Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 2

Lost GirlEpisode 2: Like Hell Part II

This one continues from last episode, with Kenzi realizing she’s buried alive and freaking out. She tries to calm down to preserve some air, though she keeps lighting matches, which would use up a lot of her oxygen. She starts panicking again but hears Dyson and Lauren yelling for her to hang on. We next see Kenzi at Lauren’s clinic, being given oxygen. She tells them Bo sacrificedBo reaches Tartarus herself for her. We see Bo in the elevator she took last issue and it finally reaches its destination, which turns out to be a weird landscape of stone columns and decorations. There’s a dry fountain right outside the elevator, but the whole thing looks like a maze built out of sarsen stones like those at Stonehenge. Bo starts picking her way through the maze, speaking aloud to her father, who she assumes is the one behind all this.

Lauren examining KenziLauren continues examining Kenzi (which Kenzi doesn’t like much) while Dyson goes to make sure the gates of Valhalla stay open so Bo can get out. Lauren has a broken piece of pottery that she found while digging Kenzi up and she shoves it in her pocket. Lauren and Kenzi discuss Bo and it’s obvious both of them are worried. A beaker falls off a counter and they start wondering if Bo is “present” with them somehow. When the ghostly message “help” appears on a frosty glass door, they’re sure it’s Bo (or her ghost) trying to communicate. At the gates of Valhalla, Stacey (theDyson seducing Stacey snotty Valkyrie who seemed to have some kind of rivalry with Tamsin last episode) shows up and finds Dyson. He turns on the charm, which seems to work, at least to some degree. (Apparently his jawline is “distracting”.) Stacey says she’s heading out to collect a soul to replace Kenzi’s because Bo screwed everything up. Stacey soon realizes that Dyson knows Bo, but he pretends he’s not close to her. Stacey says she needs a soul that Bo cares about to replace Kenzi and Dyson says he’ll help her find one. They head into the real world, leaving the gates open.

goblinIn the underworld, Bo makes her way through the maze. She hears Kenzi begging for help and her other friends talking shit about her, and realizes it’s just meant to mess with her head. A shadowy figure flits through the maze and finally attacks, wounding Bo’s leg. It turns out to be a goblin who can imitate voices. A bird lands nearby and transforms into a person, who seems to be trying to help Bo. The bird-woman tells her she needs to pick and choose what to listen to and only hear the “trueBo meets Persephone voice”. The goblin imitates Lauren, saying she never loved Bo, which pisses Bo off. She kicks the goblin in the crotch and it runs away. The woman tells Bo she’s conquered her doubts, so the way of Tartarus is open to her. A stone column shifts, revealing a passage. The woman helps Bo walk into the passage, saying there are two paths she can take. Bo wants to see her father before she leaves, but the woman says he can never know she’s helping Bo. They end up in the same hotel lobby that graced Valhalla, but everything is dark and the furniture is all covered. Bo thinks the place is familiar somehow, and not just from her trip through Valhalla.

At home, Kenzi examines a bunch of mystical crap on a table while Lauren showers upstairs. Trick comes in to give her a Ouija board (a really fancy one), but warns her the spirit that asked for help at Lauren’s clinic might not be Bo’s … it could be another ghost. (Kenzi: “Ghost dad? Ghost Swayze?”) Trick says conjuring spirits is dangerous, but Kenzi assures him she knows what she’s doing, and she’s sure it’s Bo’s spirit she’s dealing with. In Tartarus, Bo’s rescuer tries to bind her wound but Bo says she has a better way to heal and they start making out.parallel boning At home, Lauren comes out of the shower and feels dizzy, so she lies down on Bo’s bed. As Bo and the woman go at it in Tartarus, Lauren (who seems to be asleep) gets some action from some kind of spirit. Kenzi comes in with the Ouija board and Lauren tells her the spirit is definitely Bo, as she just got ravished by her. That grosses Kenzi out a bit, but she says “Vag-mission received!” and prepares to contact Bo’s ghost.

In Tartarus, Bo thanks the woman for the sexual healing and the woman says “One is always starving in Tartarus.” She says the key is knowing what and what not to eat. Bo remembers the myth about Persephone eating the pomegranate seeds and the woman Persephone warns Boconfesses that she is Persephone, Queen of Tartarus—and Bo’s step-mother. So, I guess that means Bo’s father is Hades, Lord of the Underworld; that would explain a lot. Bo’s pissed off (and a little freaked out that she just banged her step-mom) and runs through the “hotel” trying to find her father. Persephone tells her Hades is mad at Bo, which Bo finds funny since he’s been screwing with her and her friends for so long. Persephone says Hades didn’t send her to seduce Bo, she’s just trying to help, but Bo wants to confront her father. She says she’s not afraid of him and Persephone says she should be. (Persephone: “He’s King of the Underworld, a Fae who is perceived as a god.”; Bo: “He’s an asshole, perceived by me as an asshole.”) Bo finds an extra-fancy door and ignores Persephone’s warnings not to go through.

At the Dal, Dyson is still bullshitting Stacey about who Bo cares about. She eyes Trick up, but Dyson says Trick’s soul is too impure. Dyson says the soul she wants belongs to Bo’sStacey kisses Dyson lover, someone willing to trade his Fae power for her … Vex. Stacey says he sounds like a tool, then gives Dyson a big smooch to see if he has any love for Bo. She doesn’t seem to find an; you’d think Valkyries would be able to “read” souls; it’d come in handy for their jobs … unless she’s bullshitting him. Tamsin comes in and tells Dyson she delivered Bo to her father. He gives her shit and Stacey steals his phone and disappears while he’s distracted. Tamsin tells him to hold the gates of Valhalla open and she’ll take care of Stacey.

