Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 12

Lost GirlEpisode 12: Judgement Fae

This one starts (like many before) with a sex scene; Bo and Lauren are going at it in the shower. But now that Lauren has the ability to mimic the powers whatever Fae she touches, their encounter is more balanced, allowing them to drain each other mutually. The romp makes Lauren hungry (and a bit forgetful, as she doesn’t seem to remember ordering a pizza), but Bo is still worried at the long-term effects of Lauren’s new powers.Zee gives Hepha the aegis She gets even more worried when she finds out her father (Hades) helped Lauren gain those powers, but Lauren insists she’s one step ahead of whatever Hades is planning. Elsewhere, Zee gives the Aegis shield to someone working at a forge, who promises it’ll be ready soon. The forge must be in the courthouse where Zee’s host body worked because on her way out, a co-worker recognizes her as the woman who died in the elevator crash months ago. Too bad for her, since Zee immediately kills her to protect her secret.

At Dyson’s place, he and Alicia are acting very domestic over breakfast, when he gets a call about the murder. Alicia even kisses him goodbye before he leaves, which surprises Tamsin gets ithim. I don’t think they’ve banged yet, but Alicia seems to have her mind set on it. At the Dal, Dyson shares video of Zee killing the woman at the courthouse and Bo realizes her father lied about banishing Zee. She says she’ll try to worm some information out of him without letting on that she knows Zee is alive. (Tamsin: “Oh, the old he-can’t-know-that-you-know-because-if-he-knows-you-know-he’ll-know … you know?”) They wonder why Zee was at the courthouse and figure it must have some significance, since it’s where the original body hijackings took place. Trick says he’ll check the architectural history and Bo heads off to see her father.

At Lauren’s lab, her memory lapses are getting worse and she finds out she has Parkinson’s disease and it’s progressing very quickly. When Bo shows up, there’s a lot ofBeth freaking out tension, but Lauren doesn’t mention her test results. Bo wonders why Lauren is willing to give up who she really is just to have Fae powers, but Lauren can’t explain it. Bo gives her father shit for messing with Lauren’s life and lying about Zee. He says he just did what Lauren wanted; as for Zee, he was trying to protect Bo from her. They hear a crash in the lab and Bo goes to check it out, finding Zee freaking out on the floor. Except it isn’t Zee anymore … it’s Elizabeth, the woman whose body Zeus commandeered after the elevator crash. Understandably, Beth is completely freaked out.

At the Dal, Beth is scarfing down food like a maniac while the others watch. Dyson says there’s no hint of Fae left in Beth, so they try to get some information from her. She asking Beth some questionspretty worked up and says she tried to block out most of what Zee did while is possession of her body. She remembers Zee giving a shield to someone in a really hot place with a lot of noise. Trick figures Zee must have given the Aegis shield to Hepaestus, the ugly blacksmith God (aka Hepha … when Tamsin sees a picture of him, she says “I think I just Hephaed my lunch.”) Trick says each God is supposed to only have one weapon, so maybe Zee was trading the Aegis for something stronger. Bo figures they can learn more from Hepha, but Trick says one of the Erinyes has to grant them an audience. For some reason, he starts naming them and Beth recognizes Megaera as a judge that works at the courthouse … a very tough judge.

Bo and Tamsin get dressed up to infiltrate the courthouse and Beth guides them over a two-way radio, leading them to Megaera (and driving them nuts with movie references).Judge Megaera Megaera—who’s played by Mimi Kuzyk, of Blue Murder/Hill Street Blues fame—is even more intense than Beth said, and immediately tells Bo the only way she’ll get an audience with Hepha is to pass a test. An ominous pair of doors appears and Megaera warns Bo that she has to pass the test on her own. Megaera disappears and Bo heads through the doors to find herself in a courtroom, acting as a lawyer for some dude named Philip. Megaera tells Bo if she wins the case for her client, she’ll get an audience with Hepha; if not, she’ll be condemned to Limbo forever.

Philip is suing his ex-partner, Max, who supposedly invented some lucrative software Bo in courtapp on company time, then sold it and kept all the money for himself. Bo is still hooked up to Beth electronically, so Beth pulls a Cyrano (or Roxanne, as she calls it) and feeds Bo the proper legalese to make her case. But Max’s lawyer questions why Philip rejected Max’s original idea for the app, and mentions that Max was feeling left out of their partnership, since Philip was the one getting all the publicity. This whole courtroom scene s supposedly an homage to The Good Wife (of which Anna Silk is a huge fan), but I’m getting a definite Jobs/Wozniak vibe here.

