Lost Girl Reviews: Episode 11

Lost GirlEpisode 11: Faetal Justice

This one starts out with Dyson in a goth club, hassling a bouncer named Ba’al. The club turns out to be run by Vex, the charming Mesmer from a couple episodes ago. Vex threatens to use his “control” power on Dyson, but Dyson says Vex can’t control an animal. Vex points out that Dyson can’t kill him in a club full of witnesses, so Dyson leaves. Bo and Kenzi are at home and Kenzi’s cooking up something on the stove.bad soup Her culinary skills apparently leave something to be desired, since she and Bo both spit out the food as soon as they taste it. Bo’s going on about how she wants to get to know Dyson better, and wondering about his past. That’s kind of the theme of this episode, secrets and lies. Back outside Vex’s club (with the interesting name of Café Noctem), the bouncer Ba’al comes out and heads into the alley. He’s jumped by a wolf … now who could that be?

Later, Dyson wakes up in an alley covered with blood next to Ba’al’s corpse. At the Dal, Bo asks Trick about Dyson’s past and he gives her some generic answers. Dyson comes in all bloody and asks for sanctuary. Hale Dyson bloodycalls and says everyone’s looking for him. Dyson says he’s being set up and can’t remember anything after leaving work the day before. Hale says he’ll do what he can to help, but thinks Dyson should maybe just turn himself in. Trick says that’s a bad idea, as he’d only be handed over to the Dark Fae, who would execute him for killing one of theirs. Bo’s not happy Dyson didn’t tell her about Vex being back, but says she’ll figure out who’s setting him up. She asks Trick to borrow the siracon again, but the Ash apparently confiscated it after last time Bo used it.

Hale shows Bo and Kenzi all the evidence sent by the Morrigan. There’s a tape that shows Dyson talking to a bartender and beefing with Ba’al (which would be a great title for a cooking show). Another girl was standing right there and apparently heard everything. At the club, Bo and Kenzi talk to the bartender, Silas. (They order drinks called Black Orgasms—I really wanna know what’s in those … or do I?) Vex sees Bo and starts talking all kinds of shit about Dyson, saying he had a beef with Ba’al from way back. He also tempts Bo to give in to her succubus hunger and “partake” of the human smorgasbord at the club. She blows him off andBack tattoo leaves, but Kenzi sticks around to find the other witness. Bo brings Dyson some clothes at the Dal and admires his back tattoo, which is written in weird runes. He tells her it’s Lycan, the wolf language and chronicles his past battles. Bo asks about Ba’al and Dyson tells her Ba’al was part of a gang of Redcaps (who dye their caps with their victims’ blood—I wonder if the colours bleed?) They’d been leaving a trail of bodies and when Dyson went after Ba’al, he got stuck with a sword and almost died. The Dark didn’t do anything since Ba’al was only killing humans, and they figured he was defending himself against Dyson. So Dyson did have a reason to hate Ba’al, but he says if he was going to kill him, he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to publicly threaten him first, then waste him right outside.

Morrigan and Dyson
I’d surrender to her in a heartbeat

I have to say, that logic does make sense. The Morrigan shows up at the Dal with some of her thugs and tries to get Dyson to surrender. He refuses, so they try to grab him, but Trick goes all gangsta on them. They leave, but the Morrigan says she’ll have Dyson’s head on her wall.

Dyson’s going nuts, wanting to get out and help in his own defense, but Bo and Trick tell him it’s too dangerous. Bo heads back to the club and Dyson asks Trick about kiernans. Trick says they can reach into your head and retrieve memories, but it can be dangerous. Dyson says he’s willing to risk it. At the club, a Hot Topic goth dude tries to put the moves on Kenzi, but she ain’t having it. (“What makes me think your inner sanctum is faux gothyour mom’s basement?” “I like to think of it as the dark core of the home.”) She asks about the witness, Portia; turns out she’s one of Vex’s hangers-on; he points her out and Kenzi goes to talk to her. At the cop shop, Hale tells Bo that Ba’al had plenty of enemies, ut then so does Dyson. He also tells her Portia is a runaway who’s been hanging around the club for a while. Bo still thinks Vex is the one who’s setting Dyson up. Lauren shows up with the autopsy results and things are still tense between her and Bo. The autopsy says Ba’al’s wounds were consistent with canine fangs. Before Bo leaves, Hale gives her his personal thumbs up for being with Dyson.

