Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 9

Lost GirlEpisode 9: Destiny’s Child

This one starts with the train where Bo was imprisoned at the beginning of the season. It seems to be falling apart and there’s someone in a welding mask trying to keep it together. A hole opens in the side of the train and we see the crown the Wanderer offered to Bo lying on the floor. At the Dal, Bo shows Trick, Dyson, Kenzi, and Lauren the box Kenzi gave her last episode. The box was apparently sent to the Dark archives by Bo while she was on the train,Trick smoked and addressed to herself. Obviously it contains something Bo thought would come in handy later, but when she shows them the contents, everyone freaks out. It’s a jar full of black smoke, the same smoke that caused her to disappear and wind up on the train. As everyone argues over whether or not to open the jar, Bo gets frustrated and just goes for it. The smoke seems to gravitate toward Trick, disorienting him, then a weird, goth-looking dude solidifies.

He claims to be Hugin, one of the Wanderer’s servants. He seems pretty perceptive, as he immediately recognizes Trick as the Blood King. Bo says she wants to get back on the Hugintrain and see the Wanderer, but Hugin says his brother Munin stole his wife and trapped him in the jar, so he has no idea where the train is. He says if Bo helps him find his backstabbing brother, Munin will know exactly where the train is, so Bo agrees. Hugin insists they go alone, which doesn’t sit well with the others, but Bo agrees and they disappear in a puff of black smoke. Tamsin walks in two seconds later and asks, “What did I miss?” In Norse mythology, Hunin and Munin (Thought and Memory) were Odin’s ravens who brought him information from all over the world.

Of course, neither Dyson nor Lauren are prepared to let Bo go on her own, so they team up and plan to go after her. Dyson gets a gun and Lauren is loaded for bear with a bunch of syringes inside her vest. Dyson gives her a knife, just in case, and they set out to … I’mLauren shows off her killer vest not sure; find Munin before Bo and Hugin do? Track Bo and Hugin? Find the train? I guess we’ll see. At the Dal, Trick is acting weird and gets ready to head out when Kenzi and Tamsin confront him to ask what’s up. Kenzi wonders why Trick hasn’t done more to help Bo and why he doesn’t know more about the Wanderer, since he’s usually spewing information all over. Trick gets mad and says he doesn’t have to explain himself to “a human and a lowlife”. Harsh. He apologizes, but tells them to drop it and takes off. Kenzi says there’s only one thing to do (Tamsin: “Take a dump in his bed?”): search Trick’s place for clues.

Bo and Hugin materialize in a Fae burial ground in the middle of a forest. Hugin warns her not to step on any Fae graves, lest she be pulled down into Irkalla (which is like Fae hell; in Mesopotamia, Irkalla was the place where the souls of the dead went, but unlike crow moba lot of religions, there was no judgment attached; everyone’s soul went to Irkalla, regardless of what kind of person they were while living) by the Leviathan. Hugin sees a crow (Hugin and his brother are consistently referred to as crows, even though they were ravens in the original mythology) chowing down on some carrion and recognizes it as his brother Munin, who turns out to be even more of a douche than Hugin. Bo’s ready to kick his ass, but Munin calls (or caws) for back-up and a bunch more crow-people materialize. Munin recites a variation of the old rhyme “One for sorrow, two for joy”, although I always thought that was for magpies.

The crows surround Bo and Hugin and one of them turns out to be Hugin’s wife. Apparently she left him because he was a dud in bed. (Hugin: “I can’t tell you how much I’m going to enjoy eating the heart right out of your chest.”;  Wife: “If you’d been better at eating certain things while we were married, I wouldn’t have left you for your brother.”)Hugin's wife Bo and Hugin split and run, chased by crows. At the Dal, Kenzi and Tamsin are ransacking Trick’s place. Tamsin finds the drawing of the dragon-horse that Trick seems to associate with the Wanderer, but it means nothing to her so she tosses it aside. She finds the weighty tome that Trick writes his blood prophecies in and it’s currently empty. Kenzi recognizes the significance and decides they need to activate the book with some of Trick’s blood. She says he keeps the blood in an inkwell and it’ll probably be well-hidden and well-protected. Tamsin agrees to help her look.

Speaking of Trick, we see him entering a familiar-looking place. He’s looking for Wai Lin, the Luduan who helped him last season, but she’s away. Her sister, Dao Ming, is there Dao Mingand she’s also a Luduan (and she’s played by Jadyn Wong, of Scorpion fame); Luduans can detect truth or lies and can even compel people to tell the truth. Trick asks Dao Ming to help him recover a missing memory; he figures her truth-compulsion power can force him to remember what’s been blocked. She’s not inclined to help, but he says he probably blocked the memory himself, so by helping him now, she’s actually screwing him over. She buys that logic and says she’ll help as long as he truthfully answers any other questions she asks. He agrees, but immediately regrets it, as her first question is “Why did you pick my sister over me?” Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear Trick’s answer, which I’m sure was brilliant.