At the Dal, Dyson and trick talk about Alicia, and Dyson’s growing feelings for her. Dysonburnt dinner says wolves are only supposed to fall in love once in a lifetime, according to the Rules. Trick says he followed Fae Rules religiously and ended up tearing his whole family apart, so maybe Dyson should listen to his heart and fuck the rules. At home, Dyson finds Alicia putting out the toaster oven, which is on fire; apparently, she tried to make dinner. They quickly forget about the mess and start getting it on. In court, Bo has a chance to hammer Max on the witness stand (he did break the law, after all), but she goes off-script and tries to smooth things over between the Megaera clues Bo inpartners. She points out that each of them was feeling excluded by the other, and that Philip was trying to protect Max from getting ripped off. Philip says he’ll drop the suit and Max can do whatever he wants with the app; Max says he’d like to try and make another go of the partnership. Bo figures she’s fucked up her chance for a meeting with Hepha, but Megaera tells her the court is designed to reveal a person’s “inner justice”. Bo realizes her penchant for helping people doesn’t always have to involve fighting; her best way to help Lauren is to support her decisions. Megaera congratulates her on finding her inner justice and sends her through the doors to Hephaestus’ forge.

Hepha (who’s supposedly the ugliest of the Ancients, but is actually pretty hot) tells Bo he forges weapons perfectly suited for each God. When Bo asks about Zee, Hepha tells herugly god to go straight to the source, and Bo turns around to find … Lauren. Makes sense, since Bo found Beth in Lauren’s lab, Zeus had to inhabit another body that was close, and we haven’t seen Lauren since then. Lauren-Zee opens a conduit and Heratio wakes from his coma back in Lauren’s lab. He asks about his wife, Alicia (I think she might be busy right now), and lures Lauren’s assistant in by faking a heart attack. Heratio pulls the old “insect swarm from the mouth” trick on the assistant … how many dead assistants is that for Lauren now? Three, I think.mouth swarm

At the forge, Zee tells Bo Lauren is fighting her, but her new Fae powers are killing her. Still listening through the two-way radio, Tamsin decides it’s time for her to get in there poker fightand help Bo and Beth wants to tag along. Lauren comes back briefly and Bo wants to get her out of there, but she says Hepha is forging a weapon for Bo to use against Hades. Before Bo can figure out what to do, Heratio shows up, still pissed off at Zee for trying to kill him. Tamsin and Beth show up and Zee takes over Beth’s body again. Bo tells Tamsin to get Lauren to safety as Zee and Heratio reconcile. Heratio is ready to kill Bo, but Zee decides it’s time for them to go back to Limbo. Zee warns Bo not to trust Hades, and that his trickery will come in many forms, then she and Heratio open the conduit and are pulled back into Limbo. Beth and Kevin are left behind and Beth wakes up right away, seeming fine. She notices something on the floor and Bo picks it up; it’s a horseshoe, the “weapon” Hepha forged for her, but she has no idea what she’s supposed to do with it.

At Dyson’s place, he and Alicia have just finished banging each other’s brains out when Bo calls about Alicia’s husband; talk about bad timing. At Lauren’s lab, Alicia and Kevin are thrilled to finally be re-united, though Alicia makes a point of telling Dyson shebreaking up is hard to do doesn’t regret banging him. I hope they used protection. At home, Lauren breaks up with Bo (yes, again!) because … I’m actually not sure why. Lauren tells Bo she injected herself with the same serum she used on the Morrigan, so she no longer has Fae powers. She goes on about how she’ll age now and Bo won’t, blah, blah, blah, but if Bo isn’t bothered by that I don’t know why Lauren should be. Lauren says she’s a healer and Bo’s a protector and she seems to think they can’t do those jobs while they’re in a relationship. I really can’t follow Lauren’s (or the writers’) logic here. Bo goes to her father and gives him shit for manipulating everyone. Naturally, he denies wanting to break Bo and Lauren up, but if he’s trying to isolate Bo so she no one to turn to but him, he’s certainly on the right track. Bo says she’ll never trust him, no matter what, and leaves.

At the Dal, Trick tells Bo the horseshoe is a symbol of protection and luck (duh!) and this one is made of adamantine. She’s still not sure what it’s for, and isn’t feeling especially kissing the devillucky lately. She wonders if her father was right about people like them not being made for love, but Dyson says it’s just the opposite in Bo’s case. He says he’s glad he had the chance to love her (and Alicia) even though things didn’t work out. Later at home, Tamsin tries to comfort Bo, who decides some rebound sex might do the trick. Tamsin is wary, considering how things turned out the last time they were involved, and Bo says she’s tired of hurting everyone she cares about. Tamsin changes her mind and decides to go for the rebound poontang, and we see Bo’s face replaced by her father’s face as she’s kissing Tamsin. So, Hades is taking over Bo’s body … and maybe her soul? We’ll see where that goes next episode.

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