Lost Girl Reviews: Episode 13

Lost GirlEpisode 13: Blood Lines

This is the last episode of the first season and it wraps up some ongoing plots, while leaving plenty of questions unanswered for next season. The first scene shows Bo and Dyson getting it on and she’s forgiving him for everything … obviously, this is a dream sequence. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Episode 13”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 12

Lost GirlEpisode 12: (Dis) Members Only

Dyson’s planning a long weekend of bear-hunting (except he doesn’t use a gun), but Bo wants them to spend some time together.  Kenzi and Halle are grossed out by their PDA and tired of the on-again off-again stuff. They take bets on how long it’ll be before they’re “off again”. Out in the woods, we see a dude half-assedly trimming a tree. At least, that’s what he’s supposed to be doing, but he just keeps snipping at the same leaf and giggling like an idiot, so either he’s the worst groundskeeper in the world, or he’s high as fuck. Either way, he gets conked on the head by somebody with a rock, then dragged into the bushes by a weird vine. I’m pretty sure he ain’t coming out again. Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 12”

Lost Girl Reviews: Episode 11

Lost GirlEpisode 11: Faetal Justice

This one starts out with Dyson in a goth club, hassling a bouncer named Ba’al. The club turns out to be run by Vex, the charming Mesmer from a couple episodes ago. Vex threatens to use his “control” power on Dyson, but Dyson says Vex can’t control an animal. Vex points out that Dyson can’t kill him in a club full of witnesses, so Dyson leaves. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Episode 11”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 10

Lost GirlEpisode 10: The Mourning After

This episode was written by show creator Michelle Lovretta, and it shows. There’s a lot more snarky jokes in this one than the last few … Kenzi especially gets some great lines. We start with Bo and Kenzi practicing their knife-throwing skills. Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 10”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 9

Lost GirlEpisode 9: Fae Day

This episode is about family, forgiveness, and how hard it is to go against fate, all of which foreshadows  upcoming stories about Bo’s parentage. We start with Bo practicing her swordfighting, and she’s clearly not in a good mood after being betrayed by Lauren and losing Vex last episode. Kenzi convinces her to go to the Dal for a drink to get her mind off everything. Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 9”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 8

Lost GirlEpisode 8: Vexed

With this episode, we get a little bit of everything that makes Lost Girl great: some hot sex scenes, secrets and lies, a couple of good fights, and Bo trying to discover who she really is without compromising her principles. In fact, this was the original pilot episode that sold the series. It was produced over a year and a half before the series aired. I guess the previous seven episodes were made after this one, to catch the story up (or fill in some background). Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 8”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 7

SpiderEpisode 7: ArachnoFaebia

Kenzi’s flirting with the pizza delivery guy (who’s also an actor, of course), but Bo runs him off with her succubus mojo. Kenzi’s not happy, since she was kinda into the guy (“Pretty sure his crust is double-stuffed, if you know what I mean.”) They have a mild argument about how messy the house is and Bo points out it’s their first real fight, which makes them more like sisters. Kenzi finally agrees the lace might need some cleaning when Bo points out some rat shit in a frying pan. We jump to another house where some old lady is complaining constantly to her sister about the neighbours. The sister comes in and stabs her with knitting needles. The camera pans back and a huge spider crawls up on the ball of yarn. Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 7”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: Food for Thought

The sub-plot about Bo’s mother is on hold for this episode, so we can explore some of the culinary habits of the Fae. The episode starts with Bo getting dressed for a doctor’s appointment. Kenzi notices she’s looking pretty fancy and Bo admits the “appointment” is with Lauren, to see if Bo can control herself when surrounded by tasty humans. Seems like a bit of a gamble; what if she can’t control herself? Is Lauren gonna tranquilize her right there in the bar? Of course, we know some shit is going down, because Bo says the magic words: “What could possibly go wrong?” Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 6”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 5

Dyson and BoEpisode 5 Dead Lucky

This episode starts (as many do) with Bo getting some action. She and Dyson are going at it on Dyson’s desk at the police station. When he asks why she needed healing, Bo says she didn’t; she was just hungry. Nothing like a midnight snack to keep you going. They try to come up with some rules for their “friends with benefits” arrangement (yeah, ’cause that always works), but it’s obvious Dyson is more invested than her in their relationship. He even asks if he can walk her home, but she says she can take care of herself … and she’s immediately shanghaied by three guys with guns (though she does give one guy a good kick in the balls). Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 5”

Lost Girl Review: Episode 4

Dyson with skull
Alas, poor Samir, I knew him, Horatio.

Episode 4: Faetal Attraction

This one starts in media res, with Dyson showing up at a house and Bo and Kenzi running out right before the house blows up. Debris rains down on them, including a human skull; so yeah, skull rain … where do you go from there? Well, we go back in time a bit to see Bo sleeping and Kenzi waking her up. Bo tells her about Dyson banging the waitress at the Dal. Bo’s not taking it well and Kenzi realizes she’s never been rejected before. I guess that makes sense; how do you reject a succubus who can charm you into wanting her? Kenzi tells Bo that dealing with rejection can be fun. I’m not sure if that’s exactly the right word. Continue reading “Lost Girl Review: Episode 4”