Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 10

Lost GirlEpisode 10: Like Father, Like Daughter

This one starts with Bo and Dyson staking out Zee’s place, waiting for her to show up so hey can confront her. Lauren calls and asks about Bo reviving her at the end of last episode. To me, it looked obvious that Lauren was sucking the chi from Bo—the implication being that Lauren’s messing around trying to extend her life span has turned her into a succubus. But Bo assumes she did her “reverse chi” trick and revived Lauren herself. Lauren isn’t sure which is the case, so she doesn’t mention her suspicions. Hades (who’s stillKenzi's back “confined” in Lauren’s lab) overhears and asks if Lauren took his advice on her Fountain-of-Youth formula. It’s obvious he’s trying to manipulate her by preying on her fears—and hopes—but I guess that’s what the Devil does. Bo and Dyson discuss Lauren’s revival and wonder how Bo could’ve managed it, since the last time she did it (reviving Dyson) she had to have a whole roomful of people to draw chi from. Dyson thinks Bo’s love for Lauren may have helped, and Bo has a typical guilt trip, wondering if she had the power to save Hale. A limousine pulls up at Zee’s place and they run to confront her, but it turns out to be … Kenzi! (Blonde Kenzi!)

Back at home, they get reacquainted (Kenzi critiques the décor and flirts with Mark) and Kenzi says something happened in Spain. She takes them to the Dal (the limo is courtesy Heathcliff tells them about the paintingof Hale’s family fortune; I guess he left her pretty well off) to meet Hale’s grandfather, Heathcliff. He and Kenzi tell Bo that Kenzi’s place in Spain was raided by people looking for a legendary painting called The Banishing. Supposedly, the painting holds the key to getting rid of the Ancients, so Bo figures Zee must be the one looking for it. Heathcliff tells them the painting was auctioned off a while back and Tamsin says she’ll track it down. Kenzi quickly realizes that Bo and Tamsin had some kind of romantic encounter and Bo says they have a lot to catch up on.

At Lauren’s clinic, Vex is complaining that his reattached hand has been giving him trouble and Lauren recommends METH; no, not the drug … Movement, Elevation, Traction, Heat. Vex was supposed to do all that as part of his physiotherapy, but of course he neglected it. Lauren gives him some hands on therapy and discovers she canLauren discovers her new power control the movements of the patient in the next bed. So Lauren isn’t a succubus, she just steals (or mimics) the powers of whatever Fae she’s in contact with. She tells Vex to get lost and continue his proper therapy regimen (Lauren: “Remember, METH.”;  Vex: “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah … Movement, Evacuation, Titties, Hey!”) At Dyson’s place, Alicia has been going through his files and confronts him about her husband’s body being inhabited by Hera. But Alicia’s not quite as clever as she thinks, since instead of realizing that Dyson (and his immediate circle) are Fae, she assumes they’re weirdo paranormal believers. Apparently she’s a believer too, because she wants to help figure out what’s possessing her husband. Dyson asks Mark to “help” her … and to play along. (And we learn that Lycanthropes apparently don’t like the term “werewolf”; I guess it’s kind of racist or something.)

Tamsin tracked the sold painting to an art gallery, so Bo and Kenzi scope the place out. They notice that the place gives guided tours and Kenzi figures she can take the guide’s Kenzi artisticplace so they have someone on the inside. Bo: “What do you know about art?”; Kenzi: “Only everything. I mean there’s Banksy, and also … Banksy.”) Bo talks to the gallery director and wants to see the art they don’t have on display. The director is extremely germ-phobic, so Bo can’t get close enough to use her succubus power, but the director tells her the Santiago collection can only be viewed by serious buyers and that one is coming tomorrow to see it. Kenzi leads a tour—with hilarious results—and gets a know-it-all patron thrown out. She manages to snag a security card from a guard and warns Bo that there are security lasers protecting the paintings.

At Dyson’s place, Mark and Alicia are researching possession, but Mark’s not great at undercover stuff, so he lets things slip about her husband and the Fae. Alicia is desperate to know what’s going on and begs Mark to tell her the truth. At the gallery, Bo shows up near closing time and uses the stolen keycard to get into the back rooms. She and KenziBo evades the laser grid (who’s still hanging around the gallery disguised as a guide) keep in contact and Kenzi wonders why she isn’t stealing the painting, since she is a Shadow Thief. Bo says she doesn’t want Kenzi in danger in case Zee shows up. They make a few jokes to lighten the tension (Kenzi: “While you go all Nineties, I’ll just be here, with a stick of Big Red.”; Bo: “So we can heist a little longer?”) and Bo does the classic heist trope of making her way through the electric eye grid in tight leather pants. I’m not sure high-heeled boots would be the best choice for such a delicate operation, but I guess if you’re gonna do something, you may as well do it with style.

