Veronica Mars Reviews: Season 3, Episode 12

Veronica Mars S01 titleEpisode 12: There’s Got To Be a Morning Pill After

This one starts with Veronica having a nightmare about Logan banging Madison Sinclair, a nightmare Veronica’s been having ever since she found out about Madison and Logan hooking up while Logan and Veronica were broken up. It’s not just that Madison’s an asshole … Madison is the one who roofied Veronica at Shelly’s party a few years back, which led to her getting raped. So the thought of Logan and Madison together literally sickens Veronica. She heads to work at the Hearst library to clear her head and Bonnie (Dick’s sometime girlfriend) comes in to ask for help. Bonnie tells Veronica she got pregnant and someone slipped her RU-486 (the so-called “abortion drug”)Bonnie asks for help without her knowledge. Bonnie says either Dick or Tim (the guy she cheated on with Dick) could be the father and they both knew that. Dick asked for a paternity test before agreeing to anything, but Tim was really cool about it, even offering to marry her. Veronica’s surprised after Tim’s freak-out at the frat party when he found Bonnie and Dick together, but Bonnie says she realized how well Tim takes care of her and practically begged him to take her back. Bonnie mentions that between Tim wanting the baby and her very religious parents finding out, she didn’t really have much choice as to whether or not to keep the baby.

Later, Veronica confronts Logan and he tries to explain about Madison, but Keith asks Mindy about the carsshe’s so pissed off she can’t even listen. She tells him the only way to fix it is to time travel and make it not happen in the first place … otherwise, this is something she just can’t get past. Keith drops by Mindy O’Dell’s place to ask about which vehicle was at the college the night of her husband’s supposed suicide. Mindy says she and her husband traded cars, so he was driving the minivan and she had the Volvo. That doesn’t fit with what Nish told Keith last episode (that she’d egged the Volvo in the college parking lot that night), so Keith gets more suspicious of Mindy.

Veronica talks to Dick about Bonnie and his snotty attitude makes her spill the beans about Logan and Madison hooking up. Dick tries to pretend he doesn’t care that his best friend banged his ex, but he can’t quite pull it off.Veronica meets Phyllis He distracts himself by going after a cute redhead named Nadia, leaving Veronica to wonder if he has any morals at all. Veronica goes to see Bonnie and meets her roommate (Phyllis), who says they’ve been best friends since they were twelve. Phyllis wasn’t a big fan of Tim’s , until he stepped up during the pregnancy and really started taking care of her. Phyllis mentions Tim bringing pre-natal vitamins, which makes Veronica suspicious, but Phyllis says Tim wouldn’t have offered to marry Bonnie if he didn’t want the baby.

Phyllis tells Veronica that Bonnie’s father isn’t just religious, he’s one of those TV evangelists who preach all over the airwaves. Veronica decides she fake crying trickneeds to get into Tim’s office, but since she promised Bonnie not to let Tim know she was investigating all this, she has to come up with a clever ruse. She does the fake crying thing who just found out she’s adopted, so a janitor will let her in. It works but she gets stumped by Tim’s computer password, forcing her to come up with an alternate plan. Later, Veronica indulges her obsession with all things Madison by swinging by Madison’s house to spy on her. Knowing Veronica, I’m sure she’s contemplating revenge.

At home, Keith tells Veronica about the car discrepancy the night of O’Dell’s death, and Veronica tells him about her latest break-up with Logan. The next day, she tells Tim her grade was posted wrong online and browbeatsMadison's new car him into checking on his computer. Naturally, the grade is fine but this is all part of her master plan, as is the electrical tape she has hidden in her hand. (No, she didn’t shoulder-surf his password … much too crude.) Veronica stalks Madison some more, watching her get a brand new Mercedes from her parents for her birthday. That gives her a great idea for revenge.

Thanks to the tape Veronica put on Tim’s door latch, she gets back into his office that night, and thanks to the mini-camera she planted, she gets his password (which is DICKTRACY). She checks his browsing history and finds Dick tells Logan to smarten upa hit for the Neptune Clinic. She also snoops through his file on O’Dell’s death, finding a witness that nobody else knows about named Anthony Martin. Apparently, Anthony was going home drunk from a party when he heard a gunshot, but he didn’t see anything and was so wasted he can’t remember what time he heard the shot. She leaves a message at Anthony’s room to get in touch. At Logan’s place, Dick gives Logan shit for breaking the Bro-Code by banging Madison … and for sitting around in the dark getting all emo over Veronica.

