Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 15

Lost GirlEpisode 15: Let Them Burn

Last episode ended with Vex getting his throat slit by Hades to send a message; this one starts with Bo’s house on fire. Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, and Mark rush in, looking for Bo, but she’s nowhere to be found. Kenzi notices a burnt-out microwave oven (and what looks like Tamsin’s blanket hanging above it) and announces that Hades is responsible for the fire, but we see Bo standing outside with a gas can in her hand. The scene then shifts to twenty-four hours earlier, which means the rest of the episodeKenzi finds a bloody Vex will basically be one long flashback leading up to the dramatic moment. I hate that storytelling device when it’s used in comics, but let’s see if it plays out better here. The flashback starts with another blaze, though a much smaller one—Kenzi starts the microwave on fire while making breakfast. Bo says she needs to find Hades’ hell-horse, the Pyrippus, and Kenzi offers to help. When Kenzi goes to check on Tamsin, she finds Vex’s bloody body and yells for Bo. Bo is the first to notice that Tamsin is missing.

At his penthouse, Hades has a nursery full of baby stuff in preparation for Tamsin giving birth to his demon-seed. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to care much about maternity Vex in the cliniccare, as he’s keeping Tamsin in a cage and spouting threats at her. At Lauren’s clinic, she tells the others Vex is still alive, but he can’t talk; apparently Hades cut his vocal chords, but missed the arteries. I wonder if that was by accident, or design? Dyson’s ready to go after Hades and get Tamsin back, but Bo reminds him that Hades is way stronger than them. Dyson’s too worked up to wait around, so he takes off someplace. Bo seems reluctant to confront her father and keeps insisting they need a plan before they do anything. Kenzi asks about the horseshoe Hephaestus forged for Bo and Bo says the Pyrippus might be the key to defeating Hades.

Kenzi points out that all the people Hades has fucked with—Aife, Trick, Tamsin, Vex—have one thing in common: Bo. Bo says her father has been planning something forEvony looking good her since she was born, but everyone who was around then is gone. Vex tells them (by writing on a dry-erase board) that the midwife who attended Bo’s birth is still alive. When Bo expresses doubt, he says to ask Evony, the former Morrigan. Bo and Kenzi go to Evony’s gigantic mansion to see her. Bo warns Kenzi that Evony is sick and may not look like her usual self, but she looks pretty damn good to me. Evony is hosting some kind of charity event to raise money for a cure for her disease; she’s pretty good at it too … she’s raised over $100 million in ten days.

fork dreamsEvony seems to enjoy being human (the gossip is so much juicier) and isn’t so strict about keeping Dark Fae secrets as she once was. She tells Bo that Trick rescued the midwife and hid her, but Evony grabbed her to use as a bargaining chip against Bo. She’s now taking care of Evony’s horses. (Evony: “Well, someone had to shovel the shit.”) At the nursery, Tamsin tries to bust out of her cage, but the bars and padlock are too strong. Hades offers her some scrambled Phoenix eggs and she’s ready to tell him to go back to hell, but she gets an idea while looking at the fork he’s offering her.

At the Dal (which Trick left to Dyson and Mark in his will), Dyson decides to call a general meeting of the Light Fae Elders. Mark says they should call in the Dark Elderssix white horses too, since they’ll need all the help they can get against Hades. Dyson says the Dark have no place there, but Mark says he can’t see much difference between the two and wonders how Fae even know if they’re Light or Dark.  Bo and Kenzi go to Evony’s ranch and head out into the fields to look for the midwife. Six white horses show up and approach Bo, almost as if they recognize her. A woman shows up out of nowhere and says the horses are happy to see Bo. The woman turns out to be Lou Ann, who was supposed to have been executed way back in Season 1. Bo realizes Lou Ann is the midwife who delivered her.

Lou Ann tells Bo Trick hired her to rescue Aife when he heard she was pregnant, but by the time Lou Ann got to her, she was ready to give birth. Lou Ann delivered Bo, then took Tamsin thinks about killing the babyher because was nuts and threatened to kill her. Trick had Lou Ann give Bo to a human couple to keep her safe and away from all the Fae bullshit. Bo mentions the Pyrippus and Kenzi shows Lou Ann the magic horseshoe. Lou Ann says it’s time to go for a horsey ride. At the nursery, Tamsin tries to use the fork she copped to pick the lock on her cage, but Hades catches her. She tries to manifest her wings, but finds out Hades chopped them off while she was unconscious. Tamsin understands why Aife wanted to kill Bo and threatens to stab herself in the womb to prevent giving Hades another kid to corrupt. But she can’t go through with it and even though she vows not to let him influence her baby, she knows he holds all the power.

