Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 4

Lost GirlEpisode 4: When God Opens a Window

This one starts with a sex scene; no, it’s not Bo for once … it’s Tamsin, banging some dude named Tad. Bo walks in and gives her shit because she’s doing this guy in Bo’s bed … oh, and she was supposed to be helping Bo fight some asshole Fae. Tamsin tells Bo she’s willing to share Tad, then informs him that Bo is “hornier than a monkey with eight dicks”; Tad looks suitably nervous. Elsewhere, we see a guy namedMaggy kebab Mark (played by Luke Bilyk, who was Drew on Degrassi: Next Gen) nervously boarding a bus like someone’s following him. He gives the driver a watch (which he says belonged to his grandfather) in lieu of the fare and grabs a seat. Mark may be worried, but he’s not too preoccupied to hit on the only attractive female passenger, a young woman named Maggy (played by Michelle Mylett, of Letter Kenny fame). He chats her up, but their budding romance is ill-fated, as she ends up with an arrow through her chest; I guess whomever’s looking for Mark has found him. He takes off, staying low.

At Bo’s place, Tamsin is devouring Bo’s dinner and telling herself stupid jokes to pass the time, when Mark bursts through the door. He wants to hire Bo and Tamsin to figure out Mark gets ready to walk outwho’s after him (he claims not to know anything about it) and offers to pay them with his grandfather’s watch; how many of those things does he have? Bo gives him the watch back and says he can take some of the men’s clothes she has in her closet. Tamsin doesn’t trust Mark (who’s listening from behind the door, thus proving Tamsin’s doubts are justified), but Bo says he obviously needs help and the whole point of her and Tamsin’s “detective partnership” is to help people. Bo thinks there’s something familiar about Mark, but Tamsin’s still not convinced. Mark walks in on their conversation and makes a hasty exit. He’s acting all hurt by Tamsin’s suspicions, but as soon as he leaves they discover that he ransacked Bo’s room and took a bunch of stuff.

At a fancy country estate, Lauren meets with Evony, the now-human former Morrigan. Lauren is still upset about her assistant being murdered, but Evony’s more worriedEvony and Lauren about the lab equipment. It seems Evony is the one financing Lauren’s fancy new clinic, using her new husband’s money. Yup, Evony married some decrepit rich human and she living it up on his dime. She asks Lauren about a “serum” she’s working on and Lauren ducks the question. I assume the serum is something Lauren is supposed to whip up to give Evony her Fae powers back, in exchange for Evony bankrolling the clinic.

In a filthy alley, Bo and Tamsin track Mark down and Tamsin’s ready to waste him. She and Bo get into a discussion about how to handle things and Mark tries to slip away, but Bo kebabthey’re not that distracted. Bo takes back Kenzi’s sword and finds Mark’s stash of “grandfather” watches. She also finds a bunch of fake IDs, reminiscent of her own back at the beginning of the series. Mark hears something and gets worried and an arrow hits Bo in the shoulder. Mark takes off and Tamsin pulls out the arrow, but Bo’s obviously in a hell of a lot of pain. At the Dal, Trick is taking out the garbage when a couple of scumbags with lead pipes show up to rob the place. They suddenly conk each other out with the pipes, and Trick sees Vex standing across the alley.

At home, Tamsin tries to treat Bo’s wound the old-fashioned way, then tries the Fae way. She kisses Bo, which partially heals the wound, but it opens up again right away. She lays another smooch on Bo, which is when Lauren walks in (“Oh my god, so much blood … and kissing.”) The wound stubbornly refuses to heal and Lauren goes to get her medicalTamsin tries to heal Bo kit. At Dyson’s place, Trick brings Vex in and Dyson’s ready to kill him. Trick mentions Vex’s help with the thugs and Dyson says Vex could’ve set that up to worm his way back into Trick’s confidence. Trick has already considered that, but gives Dyson a file on three humans who were killed just outside their territory; he wants Dyson and Vex to work together to find out who’s killing humans, and says Vex’s power could come in handy. Dyson points out that he swore fealty to Bo and Trick reminds him that he’s the acting Ash now; he also mentions that Dyson always follows his conscience.

At home, Lauren tells Bo she pulled a couple chunks of metal from her shoulder, but this metal is actually a “living mineral”. She says whenever Bo’s shoulder healed, the living living metalmetal opened the wound again. The metal pieces turn to liquid in the vials Lauren’s holding and start moving around. (Bo: “I think I may hurl.”; Lauren: “I know, I’m excited too.”) Lauren says the living metal is attracted to itself, which means it’ll draw the rest of its kind to it, almost like a tracking device. Bo figures they can use that in reverse, to track down the “killer”. Tamsin gives Bo a big smooch to heal her and gives Lauren a superior look. It looks like Tamsin still has a thing for Bo; she’s definitely jealous of Lauren and Bo’s connection. They wonder where Mark might have run to and realize the answer’s obvious.