Veronica goes to Capistrano Ministries to see Bonnie’s dad (using the name Hester … nice touch) and has to get past a sanctimonious asshole named Thurman before she can talk to the Reverend. When she tells him she’s pregnant. Reverend Capistrano reveals that his own daughter got knockedVeronica talks to the reverend up and he and his wife celebrated because they were so happy to have a grandchild. When the Reverend mentions his daughter lost the baby, he seems genuinely sad about it. Veronica checks at Neptune Clinic about access to RU-486, but their rules are so strict it seems unlikely anyone could’ve just grabbed some. Veronica gets a call from Anthony and grills him about the night of O’Dell’s death until he remembers what show was on when he came home. That tells Veronica the gunshot would’ve been around 2:20 AM.

Veronica goes to see Weevil and asks him if he’ll do her a favour … steal Keith shows Veronica the clinic photos of herMadison’s car and take it to the car crusher. Weevil hates Madison because she screwed him over in school, so he agrees to do it … for $500. At home, Veronica tells her dad about the possible timeline for the gunshot, but he’s a bit distracted. He got some photos in the mail (with a bunch of religious pamphlets and a bookmark) of Veronica going to the Clinic and warning him that they do abortions there. Veronica tells him about the case she’s on and they decide to check out the printing shop that did the pamphlets and bookmark, Good Word Press.

Keith and Veronica claim to be detectives (Carson Drew and his assistant Nancy) investigating for someone whose girlfriend may have had an abortion recently. He lets them look through the photo collection, but before they can find anything, Thurman (the asshole from CapistranoNadia turns out to be a dead end Ministries) comes in and recognizes Veronica. They leave, but not before Veronica sees Nadia, the redhead Dick was trying to score with the other day, in one of the photos. Dick is no help (he believed Nadia when she told him her last name was Comaneci), so Veronica goes straight to the source. Nadia says she drunkenly made out with Dick for a few minutes at a party and gave him a fake name so he couldn’t call her later.

Keith gets a call from Mindy O’Dell, who says there’s a prowler at her house and since he’s closer (and more competent) than the cops, she wants him to come check it out. It turns out to be Mindy’s ex (Steve), stealing some stuff Steve takes a vase to support his habitto sell to support his meth habit. Keith knocks him out but Steve reminds him how they basically kidnapped him and stole his kidney, then Mindy stopped paying him like she was supposed to. Mindy says she has no money since her husband died and when Steve’s son comes downstairs and is happy to see his father, they decide to let him go. The older kid is all emo and Mindy says they were considering sending him to a discipline camp. Keith snoops around while Mindy checks the kids and finds what looks like eggshells under the windshield wiper of the Volvo.

Logan drunk dials Veronica and starts out giving her shit but ends up telling her how sorry he is and how much he loves her. The next morning, Keith shows Veronica an article about Capistrano Ministries starting a newLogan's drunken apology ministry in San Diego and going prime time instead of just local access. Veronica wonders if Thurman could’ve caused Bonnie’s miscarriage to protect his golden goose, since the Reverend’s daughter getting knocked up might’ve screwed up the big money deal. Veronica asks Bonnie about Thurman and tells her she wants to search his office. She listens to the first part of Logan’s voicemail, but deletes it before hearing the contrite portion.

At Bonnie’s dorm, Veronica shows up at the same time as Reverend Capistrano. Veronica notices one of the religious bookmarks in a book Tim gave Bonnie and says Tim must’ve been the one who gave her the RU-486. Bonnie freaks out on PhyllisShe also mentions Thurman being a member of the anti-abortion faction, but Bonnie points out that Tim didn’t give her that book … Phyllis did. Yeah, Phyllis gave her the abortion drug because she thought the potential fathers were loses and she didn’t want Bonnie to give up her dreams for a baby … especially since it was Tim and Bonnie’s parents that talked her into keeping it. Bonnie freaks out, but Reverend Capistrano does the Christian thing and urges her to forgive Phyllis, saying that anger and revenge are bad for the soul. That message resonates with Veronica and she tells Weevil not to crush Madison’s car … although she wouldn’t mind if he opened a can of tuna and stuck it in the air vent before returning the car. I’m not sure what the Reverend would have to say about that.

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