Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 18

Lost GirlEpisode 18: Fae-nted Love

This episode starts (as so many do) with Bo all cut to shit and needing to heal. She briefly considers calling Dyson, but goes with Lambert instead, even though she basically told him things couldn’t work between them. As they’re banging, Bo scratches his back and it looks like some of her blood mixes with his from a cut on her wrist. Elsewhere, some dude isKitchen Sink trying to talk a woman into joining his cult. All her neighbours have apparently joined, but she’s not interested—until he puts his hand in the sink, making the water churn and glow. She’s fascinated, right up until he shoves her head in the water and drowns her.

After the banging is done, Bo tells Lambert to leave (again) and that this is the last time (again). Normally, he’s all about the fast post-poontang exit, singing telegrambut this time he’s practically begging her to let him stay (and cuddle). She hesitates, but tosses his ass out eventually. At the Ash’s compound, Dyson is asked to interrogate an Underfae named Acher. There has been a rash of suspicious deaths lately, including a Fae elder and a guard who was watching Acher’s cell. The Ash wants Dyson to get Acher to admit he’s behind the deaths, but warns Dyson not to tell Acher anything about himself. At Bo’s place, she’s inundated by gifts from Lambert, including a singing telegram. She pushes the singer outside just as Kenzi gets home. Kenzi says her old “friend” Tryst, the douchey street artist, has been following her. HeKenzi and the boots knocks on the door and Bo lets him in. He says his grandmother has been influenced by some cult and signed over all her stuff (including her house) to them. Bo isn’t too interested in helping him, but when Kenzi gets curious about all the gifts, Bo deflects her questions by saying they have to help Tryst’s grandma. Of course, he’s broke so they’ll have to work for free (or “pro-boner” as he puts it).

Dyson goes to see Acher in his cell and Acher gets all Hannibal Lecter-ish, Achermaking observations about Dyson. He tells Dyson to come a little closer, but Dyson’s careful to keep his distance. Bo and Kenzi track the deluded granny’s check stubs to a storefront church in a strip mall. The same guy from the opener (Brother Douglas) is preaching a sermon with a lot of water metaphors. He sticks his hand in a basin, making the water glow like he did before, and sprinkles it on the people in the audience. They seem mesmerized when the water hits them. Bo heads for the office to snoop and Kenzi meets an overly friendly woman who insists she try the cookies. It looks like the same woman from the opener, except cleaned up a bit; I guess she wasn’t drowned in the sink after all. Brother Douglas finds Bo in the office and she asks why everyone’s giving him all theirBo splashed money. He says they’re “offerings”, but she’s not inclined to believe him. He uses his power on the bowl of water he’s holding and recites an incantation. When he throws the water on Bo, it seems to wipe out her memory. Kenzi comes in and conks the guy out, but Bo freaks and runs away from her. When Kenzi gets outside, Bo is gone.

At the Ash’s compound, Acher continues to get inside Dyson’s head. He admits he talked to the guard before he killed himself, but says the guard’s life was lonely and pathetic. When Dyson mentions the guard’s family, Acher says his wife left him after centuries, which resonates with Dyson’s own loneliness, a fact Acher is quick to pick up on. At the Dal, Kenzi and TrickKenzi tells Trick she lost Bo. When she describes the circumstances, he says it sounds like an Addonc, a Water Fae that can wipe people’s memories and make them revert to an innocent, childlike state. He says Bo will “imprint” onto the first person who’s nice to her. He also worries that she won’t know about being a succubus. (Kenzi: “If she gets hungry, she could kill a whole NBA team … with a WNBA team for dessert!”)

Bo wanders down a back alley, confused, until Lambert shows up. He tells her he knows her, but she doesn’t remember him, so he points out the inscription inside her bracelet and says he gave it to her. At the storefront church, Kenzi and Trick confront the Addonc, but he doesn’t know where Bo went. Kenzi’s ready to go for his throat when he suggests putting Bo in a “modest blouse”, but Trick pulls her away and tells the Addonc to watchWell-placed proposal his step. In the alley, Bo is still out of it. She and Lambert smooch a bit, but she stops it because it might lead to “you know … S-E-X”). He realizes her memory is completely gone, so he does the only decent thing … he tells her they’re madly in love with each other and proposes. She’s so whacked out that she says yes.

Lambert takes Bo to a fancy inn at “the Falls”—Niagara, maybe?—but she still won’t let him bang her until they’re married (reminds me of that Georgia Satellites song). He says they can be married in fifteen minutes, but she insists on the whole production, starting with a dress … “something ivory, crepe de Chine, maybe; I don’t even know what crepe de Chine is, but doesn’t it sound delightful?” I had to look up crepe de Bo and LambertChine too … apparently it’s some kind of silk. Lambert has no choice but to go along with Bo’s wishes. At the Dal, Kenzi is worried (Kenzi: “What if Bo hitched a ride out of town and is dancing in a topless bar despite rival girls trying to bring her down?”; Trick: “She’s not living in Showgirls.”; Kenzi: “It’s my go-to worst case scenario.”) Trick says the Addonc’s power might wear off, or she might heal herself if she gets laid (Kenzi: “Come on, random banging.”) but the best way to cure her is with water from the river Mnemosyne. I always thought waters from that river caused memory loss, not cured it, but whatever. Trick says the water is rare and expensive, but the Addonc might keep a small stock on hand for emergencies.

