Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 9

Lost GirlEpisode 9: 44 Minutes to Save the World

At the end of last episode, Bo opened the box that her father sent her as a birthday present. Zee (aka Zeus) freaked out, saying that would allow Hades (Bo’s father) to walk the Earth, but Bo reasoned it might take one kind of evil to fight another. Zee took off when she heard the box open, and Bo was bathed in light from the now open box. This episode starts with Bo wondering what’s up, as the box looks empty and her father didn’t suddenly appear in a pillar of fire. There’s a knock at the door and she bracesDr. Roberts herself, but it turns out to be one of those door-to-door proselytizers inviting her to a religious meeting where they’ll talk about the end of the world. In the park, Mark (who was stabbed last episode) is bleeding out despite Lauren’s attempts to stabilize him. A guy shows up and says he’s a doctor and wants to help. Lauren says it’s Mark’s only chance and lets him help. The interesting thing (from our perspective) is that this “doctor” is played by Eric Roberts, who we saw last episode as Bo’s father. So, opening the box did work and Hades is now on Earth … though obviously Dyson and Lauren have no idea who their Samaritan really is.

At the Dal, Trick is talking to a Fae Elder about the Nyx (aka Mark’s girlfriend, Iris) being Iris wastes the elderloose; he says her power will destroy all life on Earth, even the planet itself. The Elder asks Trick to use his blood powers to write the Nyx out of existence, but Trick says his powers only affect the future and the Nyx will wipe out Time itself. The Elder still isn’t too worried and shows Trick his weapon, the Staff of Pestilence. Trick has the Aegis shield (which he apparently stole from Zee’s penthouse), which is supposed to be proof against the power of the Ancients. Iris comes in, looking for Mark, and the Elder tries to use the Staff on her. She crumbles it to dust, then does the same to him. Trick hides behind the Aegis until she leaves.

At Lauren’s clinic, Mark is stable and Dyson tries to get in touch with Bo and Tamsin, who neither of them has seen for a while. Tamsin was struck by Zeus’s lightning lastZee gives her husband shit episode and she wakes up tied to a chair in the penthouse. Heratio tries to be charming, but Zee comes in and tells him about Hades being loosed from Tarterus. Zee notices the Aegis is missing and gives Heratio shit; it seems like Zee/Zeus is the classic verbally abusive husband and Heratio/Hera is the put-upon wife, except the bodies they currently inhabit make for an interesting dynamic. Zee pulls some hair from Tamsin’s head and says she might be able to arrange a trade.

Hades helps LaurenAt the clinic, Hades (who’s calling himself Jack) asks Lauren for his doctor bag back and follows her into the back. He helps her with the “fountain-of-youth” formula she’s been working on (so her time with Bo won’t be so limited) and Dyson thanks him for helping with Mark. Bo shows up and tells them he’s really Hades, her father. She tells them about Iris being the host for the Nyx and shows them her blackened hand, but has no idea why Iris’s deadly touch hasn’t killed her yet. Bo asks Hades if the box that condemned him to Tarterus will work on the Nyx and he says yes,Alicia but only one being can be contained at once, so if the Nyx is imprisoned in Tarterus, Hades will stay on Earth; plus, it’ll kill Iris and her human host. (Apparently, the human hosts are technically still alive, just subsumed by the Ancients who have taken over their bodies.)  Dyson gets a call from Alicia, the human whose husband’s body is currently being used by Hera. I can’t tell if Dyson and Alicia are in a relationship or just friends, but she’s buying groceries for him, which seems pretty domestic to me. He tells her to stay where she is and hangs up when Mark wakes up.

Mark tries to warn them about Iris and shows them the bracelet she was wearing before Tamsin taunts Heratioshe started wasting people. They ask about all the places he hung out with her and Bo figures if she can get the bracelet back on Iris’s wrist, it’ll at least contain the Nyx’s power. Lauren wants Bo to be protected and Dyson goes to look for Iris, leaving Hades with Mark. At the penthouse, Tamsin plays on Heratio’s pride and taunts him about being ordered around by Zee and forced to sacrifice their daughter for Zee’s crazy plan. Heratio threatens her, but Tamsin doesn’t back down and it’s obvious she’s getting to him.