Aife's drawingIn Tartarus, Bo finds an empty nursery (the same one she saw during her Dawning). She also finds the cage where her mother was imprisoned. Persephone says all the guards and hangers-on left a long time ago, when Hades started losing his power. Bo finds a drawing under the wallpaper of her and her mom and vows to make her father pay. Persephone still wants her to leave, but Bo says her father has been trying to lure her there for a long time, so he’ll definitely want to see her. Persephone leads her to the elevator and says there’s a candle that can light Bo’s waydaddy issues back to the real world. Bo thanks her for her help and when the button for the penthouse glows blue, Bo pushes it. The penthouse is pitch black and Bo wanders around, speaking to her father and taunting him. She says she’ll face him on her own terms, surrounded by her real family back home. She finds the candle and takes it, challenging her father to do something about it. She gets back to the elevator, but before the doors can close, someone grabs her by the throat. Bo’s eyes flare blue and she says her mother taught her how to fight. She breaks loose from the stranglehold and the elevator starts upward, leaving Bo pretty freaked out.

At home, Kenzi and Lauren start the ritual to return Bo from the spirit world, in spite of Lauren’s misgivings. Kenzi starts an invocation in Russian and the candles flicker. A Bo and Persephone say goodbyetrunk opens nearby and Kenzi wonders if it’s Bo trying to communicate. In Tartarus, Bo is ready to leave and wants Persephone to come with her. But Persephone says she’s bound to the place and can’t leave until her time is up. She says Hades lost interest in her a long time ago and she’s very good at hiding, so she’ll be fine. Bo promises to light the candle so Persephone’s family will know she remembers them; Persephone says “It’s important to let the light in Bo … sometimes that’s all it takes to keep the evil at bay.” Bo glows with light and disappears.

At home, Lauren and Kenzi realize the spirit they’ve conjured isn’t Bo’s. Lauren remembers the pottery shard she found in the grave and figures something else was buried there (an Edimmu) that’s now trapped in the Ouija board. (Kenzi: “You had sex with it!”; Lauren: “It kissed my neck!”) Lauren is ready to banish the spirit, but it goes allflaming ouija board poltergeist and starts throwing stuff. At the gates of Valhalla, Dyson is holding them open (literally) when Bo shows up and they both step outside, letting the gates close. Bo thanks Dyson for waiting for her and they leave. At home, Lauren throws the Ouija board into the fireplace and Kenzi does the old “hair spray flamethrower” trick and lights it up. They wonder where Bo is, since it obviously wasn’t her spirit they summoned. Someone comes in and their hopes soar, but are soon dashed when it turns out to be Stacey the Valkyrie, looking for a soul to harvest.

Stacey is there for Lauren’s soul, since Bo loves her (which Stacey learned from Dyson’s text history) and Kenzi’s off-limits because of the deal Bo made with Freya. Stacey knocks valkyrie throwdownKenzi out with her Valkyrie power and prepares to kill Lauren so she can take her soul. Tamsin comes in and says Stacey will have to go back empty-handed. Stacey says the books will be unbalanced (Tamsin: “So are my boobs, but I make do.”) and they start talking shit to each other. (Or having a “Valkyrie-on-Valkyrie doubt-off”, as Kenzi puts it.) I guess since a Valkyrie’s power is to make people doubt themselves, an insult throwdown makes sense. Tamsin wins by insulting Stacey’s hair (“the Rachel is so last-century.”) and Stacey loses it and storms out.

Later, everyone (Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, Trick, and Tamsin) has dinner together to celebrate Bo and Kenzi’s return. Various conversations take place: Trick asks about the afterlife, but Bo says it’s too personal to discuss; Dyson and Tamsin decide to just be friends instead of lovers; and Dyson gives Kenzi a letter that Hale left her in his will.Kenzi saves Bo from the ghost Kenzi tells Dyson she could feel that Hale is happy in Valhalla. Lauren goes to the keg room for booze and Bo goes with her, which makes Dyson kind of jealous. Bo calls her out on the ghost-sex and asks about Kenzi. Lauren says she’s fine physically, but Bo should talk to her. Bo hears a noise and realizes burning the Ouija board didn’t kill the ghost they summoned. It manifests and attacks her, but Kenzi shoots it from behind. Bo asks how she knew it wasn’t over and Kenzi says, “That’s the thing with the Fae … it’s never over.”

Later, Bo is ready for a Kevin Bacon marathon, but Kenzi says she has to leave. She’s tired of being a human trying to exist in the Fae world. Hale left her some land off the elevator bitchcoast of Spain, so she’s heading there to get away from all the bullshit. Bo says they’ll always be connected and they say a tearful goodbye. The next morning, Bo pulls the boards off the windows of their place to let the light in. She lights the candle Persephone gave her and we see a woman on an elevator (a relative of Persephone’s maybe?) who first looks confused, then gets kind of an evil look on her face. We see her holding an identical candle and the people on the elevator seem to be frozen. As the scene goes to black, someone screams. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this mystery woman in upcoming episodes.

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