Comics Reviews: Flash 337, Wonder Woman 319, Green Lantern 180, Warlord 85

Flash 337 coverFlash #337 – “Beware the Speed-Demons” – Cary Bates/Carmine Infantino/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with Central City’s mayor issuing a public statement about how he was controlled by Pied Piper. The mayor apologizes for talking trash about the Flash and promises to allocate city funds to rebuild the Flash Museum. That doesn’t go over well with Pied Piper, who was controlling the mayor to make Flash look bad, but now wants blood. At Captain Frye’s house, his wife sees the cat dragging Flash’s extra costume outside, but she doesn’t recognize it for what it is. She does notice the ring the costume came from and calls her husband, since he’s been looking for the ring. At police headquarters, Frye is giving Cecile Horton theFlash saves the hostage file on Flash’s arrest. We learn a little more about Cecile’s big secret; apparently her father was a cop and Flash had something to do with his death. Downtown, Flash saves an old lady who’s been taken hostage by a gunman and the crowd cheers him like crazy. Flash is surprised, but Detective Curtis points out that the citizens are mostly behind him, despite his manslaughter charge. At Pied Piper’s hideout, he gets a message from Captain Boomerang, giving him shit for using the mayor to attack Flash long-range instead of face to face like a self-respecting Rogue should. Piper isn’t amused by Boomerang’s taunts and goes through a workout where he blasts a bunch of Flash targets with Flash saves the DAvarious sonic weapons. Afterwards, Piper pulls out his greatest weapon, the Ultra-Pipe, which is so dangerous it could even kill him if it backfires. Outside the police headquarters, a nutcase tries to blow away the District Attorney with a bazooka, but Flash saves him and apprehends the would-be killer (who had a grudge because the DA put his brother away). The DA thanks Flash for saving him, but says that won’t affect the way he prosecutes Flash’s case. Frye tells Flash he’s come up with a way to find the “missing” Barry Allen and figures they have an 85% chance of success. Flash wonders what Frye has in mind, but figures he should play it cool for now. Outside town, Pied Piper beginsPied Piper attacks playing his Ultra-Pipe, which summons imp-like creatures from another dimension (which he calls “Speed-Demons”). His music attracts the Flash’s attention, but when he shows up at the spot the sound is coming from, Pied Piper isn’t there. Flash realizes too late that he’s been led into a trap. The Speed-Demons surround him, paralyzing his nervous system and leaving him at Pied Piper’s mercy.


Wonder Woman 319 coverWonder Woman #319 – “Diana Prince: Traitor” – Dan Mishkin/Don Heck/Rick Magyar

This one starts with Sofia Constantinos waiting to see Wonder Woman at the Pentagon. She sees Diana Prince and takes her to an empty office to tell her what she learned on Paradise Island. Sofia lets Diana know she’s aware of her secret identity and tells her Hippolyta has been keeping some pretty big secrets from her … including the fact that Steve Trevor was killed by Dr. Cyber. Diana blasts Sofia before telling her unconscious body that she needs to ponder how best to use this information. Obviously this isn’t the real Diana Prince. Unknown to her, Steve idiotic gremlin friend has seen the fake Diana take Sofia down. Meanwhile, the real Wonder Woman is fighting a giant robotic bird in the skies above Washington. She gets the upper hand, but the bird morphs intofake Diana breaks into computer room a sphere, letting her know there’s more behind this than she originally thought. We see the fake Diana giving orders over a wrist radio and it sounds like she’s behind the robot that’s attacking Wonder Woman. Keith Griggs runs into “Diana” and asks her out, but she blows him off. That surprises him, since he thought they kinda had a vibe when they were in Tropidor together. The fake Diana goes into the war computers and tries to access top secret information. That sets off an alarm and she pounds the guard who comes to investigate. Wonder Woman is still trying to stop the robotic sphere, which has grown spikes and is rolling down the highway. She stops it from obliterating a bus Wonder Woman fights the robotic sphereand tosses it into the water, but the sphere transforms again, this time into a rocket. Just as the rocket takes off, Wonder Woman jumps aboard. At the Pentagon, Steve gets shit from General Darnell for his unauthorized trip to Paradise Island, but they’re interrupted by an alarm from the war computers about Diana breaching security. Steve, Keith, and Etta all think that’s impossible and Etta goes to investigate. She bumps into Howard Huckaby, the Senator’s aide with the secret agenda who’s been romancing Etta. Howard overhears two people talking about Wonder Woman hitching a ride on the rocket and seems very interested. Wonder Woman’s wild flight has taken her over Georgetown, where she lives as Diana Prince. She notices some soldiersDiana escapes from being arrested outside her townhouse, but has to deal with the sudden explosion of the rocket. After taking care of the debris, she changes to Diana Prince and heads home to see what’s up. Keith Griggs is there with an arrest warrant, saying she stole the nuclear launch codes from the Pentagon. Diana knows she’s being set up and decides to cooperate, until they try to chain her wrists. That would remove her powers, so she busts loose and takes off. In her hideout, Dr. Cyber revels in the fact that she’s managed to make Diana look like a traitor and makes plans to finish her once and for all.

