should be a hell of a lot younger. The hipster freaks out—he drops his weed, so you know he’s scared—and takes off.

At home, Kenzi returns and she and Bo dish about their boyfriends. (Bo: “Sorry about earlier, I didn’t know you guys were coming.”; Kenzi: “Well, I didn’t know you were either.”) Bo also mentions that the Ash, for all his girl talkbullshit, seems to be on their side. She tries to describe her relationship with Lambert, but can’t quite find the words; she definitely doesn’t mention him being Dark Fae. She suggests the four of them go out on a double date for lunch. Yeah, that’s a good idea; what could possibly go wrong. We get a preview of what might go wrong when Bo tells Lambert about the date and he says, “Humans at lunch instead of humans for lunch.” But he agrees to the double date since it means so much to Bo. At the cop shop, Dyson is hauling in some loser who’s been running a car-theft ring with a bunch of sixteen-year-olds; I guess he’s the modern version of Fagin. The kid’s father, who sounds like a rich, entitled prick, tries to talk to him, but Dyson almost breaks theDyson gets rough guy’s arm. Hale pulls him away and asks what’s up. Obviously, this has to do with Dyson finding out that the Norn took away his ability to love. Apparently, he’s compensating by being all brooding and dickish. Hale mentions the old guy we saw in the opener, who died of a heart attack, but had a scar on his neck and the dental records of a twenty two-year-old. Hale says he’s going to ask Trick about it, but Dyson gets called into his captain’s office, so I guess Hale’s flying solo on this one.

At the Dal, Bo and Trick are discussing the impending Goruda crisis, saying they need to keep each other in the loop. Hale comes in to ask about the mysterious death. Trick says the wound looks like a Serket, but Serkets are all about healing and vitality, so killing goes against everything they stand for. From what I could find, Serket was the Egyptian Hale upsetgoddess of healing venomous bites and stings, usually represented by a scorpion. Since scorpions are abundant in North Africa, Serket was a fairly important goddess, thought to be a patron goddess to some of the Pharaohs. Anyway, Trick tells Hale that Bo should handle the investigation, which leaves Hale a bit miffed. But you don’t say no to the Blood King, so he hands over the files on the murder and Bo goes to investigate.

Bo and Kenzi head to a Youth Hostel and talk to Tony, the hipster dude from the opener. He says Cole (the dead guy) had been hanging around some girl who was always leeching money off him. She was kind of a poseur, saying she was into the backpacker philosophy but just wanting toTony the hipster party all the time. Tony also says a number of backpackers have disappeared over the last few months, and they didn’t have enough money for any kind of extended travel. Bo lets Hale know that Cole’s death may not be an isolated incident. At home later, Bo gets a call from Hale telling her that Cole’s leechy girlfriend got on a bus for San Francisco, so she’s out of the picture. I’m surprised Toronto has buses to San Francisco. Kenzi is still excited about the double date; hold on to those warm feelings, Kenz …you’re gonna need ’em.

At the cop shop, Dyson gets suspended for roughing up the rich asshole, who turns out to be buddies with the mayor. Dyson’s pissed off when he finds out the charges against the punk kid were dropped. I gotta say, Hostess with the mostestDyson’s whole surly attitude is starting to get annoying. At a fancy restaurant, Nate and Kenzi are being treated like crap by the hostess, but when Bo and Lambert come in she fawns all over them. Apparently, she and Lambert know each other. I’m not sure if this is just a typical case of rich people being on a first name basis with people in restaurants though; she seems to be sizing Bo up. Kenzi doesn’t even care, she just wants to eat fancy food at a fancy restaurant. She tries to order lobster for all three courses, but Lambert tells them he already ordered everything for them. Kenzi finally starts toDrained realize what a prick he is, and Nate gets an inkling of the weirdness he’s been missing when Lambert mentions he was thee when the 1949 wine was bottled. Lambert mentions to Bo that Marissa (the hostess) is “one of us”; I assume he means Fae. At some doctor’s office, we see one of the girls from the Youth Hostel getting bled through the neck by a woman with a stinger on her hand … I’m thinking this might be our Serket.

At the fancy restaurant, Nate is talking about a gig he played for fifteen people and Lambert doesn’t get why he bothered. I guess he’s not down with the whole “following your passion” thing. The food arrives and it looks like some avant-garde bullshit and tastes (as Kenzi puts it) “like something crawled inside the food and died”.

You can’t seriously expect us to swallow this tripe?

She’s right, because it turns out to be tripe, which a lot of people seem to like but sounds pretty gross to me. Bo gets a call and has to leave and Lambert apologizes to Kenzi and Nate, saying he was just trying to impress them and make Bo happy. He also says he arranged for an agent friend of his to drop by and talk to Nate. Hmmm, Lambert is Dark Fae and he’s friends with an agent … I wonder who that could be?