In the woods, Hugin shows his true colours and reveals that his whole story about his wife and brother was bullshit. They all surround Bo and Hugin says they’re trying to get back into the Wanderer’s good graces by killing Bo. She decides to turn the tables on them, and falls backwards into a Fae grave, which instantly transports her to Irkalla. SheLeviathan meets the Leviathan (played by well-known Canadian actress Jennifer Dale), who starts reciting the description of Bo we heard last episode: eyes brown yet blue, Dark yet Light, virtuous yet lustful. The Leviathan can see the mark the Wanderer left on Bo’s upper chest (or the “hand hickey”, as Bo calls it) and says she’s been looking for that mark for 600 years. She wants it from Bo, who challenges her. Bo was thinking they’d fight for it, but the Leviathan pulls a Gollum and declares a riddle contest.

At Dao Ming’s place, she’s peppering Trick with questions and compelling answers. He admits the first time he used his power was to cause an earthquake that killed a shitload Trick bleedsof people (but prevented a genocide) and that his powers have killed countless people over the years. Dao Ming forces him to admit that the person he cares about most isn’t Bo, but himself (“I am the first son of this Earth, I am to be worshipped.”) Trick’s nose starts bleeding like crazy and Dao Ming is ready to quit, but Trick says he has to have answers and talks her into continuing. In Irkalla, Bo answers the first riddle correctly, though she seems to have a little help; the answer is “fog” and she sees some fog swirling in a puddle of water. At the Dal, Kenzi and Tamsin find what they think is Trick’s blood hidden under the floorboards. But it’s inside a Japanese puzzle box with infinite combinations and if they guess the wrong combination … I’m not sure what happens, but it’s not good.

In Irkalla, Bo asks the Leviathan (who she calls Levi) a riddle; actually, she asks Leviathan’s advice on whether she should choose Dyson or Lauren, but couches it in riddle form. Leviathan dithers about it, but finally chooses Dyson. Bo tells her she’seven odds wrong, because as far as Bo knows, there is no answer. Leviathan says she cheated, but Bo says she just “Bo’ed it” (which she also says is trademarked) and Leviathan agrees to send her back. Leviathan says she’ll be seeing her again soon enough, as someone Bo loves is fated to die. Up top, the crows are discussing overthrowing the Wanderer when Bo pops up and starts tossing them into the graves, which sends them to Irkalla. She gets rid of all the crows except Hugin, Munin, and Hugin’s wife. Just as they’re pointing out she’s still outnumbered, Dyson and Lauren show up and grab the two brothers. Hugin’s wife tries to run away, but accidentally steps on a grave.

At the Dal, Kenzi and Tamsin try to open the puzzle box, which screams at them, then a dart almost hits Kenzi and Tamsinlaughs, then shoots a dart at their faces. They keep trying. In the graveyard, the crows aren’t inclined to take Bo to the train, since the Wanderer hates them. Dyson and Lauren describe what they’ll do to them in gory detail, so they finally relent and agree to take Bo to the train, as long as she lets them leave immediately. Dyson and Lauren aren’t happy about being left behind again, but Bo says she can’t risk their lives. She and the crows disappear in a puff of smoke.

At Dao Ming’s, she forces him to admit that he used is blood powers to write Rainer out of history, which explains why Trick can’t remember anything about him. Dao Mingbloody book thinks it’s funny that for all Trick’s power to alter the future, he can’t alter his own fundamental nature. Trick leaves to warn Bo about Rainer. At the Dal, Kenzi and Tamsin get the puzzle box open and find some vials of Trick’s blood. Kenzi pours some into the book and writes “Bo”, but nothing happens … at first. Then the book goes nuts and Tamsin can’t let go of it. Her name appears in the book (in blood) and she goes all Valkyrie, saying she has to claim “his” soul. We then get a flashback to a war many years ago; Tamsin was a Valkyrie then too—though she was pretty ragged, being at the end of her life cycle—and was about to take the soul of a Trick and Tamsin in flashbackfallen knight to Valhalla. Trick (who was kind of an arrogant prick back then) offered her a deal; he’d use his blood to give her another set of lives, if she left the knight’s soul to him. The knight was Rainer, who defied Trick’s rule and rebelled against him and Trick planned to use his blood powers to wipe Rainer right out of existence. Tamsin agreed to the deal. In the present, Kenzi knocks the book out of Tamsin’s hands, but Tamsin keels over and Kenzi can’t revive her. I’m assuming Trick’s use of his blood to eradicate Rainer from history caused him and Tamsin to forget Rainer’s existence and the deal they made, which explains why he and Tamsin didn’t seem to recognize each other.

On the train, Bo finds the welder guy and asks if he’s Rainer, but when he takes his mask off, he’s a young studly guy. She attacks him, but he disarms her easily and they grab each other. The handprint on her chest starts glowing when he grabs her there, and heBo meets Rainer and they glow starts glowing too when she grabs his shoulder. All the fight goes out of her and she seems kinda hot for him, which really makes me hope this isn’t her father. At the Dal, Tamsin wakes up and tells Kenzi not to trust Trick. I guess her memories are back. Upstairs, Trick tells Dyson and Lauren they have to go all out to find Bo, but before they can figure out what to do, Bo walks into the bar. She says the reason she went Dark was so she’d do everything she could to get back on the train and meet Rainer. She says her mission was to break the curse and free Rainer, who walks into the Dal, freaking trick out. Bo’s acting kinda goofy and says Rainer isn’t her enemy, or her father … he’s her destiny. And on that ominous note, the episode ends. We’ll have to wait to find out why Bo’s acting like a schoolkid with a crush.

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