Huntress fights NightingaleHuntress – “The Ozymandias Solution” – Joey Cavalieri/Stan Woch

Last issue, Huntress went to the home of a shady art dealer (Seraphin), who claimed to have the head and legs of an ancient samurai statue for sale. But Huntress wasn’t the only one interested; she ran into Nightingale, the assassin/thief who killed her friend Myra, starting the whole adventure. Huntress can’t attack Nightingale because she’s holding a sword to the throat of the actress Tracy Heather … except her real name is Caroline Martin and she’s a detective. Seraphin tries to call the cops and that distracts Nightingale long enough for Huntress to wound him and beat the shit out of him. Yeah, Nightingale turns out to be a dude, Seiji Kato, the Kabuki actor (which was kinda obvious, if you think about it). Caroline tells Huntress she was hired toHelena confronts Seraphin watch over Myra during her trip to buy the statue pieces; I guess she didn’t do a very good job. Huntress tells Seraphin to cancel his appointments and call the cops to deal with Seiji. Of course, his only appointment was with Helena Wayne, who he doesn’t know actually is Huntress. Helena needs time to think about the deal with Seraphin, since she’s still not sure if the statue pieces he’s offering are genuine. That night while reading Shelley’s “Ozymandias”, Helena realizes that Seraphin is full of shit and confronts him the next day. She points out that if a thirty foot statue fell over in a way that the legs were broken off at the knees, the head could hardly be intact. Seraphin pulls a gun, but Helena has brought the cops with her and they arrest Seraphin, congratulating Helena on her ingenuity.

Green Lantern 180 coverGreen Lantern #180 – “Aftermath” – Len Wein/Dave Gibbons/Mike DeCarlo

Last issue, Green Lantern was called by the Guardians of the universe to save a planet from exploding. He was successful, but his absence allowed the Demolition Team to wreak havoc at Ferris Aircraft, finally being stopped by a mysterious new hero called Predator. When Green Lantern gets back to Ferris, he finds the complex completely trashed. GL helps put out some of the fires and tries to interrogate the Demolition Team on who hired them, but the cops won’t let him. GL hears screams from the psi-lab and finds Clay Kendall unconscious amidst the remains of his psi-chair. GL rushes Clay to the hospital, feeling guilty that he wasn’t around to prevent all this from happening. Back at Ferris, BruceCarol gets mad at Hal Gordon and Rich Davis examine Gordon’s solar jet, which suffered no damage at all from Demolition Team’s rampage. Gordon is eager to test the solar jet and Davis is too, but for a different reason: Davis wants to be the test pilot instead of Hal Jordan. After stopping a mugger, GL changes back to Hal Jordan and heads to the hospital to see how Clay is doing. Clay’s fiancée April is there, along with Clay’s friend Jake and Carol Ferris, their boss. The doctor says Clay should make an almost complete recovery … except his spinal cord was severed, so he’ll never walk again. April and Jake go in to see Clay, leaving Carol and Hal to talk. Hal suggests his friend John Stewart can help rebuild Ferris and Carol wonders where she’ll find the money to pay for everything. GL talks to SupermanShe freaks out on Hal, giving him shit for not being there when he was needed. He mentions saving the planet and Carol says shes sick of sharing him with his Green lantern identity. She says it’s time for him to choose what’s most important in his life. GL flies into space to vent his rage on some old satellites. Then he decides to get some advice from his friends; unfortunately, that doesn’t really clear things up for him. Green Arrow tells him to dump the Green Lanterns for the woman he loves, Flash says his own life is so screwed up he can’t presume to give GL advice, and Superman says helping people is the most important thing, even at the cost of your personal life. After pondering things a while longer, GL goes to Carol’s place to let her know he’s quitting the Green Lantern Corps.

