Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 1

Lost GirlEpisode 1: Like Hell-Part I

This one starts with Bo climbing a column of rock (with a rather obvious projection of surrounding cliffs in the background). She finds a nest at the top and in the nest is the Hell-Shoe she was looking for. (You’ll remember, she needs the Hell-Shoes to go to Valhalla and rescue Kenzi, but the Hell-Shoes are also dangerous, supposedly leading to the End of Days.) As soon as she grabs the Shoe, the rock starts shaking and she tries to climb down, butweirdo hunters slips partway and falls. We see her at the bottom, unconscious with her arm all gashed up and the Hell-Shoe lying next to her. Three guys straight out of Deliverance (hunters maybe? One of them has a rifle, but I’m not sure what they’d be hunting in the desert) find her, but before they can take her home for some fun, her succubus power seems to activate automatically. She drains all three of them—and stomps one guy’s balls for good measure—then walks off with the Hell-Shoe.

At home, Bo goes to get the first Hell-Shoe from its hiding place, but it’s missing. She calls out her new roommate, who just happens to be Tamsin, and asks her what she did with Tamsin surprisedthe Shoe. Tamsin is worried that if Bo goes to Valhalla, she might not make it back. Bo knows something happened when Tamsin took Kenzi’s soul to Valhalla, but Tamsin can’t—or won’t—tell her what. Bo says she doesn’t care how  dangerous it is (“Whatever it is, hell-fires, evil dragons, sexy dragons, I don’t care”) and asks Tamsin to come with her, but Tamsin refuses. She tells Bo she doesn’t have the other Shoe; she gave it to the next in line after the death of the Una Mens. Bo goes to the Dal to get the Shoe from Trick, who tries half-heartedly to talk her out of going, but gives her the Shoe once he sees how determined she is.

We see Lauren working at a place called the Marquise Clinic, which seems to be for Fae, judging by the fire-breathing dude in the waiting room. Bo comes in and tells Lauren she got the shoes. Bo is worried about turning evil and going on a rampage, and tells LaurenBo disappears in a flash if that happens, she’ll have to kill her. Lauren figures she can pull Bo out of it without wasting her and starts getting ready, but Bo is too impatient and puts the Hell-Shoes on. Her eyes turn that lovely shade of evil blue we’ve seen so many times before and she says she can feel something inside her. Lauren urges her to fight it, but Bo gives off a blinding flash of light and disappears. Bo finds herself in what looks like the lobby of a really fancy hotel. A woman walks up and tells her she’s late for the shitstorm.

no reservationsIt turns out the woman (Freya, played by Michelle Nolden from Saving Hope) thinks Bo is the florist and when she finds out she’s not, tells her to check in at the front desk. Naturally, Bo doesn’t have a “reservation” since she’s not supposed to be in Valhalla. Another woman tries to check in without a reservation and gets burned to ashes by Freya’s power, so Bo is reluctant to try her luck. She spots a sexy maid on the balcony of the lobby and heads up to use her succubus power on her. At home, Tamsin is throwing food at the TV when Lauren comes in to ask for her help. After tellingTamsin's diary Lauren to eat a sack of tits (Lauren: “Why?”; Tamsin: “Cause then your mouth would be full of tits and I wouldn’t have to listen to your dumb-ass voice.”), she refuses to help Bo. Tamsin gives Lauren her Valkyrie journal and says it’s not as easy as Lauren thinks to just head into Valhalla. Lauren mentions the fire-coughing guy at her Clinic is ready to die and Tamsin can use his soul to get into Valhalla, but Tamsin says it’s more complicated than that. Lauren says everyone has made sacrifices to be part of Bo’s team … except Tamsin.

In Valhalla, Bo (now dressed as a maid, although I’m not sure how the uniform fit so well, since he maid was quite a bit shorter than Bo) tracks Kenzi by following chocolate Kenzi and Bo eat waffles in hellstains (!) through the hotel. She finds Kenzi in a room dipping bonbons into a jar of Nutella. Kenzi and Bo are thrilled to see each other and Kenzi tells Bo the place is more like Paradise than Hell. She gets perfectly sized haute couture clothes, any food she wants, and even imaginary movies (like a Goonies prequel). She also gets a phone call every day from some weirdo who never says anything, which worries Bo, but she’s soon distracted by ice cream. Kenzi also mentions that she’s supposed to be hosting some kind of party soon.

At the Dal, Dyson, Lauren, and Trick are trying to figure out why Bo disappeared. Trick says Tamsin can’t even talk about Valhalla, since Valkyries die if they reveal any secretsdrawing of Valhalla's gates about the afterlife. Dyson reads Tamsin’s journal and finds something about the Hell-Shoes and how whoever wears them can enter Valhalla and collect souls to form a “Dark Army” to end all life. There’s also a mention of Tarterus, which Trick thought was just a myth. They wonder why the Shoes work so well for Bo and Trick figures someone wants her in Valhalla. Dyson finds a drawing of Valhalla’s gates, but says they only open for Valkyries. Lauren says she found some of Tamsin’s hair in Massimo’s Druid stash and they can probably use that to open the gates.