At the clinic, Lauren gives Bo some ointment to stop the spread of the Nyx’s death touch. Hades tells them that the reason Bo is resisting the Nyx’s touch (and the reason Mark is still alive) is because he put his mark on them—the glowing handprint we’ve seen onZee confronts Trick Bo’s chest for the past couple of seasons. If Hades goes back to Tarterus, his mark will fade from Mark (though not from Bo, since she’s his daughter) and he’ll die. Bo decides to bring Hades with her as she looks for Iris so she can keep an eye on him. Iris goes to a nightclub and wastes the bouncer, then decides it’s time to start killing in earnest. At Trick’s lair, he’s ready to use his blood to stop the Nyx, even though every time he’s used his power in the past there have been terrible consequences. Zee comes in and tells him she’s trying to reboot the world, so she and the other gods will be worshiped like they used to. She tells Trick if he doesn’t return the Aegis she’ll start killing everyone he cares about, starting with Tamsin.

Bo and Hades go to the nightclub and find everyone dead. Hades tries to bond with Bo, but she still rejects him and all his bullshit. She calls Dyson and he asks Mark where else Alicia quizzes Iris about her husbandIris might go; Mark says she used to watch him box at Dyson’s gym sometimes and Dyson realizes Alicia is there. He tells Bo and takes off. At the gym, Iris talks to Alicia, who Iris recognizes as “Kevin’s wife”. (Kevin’s is the body Heratio has been using.) Alicia soon realizes she’s dealing with someone who isn’t quite stable. Iris freaks when she hears Mark was stabbed, but before she can hurt Alicia, Bo, Dyson, and Hades show up. Dyson gets Alicia out of harm’s way while Bo and her father try to calm Iris. Alicia asks Dyson about iris knowing her dead husband and wonders if she’s going nuts, but Dyson assures her she’s not.

At the penthouse, Zee returns with the Aegis and Heratio starts giving her shit aboutHeratio zapped by Zee using their daughter to end the world. Zee realizes Tamsin has been goading him and she ends up zapping Heratio with some lightning, seemingly killing him. Zee releases Tamsin, telling her to do whatever she and her friends want, they won’t be able to stop the Nyx. Tamsin drags Heratio’s body out, saying at least she won’t die alone, like Zee ensconced in her giant monolithic tower. At the gym, Bo and Hades bonds with his nieceHades try to reason with Iris, and Bo gives her bracelet back, saying she can take control back of her own life. Iris says it’s too late and when the clock strikes midnight (in a couple of minutes) the Nyx’s power will reach through to the planet’s core and wipe out everything on Earth. Hades lifts Iris in the air by the throat and tells Bo to use the magic jack-in-the-box. Bo doesn’t want to, but has no choice; when she turns the crank, Nyx leaves Iris’s body and goes into the box.

Bo’s blackened hand turns normal and Hades assures her the Nyx’s threat is over. He also promises he’d never do anything to hurt her since she’s his blood, but Iris was hisDyson tells Mark about Iris niece and he had no problem wasting her, so Bo is a tad skeptical. At the clinic, Bo tells Lauren and Dyson that the Nyx is gone, but Iris and her human host are both dead. Dyson breaks the news to Mark and Bo feels guilty about what happened, saying no matter what she does, she always ends up losing someone. Lauren reminds her of all the people she’s saved and Bo says she’ll lose Lauren eventually too, but Lauren says that isn’t necessarily the case.

At the clinic, Hades is confined in one of the isolation cells (though it’s basically for show, as he could obviously get out any time he wanted) and Bo gives him shit for all the stuff Hades in his glass cellhe’s done … killing Kenzi, choking her in the elevator, keeping Aife locked up like an animal. He tells her Aife’s time in the Dark Fae dungeons (for which he blames Trick) unhinged her and he was the one who saved her. He says she would’ve hurt Bo if she wasn’t locked up and that he sent Bo away to protect her from her crazy mother. Bo isn’t inclined to trust him, but he says he’ll stick around to be near her. Knowing how trusting Bo is, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before he gets through her defenses and wins a measure of trust.

Tamsin shows up at the clinic and tells Dyson and Lauren about Zee wasting Heratio … except Heratio’s not actually dead. Tamsin has brought him to the clinic and it turns out he’s just in a coma. They wonder who he’ll be if he wakes up, Heratio/Hera or Alicia’ssuccubus Lauren husband. Dyson figures he should wait before getting Alicia’s hopes up. Later, Lauren and Bo are out walking and Lauren stands in the middle of the street and proclaims her love—then is immediately mowed down by a speeding car. I’m not sure why the car didn’t slow down, or swerve, or even stop after hitting her. Anyway, Bo freaks out but gets an even bigger shock when Lauren sits up and starts draining her chi like a succubus; Lauren’s eyes even glow blue like Bo’s do when she’s draining someone. Is Lauren really a succubus now? We’ll have to wait until next episode to find out.

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