Warlord 85 coverWarlord #85 – “The Price of Change” – Cary Burkett/Dan Jurgens/Steve Mitchell

This one starts with Jennifer Morgan wondering why Tinder didn’t follow her out of the caves they were in last issue. We see Tinder stumbling around in the dark until he finds a golden monkey in a spider web. Yeah, you heard me; apparently the monkey is what gave off the foul stench that drove everyone from the caves … some kind of defense mechanism. Tinder figures the monkey ran away from him last issue and got trapped, so he feels like he should help it escape. Meanwhile (sort of) in the year 2303, Travis Morgan and Reno are testing one of the time ships they found last issue. Morgan goes a little nuts, almost causing the ship to blow up and covering a mechanic in chronal radiation. After helping the mechanic, Morgan meets Lieutenant Robert Cole, whotinder threatened by giant spider delivers some history tapes from Washington and volunteers to accompany Morgan on his mission to change the past. Morgan is intrigued, since finding Cole’s cassette in the New Atlantean cavern in Skartaris is kinda what kicked off this whole time-travel adventure. Back in Skartaris, Tinder frees the gold monkey from the spider web, but the spider returns and they run like hell. Tinder falls and gets knocked out and the spider advances on him as the gold monkey watches helplessly. In 2303, Morgan outlines their mission to go into the past and stop the nuclear war from ever happening. He says it’s a one-way trip. Since everything will be different if they succeed. They head back in time in the chronal ships, which (unknown to them) creates a rift in time in the cavern they just left. Morgan leads the Morgan's fancy flyingships in stopping nuclear strikes from the Russians and the Americans. The Russians send up fighter jets and Morgan dazzles them with some fancy flying, but he gets a little too fancy and is shot down. Morgan and Shakira fight off some Russians and the rest scatter when Reno shows up in another ship. The Russans and Americans both believe the ships are full of aliens and start talking about joining forces against them. Morgan figures that’ll be a great reason for detente, so he musters all the time ships and has them fly around the world in formation, just to freak everyone out and give them more reasons to cooperate. Unfortunately, flying the time ships in formation creates a chronal backlash, which throws all the ships into a null moment in the timestream, where they may be stuck forever … or not. We’ll find out in Warlord Annual #3, which I’ll be reviewing in a couple weeks.

Barren Earth – “Confrontation” – Gary Cohn/Ron Randall

Last issue, Jinal was told by the Old Ones that she had to capture a Qlov and bring it to the floating city of D’roz before the Old Ones could decide whichQlov attacks Jinal and friends side to help. Jinal, Skinner, Renna, Barasha, and Yisrah sneak up on the Qlov camp, but some pirates are already attacking it. The pirates have bitten off more than they can chew and end up being devastated by the Qlovs’ superior weapons. Jinal notices there are only three Qlov below and wonders where the fourth one is. Naturally, it’s right behind them and attacks without warning. Skinner submachine guns are useless and Jinal’s temperamental blaster conks out again, so she’s forced to face the creature in a sword duel using her energy blade. We’ll have to wait until next issue to see who wins.

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