At the ranch, Lou Ann tells them how working with the horses helped her get over the slaughter of her family, though she still misses them like crazy. She takes them to see aFae fighting wild stallion that breathes fire from its nostrils; Bo is sure it must be the Pyrippus. At the Dal, Mark has summoned the Light and Dark Elders and—surprise, surprise—they’re at each other’s throats. Dyson gives Mark shit for bringing the Dark into it, saying that with both sides leaderless, they’re itching for a fight. Mark insists the two sides have more in common than Dyson thinks, but Dyson insists the divide between them has always stood … and always will.

At the ranch, Bo uses the horseshoe to protect her from the wild horse’s flames, then calms it with her succubus power. But when she tries to put the shoe on the horse, it fiery steeddoesn’t fit. Lou Ann says horses were sometimes used in art to depict powerful forces of nature, and Bo realized that her father has been trying to “break” her like a horse. Lou Ann mentions one of Aife’s rants where she said she had to kill Bo because something evil was inside her. Bo finally realizes that she’s the Pyrippus … or at least carries it inside her somehow. Naturally, she and Kenzi are a bit weirded out. (Kenzi: “I have known you for what, five years? And yes, you do have a lustrous mane of hair, but you don’t have a horse-face … it’s more, oval.”) Bo guesses that all the times she’s been able to suck chi from multiple people was really the Pyrippus taking over, possibly controlled by her father. She knows he won’t stop until he gets full control of the Pyrippus, so she figures the best thing to do is give him what he wants … by surrendering.

At the Dal, the Elders are still bickering and Mark tells Dyson he should try to lead them, but Dyson says it isn’t his place. Mark gives Dyson shit for always being a follower, and says he might be Dark Fae himself, so Dyson should learn to trust them more. Markmy son the panther mentions Vex and says he trusts him, which sets Dyson off. Dyson says Mark is just a child who hasn’t even shifted yet. Mark storms out and Dyson follows; he finds himself confronted by a pissed off panther … Mark’s first time shifting. Dyson talks him through shifting back to human and says Mark can choose a side now. Mark doesn’t want to choose, and points out that Bo has never aligned herself with either side, but Dyson says that’s not the same thing. Mark is ready to leave and Dyson tells him he loves him and that he’ll always be his son, no matter what.

Bo goes to the penthouse to see her father and tries to ingratiate herself to him. She has Bo tries to convince Hadesto force herself to ignore Tamsin’s cries for help, to make Hades think she’s sincere about helping him. He’s not convinced and says he doesn’t mind waiting for his new kid to grow up so he can use it in his schemes. He also mentions that Tamsin will die during childbirth, a fate common to all Valkyries. Bo keeps trying to convince him of her change in allegiance, pointing out that those she’d considered family had lied to her from the start, while Hades was always honest in everything he said to her … despite his other murderous tendencies. Hades still isn’t convinced and says there’s something Bo needs to do before she can earn his trust.

At the Dal, Dyson finally stops the arguing by telling everyone that Trick was secretly the Blood King and that he could’ve killed all of them any time he wanted, but chose peacelet them burn instead. Both sides decide to follow Dyson and unite against Hades’ threat. At home, Bo throws kerosene all over the place and turns on the fucked-up microwave to get the fire started. She then calls Kenzi and tells her to bring everyone to the house … which is pretty much where we came in at the beginning of the episode. As Bo watches from outside, she’s joined by her father, who says it’s not too late to save her friends. Bo just says, “Let them burn.”

Dyson grabs the flaming beamInside, Dyson holds up a roof beam to keep the place from collapsing as the others realize Bo isn’t there. Back at the penthouse, Hades leads Bo to her throne and re-activates the glowing handprint on her chest. Bo feigns indifference to Tamsin’s pleas for help (at least, I assume she’s faking it) and her eyes turn that old evil blue we’ve seen so many times as she and Hades look out over the city. Is Bo really gonna turn evil and join her father to destroy the world? Probably not, but join me here next week for the final episode of the series and we’ll see how (or if) Bo gets out of this.

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