Bo gets through the laser grid, but a dove shows up out of nowhere and lands in front of the painting. The dove turns out to be Persephone, Bo’s stepmother, who says the Bo and Persephonepainting is hers now. (Persephone: “You don’t want to dance with me.”; Bo: “And yet I seem to remember we perfected the box step.”) Bo figures she’s working for Zee, but Persephone says Zeus is the one who banished in the first place. Persephone says she was released from Tarterus along with Hades—since she’s bound to him—and that he wanted her to get the painting. When Bo says Hades is her prisoner, Persephone assumes she’s Bo’s prisoner too, but Bo tells her she can leave any time she wants. Persephone tells Bo the painting is said to contain the first song, but doesn’t know exactly how it works against the Ancients.

At Lauren’s lab, Hades explains that she can now mimic any Fae’s powers and that makes her extremely powerful. Lauren is worried about the implications, but also kindAlicia slaps Dyson of thrilled. Hades seems to be tempting her, dangling the idea of ultimate power in front of her, but when he mentions Bo, Lauren gets even more worried about how she’ll react. At Dyson’s place, Mark told Alicia the truth and she’s so pissed off that Dyson’s been lying to her, she slaps him. He tries to cover but ends up taking her to see her comatose husband. Probably not the best idea, since we know Hera has been looking for a female host body. Dyson says Kevin is still alive inside somewhere, but Hera may be there as well; they won’t know for sure until he wakes up.

At the Dal, Bo, Kenzi, and Trick examine the painting and try to figure out how to use it to banish both Zeus and Hades. Trick says the Odyssey mentions a song so powerful it licorice staffpulled ships to their doom; I assume that’s the Sirens’ song when Ulysses was on the way home. Bo uses licorice whips to lay out a staff across the painting and figures Heathcliff can sing the proper notes for them. Bo talks to her father, who says anyone can use the painting to banish a person if a Siren sings the “first song”. He warns that Zee could banish Bo if the song is directed at her; that’s why he wanted Persephone to get the painting. Bo and Kenzi figure they need a lure to draw Zee out, but the painting is too obvious, so they decide to use Persephone. She’s reluctant to help, saying even after everything Zee did, she’s still her mother—a sentiment Bo can definitely sympathize with.

Dyson tells Trick about Alicia knowing the truth about the Fae, but doesn’t want to wipethroat lightning out her memory, since she’s been through so much shit already. Trick says there’s really only one other choice. Persephone meets Zee in an old warehouse and when Zee apologizes for what she did, Persephone warns her it’s a trap. Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, and Heathcliff show up, but before he can sing the banishing song, Zee blasts his throat with her lightning, then prepares to use him to banish Bo. Bo offers to let herself be banished if the others are freed and tells Lauren to help Heathcliff regain his voice. Lauren touches him, thus gaining his powers (Zee: “What’s the diagnosis?”; Lauren blasts Zee with siren powersLauren: A serious case of bitch.”) and surprises everyone by singing the song herself, right in Zee’s face. Zee disappears and Lauren tells Bo they have some stuff to talk about. At the gym, Dyson tells Alicia he’s sorry for lying, but not for protecting himself and the Fae. He takes her to the Dal and says he wants to officially claim her, so she’ll be protected in the Fae world. Alicia understandably doesn’t like the whole “claiming” thing, but softens when Dyson tells her she’s the first human he’s ever wanted to claim.

At home, Lauren demonstrates her new abilities (using Vex) and Bo isn’t exactly thrilled. Vex says if the rest of the Fae find out, Lauren will really be in shit, but promises to keep his mouth shut for the moment. Bo says she loves Lauren whether she’s Fae or not (andBo not really happy there’s some question over whether Lauren is actually Fae now, or just a conduit for their powers), but Lauren says this is what she wants … and that she and Bo can be together forever. Bo is worried about negative side-effects, but Lauren says she was examined and everything’s fine. She doesn’t say who examined her, but I’m assuming it was Hades; you’d think Lauren would be smart enough not to trust him, but maybe her own desires are getting in the way of her common sense. Bo finally says she’s happy about Lauren’s new status quo, but she doesn’t really look all that convincing.

At home, Kenzi offers to stick around for a while, but Bo doesn’t want her in danger from Hades. Kenzi says she gets why Bo banished Zee instead of her father, but warns Bo not pyrippus paintingto trust him too much. Bo says she’ll be careful and they say their farewells. At Lauren’s clinic, Zee is there having a chat with Hades. Apparently, he changed the first song, so she wasn’t really banished. Hades warns Zee to leave Bo alone and says that his master plan has already started. Whatever that entails, it seems to freak Zee out quite a bit. After she leaves, we see Hades studying the painting. He rips off a false canvas, revealing the true painting underneath … it’s the same picture of the Pyrippus (the fire-breathing horse) that we’ve seen before. So it looks like Hades true plan involves wanton destruction … not exactly shocking, is it? We’ll have to wait for specifics in future episodes.

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