At the inn, Bo is being shown fancy wedding dresses by a couple of women. They talk about Lambert, but Bo has no clue how she met him or how long she’s known him. She doesn’t know much about him at all (except he has a pretty snazzy jacket), but the women don’t seem to care too much. I guess they’re being well-paid. But just after saying how much she loves Lambert, Bo’s horny instincts kick in and she becomes fascinated by the dressmaker’s sexy assistant. The dressmaker gets a tadsexy assistant worried and asks if Bo has any friends or family coming to the wedding. Bo vaguely remembers Kenzi (with her myriad hair colours), Trick (a bartending uncle), and Dyson (the beautiful broken wolf-man, who’s a cop; Dressmaker: “A wolf-cop?”) The dressmaker asks if Bo needs to see a doctor, but Bo says she feels great and proves it by almost putting the moves on the assistant again. Lambert overhears everything and gets one of his people to start looking for any Water Fae near where Bo was found (since she mentioned something about being splashed with water earlier).

At the Ash’s compound, Dyson’s back and forth with Acher continues. He asks why the guard killed himself and Acher says he had nothing to live for (much like Dyson), so he had to kill himself. Dyson says suicide is the greatest form of cowardice, but Acher says it’s not cowardice if it’s done for honour, then asks if Dyson is an honourable man. At the “church”, the Addonc is gone so Kenzi and Trick search for the Mnemosyne water (which smells like lilies with an undercurrent of sewage).

sewage water
Yup, that’s sewage all right.

Trick finds it and Kenzi finds something that looks like a license plate number scrawled on a piece of paper. At the inn, Bo has second thoughts about the wedding and admits she had “feelings” for the young dress girl. Lambert injects her with something that knocks her out and says the wedding’s still on. Yeah, so, marrying someone with amnesia had a somewhat rapey vibe to it, but this is way over the line.

Hale runs the number Kenzi found and it’s for a private plane owned by Ryan Lambert which took off for the Falls a little while ago, probably with the Addonc on board. Hale also traces Lambert’s credit card to the inn, so Kenzi and Trick get ready for a road trip. At the inn, Lambert pays the Addonc to use his power on Bo again, except stronger this time. He bad baptismperforms a Fae baptism of sorts, immersing her in a bathtub and using his memory-wiping power. At the Ash’s compound, Acher is still getting inside Dyson’s head. He lifts his phone and points out a bunch of missed calls from Kenzi and Trick. He asks why Dyson’s wasting time with him when his loved ones might be in trouble, but Dyson says he doesn’t love anyone. Acher asks why he exists if he doesn’t love, and says he’d be better off dead.

At the inn, Bo is walking down the aisle (I have no idea if her dress is crepe de Chine), while Kenzi and Trick are rushing to get there. They find out about the wedding and Kenzi says they can just get a divorce, but Trick says Fae can’t get divorced until after a thousand years (“What, like it’s so wrong to expect people to give it a real shot?”) Trick and Kenzi bust in as Brother Douglas (the Addonc) is performing the ceremony. TrickKenzi and Trick burst into the wedding makes a formal objection, but Douglas goes ahead and finishes, pronouncing Lambert and Bo to be husband and wife. Trick notices they haven’t exchanged rings yet, which is compulsory, so Kenzi grabs the ring from Lambert and Trick gives Bo the Mnemosyne water. The Addonc takes off and while Kenzi tosses crystalware at Lambert, Trick convinces Bo to drink the water.

She’s cured immediately and decks Lambert. After she and Kenzi gush about her dress, she admits she used Lambert to heal, but can’t understand why he suddenly got so into commitment. Trick figures it out and knows how to fix it. At the Ash’s compound, Acher tells Dyson he has no identity, neither a wolf nor a man. He says Dyson’s only choice is suicide by copdeath, since he has no love in his life. Dyson puts his gun under his own chin, but decides not to pull the trigger. I’m not sure why he’d bring a gun into a cell with a dangerous Underfae, but whatever. Dyson realizes this is how the other Fae died, pushed to kill themselves by Acher’s bullshit. Dyson says Acher is the pathetic one, the one who’s really alone and unloved, so he tries to push his own pain onto others. Acher says he’s killed dozens of Fae, which is the confession Dyson was looking for. He leaves, with Acher still ranting about being in Dyson’s head.

At the inn, Trick uses Kenzi to exorcise Lambert’s obsession with Bo, though he doesn’t explain why Kenzi’s the only one who can take part inceremony the ritual. Lambert feels weird when he snaps out of it and when Bo asks why he was so weird, he says he was banging some witchy gal when Bo called, so she must’ve gotten jealous and messed with his head. Trick is eager (a little too eager maybe) to accept that as the explanation for Lambert’s behaviour. Lambert and Bo agree on one last adventure … kicking the shit out of the Addonc. At the “church”, the Addonc is ready to take his flock to Turks and Caicos when Lambert comes in and asks for his money back. The Addonc’s not too happy, but Lambert sets off a Mnemosyne atomizer and cures all the Bo drains the Addoncinfected humans. Bo drains the Addonc and slaps him down. She and Lambert say their farewells (hopefully for good this time) and he mentions that he can avoid her easily, since her bracelet has a tracking chip in it. I guess that explains how he found her in the alley when she first had amnesia.

Later, Dyson takes his brooding to new levels by fucking off on his motorbike—broodily. At the Dal, Kenzi gives Bo shit for not being honest about Lambert. Bo apologizes and they make up. Bo tells Trick the honesty thing applies to him too. Bo knew Lambert’s idea about a jealous girlfriend messing with his head wasn’t what really happened; she noticedshifty Trick that Lambert was acting like one of her mother’s thralls after she bled on him and points out that Trick can also control things with his blood. She says she isn’t going to push him right now, since they have to concentrate on the Goruda, but later she’s going to have questions and he better have some honest answers. He agrees, but doesn’t look thrilled about it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with that in upcoming episodes.

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