In Valhalla, Tamsin shows up and things are … tense between her and Freya. Freya’s pissed off about Tamsin’s deals to get an extra seven lives, but Tamsin says she brought phone ringingRainer’s soul, so things should be square. She says she’s there to take back the souls of a human and a Fae (Kenzi and Bo, obviously) whose time hasn’t come yet. A nearby phone rings and Freya says it’s for Tamsin, who seems pretty freaked out. Freya says she’s tired of holding “him” back and that it’s time for Tamsin to clean up her own mess. In Kenzi’s room, she gets a note from Hale (on the back of the photo of the two of them that she tore up) and Bo realizes the party Kenzi’s supposed to be hosting is her wedding … to Hale. Bo says Kenzi’s life in Valhalla doesn’t seem all that bad and if it makes her happy, she shouldn’t walk away from it, since she deserves some happiness. Kenzi says she’ll wait to see if the whole wedding thing is for real and asks Bo to stay as well.

Downstairs, Tamsin finally answers the phone, but instead of hello she says: “Eyes both brown and blue, virtuous yet lustful, heart both strong and gentle, neither Dark nor Light, yet both … she is yours.” In the lobby, Tamsin intercepts Kenzi to ask where Bo is. Kenzi is perplexed—and a little scared—by Tamsin’s serious vibe and whacks her in theTamsin stalks Kenzi in the lobby face with a broom, which doesn’t improve her mood. (“Kenzi: “Please tell me that’s your resting Valhalla face.”) Kenzi takes off. In the Banquet Room, which is fitted out for the wedding, Bo runs into Freya’s assistant, the Valkyrie Stacey. She tells Bo that Kenzi is a worthy warrior and that the wedding is legit, as far as she knows, but that nobody is allowed to see Hale before the ceremony. She also mentions that Bo’s presence might have changed things, but doesn’t elaborate on that. After Bo leaves, the phone rings and Stacey says it’s not Bo she’s worried about, it’s “him”; she then answers the phone.

Kenzi locks herself in her room, but Tamsin pulls a Jack Nicholson and busts through the door with an axe. Kenzi goes out the window and Bo shows up and tries to talk to here's TammyTamsin. But Tamsin’s still swinging the axe like a maniac, so she and Bo end up fighting and Bo uses her succubus mojo to calm the crazed Valkyrie. Tamsin says being in Valhalla has affected her and she didn’t want Bo to see her like that, but Bo’s pissed off that she threatened Kenzi. Tamsin says Bo, Kenzi, and the others are the first real family she’s had and she doesn’t want to lose them. The phone rings and Tamsin says it’s the guy who hired her to find Bo. She thought it was the Wanderer, but it’s actually someone way more powerful. Bo says he’ll have to leave a message, since she has a wedding to attend. I’m assuming this is Bo’s father (finally!), but we still don’t know exactly who he is yet … though we can make some guesses based on the clues.

Outside the Banquet Room, Bo gives Kenzi (who looks pretty good in her wedding dress) he traditional something old (a handkerchief she got from Joan of Arc earlier in the lobby), something new (matches from the gift shop), something borrowed (Bo’s knife, which Kenzi straps to her thigh in place of a garter … let’s hope she doesn’t throw it aftersomething borrowed the ceremony), and the something blue turns out to be Bo herself. She’s sad at the thought of leaving Kenzi behind, but knows Kenzi will be happy with Hale. They head inside (with the romantic words “Let’s do this shit.”), but the place is empty except for a shining figure standing on the altar. Kenzi assumes it’s Hale and is ready to run into his arms, but the mark on Bo’s chest starts hurting and she tells Kenzi she wants to check out the groom beforehand. As she approaches the altar, the shining figure shines even brighter, then disappears. Freya and Stacey appear behind Bo and Kenzi, and Freya says she sent Hale back.

Freya says Kenzi pledged her soul to Bo’s father when she closed the portal to Hel, so she has to honour that deal, but Bo offers herself in Kenzi’s place since she’s the one her Bo pulled into the portalfather really wants. Tamsin busts in and says Bo is allowed to take one soul back with her, since she’s wearing the Hell-Shoes. Kenzi says she could tell Hale was happy, so she’ll go back with Bo, but since Bo unclaimed Kenzi last episode, Freya says Bo can’t take her. A portal opens in mid-air and before Bo is pulled in, she asks Freya to keep Kenzi safe. Freya says she will, but after Bo disappears into the portal, she says Kenzi will be returned to her body, which doesn’t sound all that safe to me since Kenzi’s body is buried back on Earth. Stacey tells Tamsin that with Kenzi gone, Valhalla is one soul down, and reminds her how much Freya hates it when the books are unbalanced. Stacey says someone will have to make up the difference.

In the grimy alley that contains the gates to Valhalla, Dyson and Lauren use Tamsin’s hair to make the gates appear. Dyson pushes them open and walks into Valhalla, butLauren as a Valkyrie Lauren is possessed by a Valkyrie and says he’s trespassing on forbidden territory. Valkyrie Lauren says Kenzi’s soul has been returned to her body, then she keels over and Tamsin’s hair burns up. Kenzi wakes up and lights one of the matches Bo gave her; she quickly realizes she’s in her own coffin. Bo finds herself back in the hotel elevator with all the numbered buttons. There’s a big button that’s glowing blue, like her eyes do when she uses her power. She hits the button and the elevator starts taking her … somewhere. We’ll have to wait until next episode to see where she ends up and whether Kenzi gets out of her coffin.Kenzi in her coffin

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