At the club, Kenzi talks to Portia and finds out they have a lot in common. She asks about the murder and Portia says she actually saw Dyson go in the alley, then saw Ba’al go in later, and then Ba’al was killed by a big-ass wolf. She figures Dyson and the wolf are one and the same and Kenzi Ash vs Trickpretends that’s crazy. At the Dal, the Ash shows up and tries to get Dyson to surrender himself, saying if the Dark come after him it could push the two sides to the brink of war. The Ash and Trick toss a few threats back and forth at each other. I’m not sure if the Ash knows Trick is the Blood King, but I think he at least suspects it. Outside the club, Bo asks Portia about Dyson and she repeats everything she told Kenzi. Kenzi invites her to crash at their place. Bo talks to Silas, the bartender, again. He says Ba’al was a dick and had a beef with everyone sooner or later.

Bo strangles herself
Stop choking yourself!

Vex shows up and uses his powers to make Bo do some dirty dancing with him, then makes her almost strangle herself. At the Dal, the kiernan shows up and goes into Dyson’s head. He manages to retrieve one small memory (of Dyson getting a phone call just before leaving), but says there’s nothing else there to retrieve; everything’s been wiped out somehow.

At home, Kenzi and Portia do some more bonding and Kenzi tries to convince her Vex is bad news. Portia seems to have a thing for Silas the bartender. Kenzi notices a bracelet that Portia “acquired” from Silas; it Portia's backhas the same wolf runes as Dyson’s back tattoo, though Kenzi doesn’t realize that—I guess she’s never seen Dyson’s tattoo? When Portia’s getting ready to crash, Kenzi sees scratches all over her back, but Portia can’t remember where she got them. Hale checks the logs to see who called Dyson the previous evening and gives Bo the info. It  was some art dealer named Harrison. Bo goes to see him, but she better hurry up because Dyson’s getting more and more anxious to get out of the Dal and back on the street.

Portia disappears and Kenzi gets worried. Bo talks to Harrison and uses her mojo on him. He says he called Dyson because he was involved in a secret S&M club that Ba’al was running at the club, but things went too far and he got scared. Ba’al killed a girl after torturing her (something he does frequently, apparently). Bo drains HarrisonBo drains him, but leaves him alive—though I think she kinda wanted to kill him. She tells Hale about the dead girl and he recognizes it as the case of a dead Light Fae girl from a couple weeks back. But it still doesn’t explain why Dyson would kill Ba’al, since just reporting it to the Elders would’ve gotten Ba’al executed.

Trick calls around trying to get people to support him and Dyson, but doesn’t have much luck. Dyson knows Trick’s burning a lot of bridges to help him and doesn’t want him to get caught up in everything, so he takes off to finish things himself. Kenzi tells Bo about the scratches of Portia’s back and Bo mentions the pervo club. They head to Vex’s to check it out. Dyson interrogatedDyson’s already there and heads into the basement, where the Morrigan and her thugs are waiting. Bo and Kenzi show up at the club and start looking around. In the basement, the Morrigan gets ready to interrogate Dyson about Bo after admitting sh really didn’t give a shit about Ba’al. The Morrigan knows that Dyson knows more about Bo than he’s letting on, so they start torturing him to get him to talk. Bo and Kenzi find Portia strapped to a chair and Bo recognizes the Lycan runes on her bracelet. Dyson tells the Morrigan nothing about Bo, so she gets ready to kill him. Bo busts in and holds a red-hot poker to the Morrigan’s throat. Kenzi cuts Dyson loose and Bo tells them Silas is the one who killed Ba’al. He tries to run but Vex uses his power to stoop him. Apparently, Ba’all was using Portia in the sex dungeon and Silas came upBo threatens Morrigan with a drink to wipe her memory, but Silas knew Ba’al was going to kill her after he got tired of her, just like he did with the other girl. So when Dyson threatened Ba’al, Silas (who’s also a werewolf) used the same drink to wipe HIS memory, then killed Ba’al and set Dyson up for it. He also talked Portia into lying about what she saw that night. It seems like Portia’s really fucked up; she’s so in love with Silas, she can’t see what an asshole he is. Bo says Hale already has all the facts, so unless everyone there wants to be considered an accessory to the killing of the first girl, they’d better let Dyson go. The Morrigan agrees, but they hold onto Silas, and judging by the pile of red-hot coals Vex is guiding him towards, I don’t think he’s gonna be having a very fun time. Vex and SilasI just have to say, Bo grabbed the red-hot poker out of the coals and held it to the Morrigan’s throat, but after several minutes it’s still glowing red; wouldn’t it have cooled off by then?

Back at the Dal, the Ash tells them the Dark dropped all the charges against Dyson since they managed to catch the real killer themselves. The tension between the Ash and Trick is still palpable, and it’ll have repercussions in the future. Portia takes off, but tells Kenzi she’s done with street life and got a job at a pizza place. I don’t know if she was meant to be a recurring character, but as far as I can remember, we never see her again. And just to round off the episode, Dyson thanks Bo for everything she did with a big smooch.

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