At the Dal, Mark is scamming some people with a story about a diamond mine orBo and Tamsin grab Mark something, when Bo and Tamsin show up and grab him. He says the Hunter has been after him since he was a kid and he has no idea why. Tamsin says some Fae have natural predators, but Mark doesn’t know what kind of Fae he is. He keeps waiting for his powers to kick in,but nothing’s happened yet; meanwhile, he leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes, something that obviously resonates with Bo. She says they’ll help him as long as he stops bullshitting them. At home, Bo says her shoulder is trigger happy Laurenstill bothering her and Mark puts the moves on her. She seems to enjoy the kiss, but feels weird since he’s so young. The Hunter shows up and is ready to waste Mark when Tamsin and Lauren pop up; seems the whole thing was a ruse, with Bo pretending to still be hurt and just holding the vials of living metal in her shirt. Lauren shoots the hunter with some kind of dart gun, and when Mark tries to kill the unconscious Hunter, Lauren shoots him too.

At Lauren’s clinic, she geeks out over the Hunter’s weapons while Bo asks him why he’s after Mark. The Hunter says Mark and “his kind” slaughtered his wife and kids and feasted on them. Bo uses her succubus power to compel him to tell the truth. At Dyson’sHunter place, he’s reviewing the files on the dead humans while Vex is … being Vex. Dyson gets pissed off and starts choking Vex, saying everything Massimo did is Vex’s fault. Vex says he raised Massio as best he could, but he never really had a chance at a normal life. Vex says Massimo was the closest thing to a son he’ll ever have and he was his, no matter how he turned out. He then points out that Dyson was the one who let Massimo go the first time around, which obviously hits a nerve. Dyson says if Vex is there when he gets back from the clinic, he’ll kill him.

Dyson threatens to kill VexAt Lauren’s clinic, Dyson smells a hint of something “bad”, but is too busy trying to figure out why these particular humans were targeted to follow up. Vex comes in and Dyson gets pissed off again and holds his gun under Vex’s chin, saying he wishes he didn’t have to be the good guy all the time and would like to do the wrong thing for once. Vex is ready to die, but Lauren tells Dyson that Massimo was beyond reason and what happened to Hale and Kenzi was nobody’s fault. Dyson lets Vex go and walks away.

At home, Mark tells Bo the Hunter killed his mother when he was six and he hid under the bed like a coward. He jumped out, bit off the Hunter’s ear, and ran away, and he’s been running ever since. Bo says he’s not a coward and she starts banging him. Bo isBo and Mark smooch inexplicably drawn to Mark, which will make sense when we find out who he is later. At the clinic, a chance remark from Vex gives Dyson the key to the dead humans. One was a cop (a pig), one was a prison guard (a bull), and one was a Russian prison snitch (a goat). All were sacrificed in a ritualistic manner, as offering to the gods. Lauren mentions the three missing bodies from the elevator crash and figures there’s a connection with the three sacrificial victims, which might explain the weird marks painted on the bodies. Dyson asks if she has anything from the elevator crash that might hold a scent.

electric eyesBo wakes up alone and realizes Mark went to kill the Hunter. She calls Dyson, who’s tracked the scent from the elevator to an apartment. Just as he and Vex are about to knock on the door, Bo mentions Mark and the Hunter and Dyson realizes that’s what he smelled at the clinic. He and Vex head over and right after they leave, the weird blonde from the elevator looks out the door. She goes back inside and starts talking to someone, who we soon see is dead, with electricity playing over his eyes and mouth. At the clinic, Mark is ready to waste the Hunter when Dyson and Vex come in. Dyson tells Mark he’s a Shifter and the Hunter has been killing their kind forMark threatens the Hunter centuries, even though killing Fae is supposed to be forbidden—especially Shifters who haven’t even shifted yet. The Hunter (who recognizes Dyson) says he figured he could get away with it since the Una Mens aren’t around any more. Mark still wants to kill the Hunter, but Dyson says Shifters slaughtered the Hunter’s family, so they’re the bad guys to him. He says the killing has to stop sometime and lets the Hunter go, warning him to stop his vendetta.

At the Dal, Mark is pissed off that Dyson let the Hunter go, and Bo figures out that Mark Evony's boxis Dyson’s son, which pisses the kid off even more. Dyson says he didn’t know Mark’s mother was pregnant when he left, but Mark isn’t listening. Dyson tells him he can finally stop running, but Mark leaves, saying he got his family values from his absentee father. Evony shows up at Lauren’s clinic, mad because Lauren is dragging her heels with the serum. Evony leaves Lauren a present … a weird high-tech container with “the world’s most dangerous Fae” in it. She says she wants to store it at the clinic as an insurance policy, and warns Lauren that things could get intense if it escapes.

Dyson meets the Hunter and asks him to spare his son, but the Hunter just wants to killDyson mad Mark even more now. Vex disarms him and Dyson says he’s done letting murderers walk and he’s ready to do what feels right. He wastes the Hunter. At home, Tamsin promises never to tell Dyson that Bo banged his son. Tamsin says the reason she was so hard on Mark was because he reminded her of herself, and she’s done some pretty bad shit. Bo says they’re cool, but it looks to me like Tamsin still has a thing for her. At Dyson’s place, he has blood and wounds on his face from his fight with the symbolHunter and Bo tries to talk to him about Mark, but he says he’d rather be alone. He mentions that Mark needs a “big sister” like Bo, which makes her feel awkward, but she still doesn’t mention that she banged Mark. After she leaves, Dyson realizes the marks painted on the dead humans can be put together to form a symbol. When he walks away, the symbol glows with electrical energy and burns through the photos, just as a storm starts outside.

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