At the Youth Hostel, Tony tells Bo that Cole’s ersatz girlfriend is back. Bo chases her down and uses her succubus mojo to calm her. The girl says she convinced Cole to go to this clinic where they pay people to undergo medical experiments. She felt guilty, so she came back to warn everyone Morriganat the Hostel to stay the hell away from that clinic. At the restaurant, Kenzi and Nate are really chowing down like crazy when you-know-who shows up … yup, it’s the Morrigan, looking damn good as always. Naturally, Kenzi recognizes her right away, but since Nate doesn’t know about the whole “Fae” thing, Kenzi can’t really say much. At the clinic, the receptionist (Hessa, played by Genelle Williams from Warehouse 13) says they’re running a rejuvenation clinic, but when Bo starts asking questions, she clams up. After Bo and LambertHessa leave, Hessa goes into the back to talk to the “doctor”, who’s draining another old-looking human. The doc’s name is Lana (played by Lyndie Greenwood from Sleepy Hollow) and she seems to be doing the whole human-draining thing rather reluctantly. Hessa recognized Bo and Lambert (which makes me wonder if he also knew her on sight?) and warns Lana that they’ll probably be back.

At the restaurant, the Morrigan is ready to sign Nate without even hearing him play (and looks like she’s sizing him up for some poontang), but Kenzi convinces Nate he should at least do one song for her. He leaves to get his guitar, saying he’ll be at the Morrigan’s office in an hour and Kenzi hangs around to give the Morrigan shit. But the Morrigan says Nate Bo gets pinchedis practically hers already and there’s nothing Kenzi can do about it. At the clinic, Bo decides to go back in for a look around and promises Lambert she’ll only be five minutes. Yeah, right. Outside the cop shop, Hale talks to the captain and gets Dyson reinstated, but the captain says if Dyson fucks up again, Hale will be in shit too. At the clinic, Bo finds a conveniently-open door and confronts Lana, who’s just finished draining a human. Before Bo can figure out what’s up, Hessa knocks her out from behind, with what I’m assuming is some of her venom, but looks kind of like a Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

When Bo wakes up, she’s strapped down and Hessa tells her she should’ve minded her own business. Turns out Hessa and Lana are sisters and they originally started out just taking a few years from some humans so they could give them to others. But when the money started rolling in, Hessa got greedy and made Lana drain poorer humans dry so they could giveBo gets drained rich people longer, more youthful lives. Lana is obviously a reluctant participant, but when Hessa tells her to start draining Bo, she does. At the restaurant, Kenzi tries to talk the Morrigan into forgetting about Nate and promises her anything she wants (except her firstborn). The Morrigan says Kenzi can owe her a future favour, no questions asked just immediate complicity. Kenzi finally agrees and the Morrigan leaves her to tell Nate he wasn’t good enough for her representation.

At the clinic, Bo is losing a lot of blood when Lambert comes in and threatens to fry Hessa’s brain off if Lana doesn’t stop. They let an aged-looking Bo loose and offer to give back what they took from her, but when she insists they revive the humans first, Lambert shows his Dark Fae attitude and sides with the sisters. Hessa tells Lana to finish off the sister drainhumans, but Bo convinces her that being Hessa’s servant is something she doesn’t need to do anymore. Lana drains Hessa and offers to revive Bo, but Bo again insists she help the humans first. At home, Nate feels like shit because the Morrigan blew him off and Kenzi tries to make him think he’s better off—though she obviously feels guilty for fucking up the deal. Kenzi later tells Bo about the Morrigan (and their agreement) and Bo admits that Lambert is Dark Fae. Bo says she’s going to kick Lambert’s ass and Kenzi wants her to dump him, but Bo seems … reluctant.

At the Dal, Hale tells Dyson that the car-theft punk gave himself up and wonders if Dyson used his wolf to intimidate the kid. Dyson denies it and Hale gives him shit, saying he put his ass on the line for him and if DysonDyson being a dick gets caught using his wolf powers on a human he’ll never be ale to explain it to the Ash. Dyson says he’s done explaining himself to anyone. At Lambert’s lab, Bo gives him shit for sending the Morrigan to see Nate and wanting to let the Serket sisters walk, but Lambert reminds her that he’s Dark Fae. He says he stands by his choice of clan and wonders why Bo—who’s supposed to be unaligned—spends all her time with Light Fae. She says Dark Fae treat humans like crap, but he reminds her that Lachlan has been treating Lauren like his property and even Bo uses her succubus powers on humans when she needs to. His arguments seem to give Bo pause, but what really puts her over the edge (so to speak) is when he brings out Marissa, the hot hostess from the restaurant.

hostess snack cake
Hostess with the mostest.

Of course, Bo can’t say no to that (I don’t think I’d be resisting too much either) and she and Marissa start getting hot and heavy. The twosome soon turns into a threesome as Bo invites Lambert to join them. So it seems both Bo and Dyson are leaning toward their dark sides, though Dyson is Light Fae, so maybe it’s a longer fall for him. We’ll have to wait to see where it all goes.

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