Lost Girl Review: Episode 9

Lost GirlEpisode 9: Fae Day

This episode is about family, forgiveness, and how hard it is to go against fate, all of which foreshadows  upcoming stories about Bo’s parentage. We start with Bo practicing her swordfighting, and she’s clearly not in a good mood after being betrayed by Lauren and losing Vex last episode. Kenzi convinces her to go to the Dal for a drink to get her mind off everything. When they get there, the joint is jumping. It’s packed with Fae of all kinds, Light and Dark. Trick explains that today is La Shoshain, the Fae’s holiest day of the year, when Light and Dark can mix (and fornicate!) without reprisals.

La what now?
“La what now?”

I thought the Dal was always considered neutral territory anyway, so Light and Dark should be able to mix there any time, shouldn’t they? Bo’s still in a crappy mood, but it’s about to get worse; the woman playing the harp stands up and screams (or wails, I suppose) and everyone freaks. The woman is a Banshee, and her wail means someone in the Dal is fated to die.

Trick tells everyone to clear out, except members of the five ruling families, since the Banshee’s wail only foretells the deaths of noble Fae. Dyson shows up, wanting to look for the Banshee to find out who’s going to die. But he needs Bo to do all the work, since he isn’t allowed to use his powers or commit violence on La Shoshain. Since Bo’s unaligned, she doesn’t have to follow those rules. She not really into it, but Dyson reminds her that she doesn’t know her own lineage, so she might be Kenzi eatingrelated to a noble family, in which case the Banshee could’ve been wailing for her. That convinces her to help look for the Banshee. Kenzi stays behind and scarfs down food like crazy. When Trick gives her shit, she says she could have Fae blood—like if some Fae boned her great-great-grandmother. Trick’s in a crap mood and Dyson finds out he helped Lou Ann escape her execution last episode. He wonders why Trick would intervene for a Dark Fae and Trick says Lou Ann was the midwife at Bo’s birth. Dyson asks when they’re going to tell Bo about her mother (and it seems like they both know a lot about her), but Trick says it’s still too soon. They both worry about what’ll happen when Bo’s mom shows up. She must be pretty intense. (Spoiler: She is!)

On their way to find the Banshee, Dyson tells Bo more about La Shoshain. It commemorates the sacrifice of the Blood King. Bo has lots of questions (since she didn’t grow up Fae, she’s ignorant of a lot of stuff most Fae learn as kids), but Dyson just tells her to read a book. They go to see the harpist’s talent agent and find out her name is Siobhan McManus (of course; not like it was gonna be Mitzi Schwartz or something). The agent says Siobhan left town, but they hear a noise from the other room and find the Banshee hiding there.banshee hiding

At the Dal, Kenzi makes friends with a Fae dude. Back at the agent’s office, Bo and Dyson tie Siobhan to a chair. No, not for that … turns out the knowledge of who the Banshee wailed for is locked in her subconscious, so they have to force it out of her. Dyson purees some liver in a blender (I’m not sure if he brought the blender with him … he had the liver, so maybe he had the blender too?), because Fae are susceptible to iron; it’s not exactly a cold iron longsword +3, but I guess it’ll do in a pinch. Bo has to force feed the iron shake to the Banshee (“I have the worst gag reflex.”) since Dyson can’t use violence on this holiest of days.

Agent spew
Guess she wasn’t kidding about that gag reflex.

Bo fuel injects the liver shake and Siobhan says the one who’s going to die is Sean Cavanagh and that he won’t live past sundown. She then spews the liver shake all over the agent, who comes in to check on things. (How many performers have dreamed of doing that to an agent?)

At the Dal, Kenzi plays some weird dice game with her new friend, and loses. They get to know each other and she’s intrigued when she finds out he’s “good with money”. He also seems like a bit of a goody-two shoes, which worries Kenzi a bit, since she’s kinda … flexible where certain laws are concerned. When Bo and Dyson get back and announce that Sean Cavanagh is the one fated to die, of course it turns out to be the guy Kenzi’s talking to. He … doesn’t take it well (understandably). Kenzi tries to get him out of his funk by getting him to enjoy his last few hours.Kenzi and Sean She even tells him to make a bucket list. Bo wants to help, but finds out there’s nothing they can do; Banshee powers are involuntary (which is why she could use them on La Shoshain), and if she wailed for Sean, he will die and nothing can change that. Trick gives Bo a book about La Shoshain and the Blood King. Sean decides he wants to reconcile with his brother, Liam, who joined the Dark Fae 80 years ago. Sean says he wants to forgive and forget, and Bo says she’ll try to find him. She asks Dyson to go and he’s reluctantguy dragged out (it’s his one day off all year!), but finally says yes. They go to the office where Liam works—well, works is probably the wrong word, since he seems to have been running some kind of pyramid scheme—and find everyone frantically clearing offices and shredding documents. A disgruntled investor is hauled past them by security and they finally find Liam. But when Bo says his brother wants to forgive hm, Liam says Sean is the one who screwed him over all those years ago.

Kenzi’s still trying to get Sean to get outside his comfort zone. He asks out one of the waitresses, but gets shot down. He tells Kenzi he’s never kissed a human, but she denies him too … damn, no love for the doomed man, Kenz? Bo and Dyson get back and she asks Sean for the real story about what happened with his brother. He says it was right before Liam’s Gathering ceremony (which is kinda a Fae Bar Mitzvah, when the Fae choose whether they’ll be Light or Dark). He says was always kinda bad: lying, stealing, getting in scrapes. Of course, that makes Kenzichandelier uncomfortable, since he basically just described her. Anyway, $30,000 went missing from the corporate safe and Sean figured Liam must’ve done it so he called the cops to teach him a lesson. But Liam took off and ended up joining the Dark Fae and he hasn’t seen him since. Just to remind them (and us) about the Banshee’s prophecy, a chandelier falls and almost lands on them.

Kenzi drags Sean out for some fun and they start by stealing a car. For a morally upright guy, Sean seems to go along with it rather easily, but maybe he just likes Kenzi that much. Dyson and Bo stake out Liam’s officestakeout and Dyson’s just about drunk enough that it seems like he’s almost ready to let Bo know how he feels about her. Or maybe he was just trying to lay some groundwork for when her mom shows up and she finds out Dyson knew about her all along. Sean and Kenzi go to see Sean’s dad (in a big-ass mansion), who doesn’t seem all that broken up about his son’s impending death. He’s more interested in betting on some boxing match. At the stakeout, Bo reads about the Blood King and La Shoshain. When Liam comes out, she uses her succubus mojo on him to get him to go see his brother, but he tells her the reason Sean’s going to die is because he put a hit on him. Apparently, he was just waiting for their mother to die so it wouldn’t break her heart; what a conscientious son! At home, Kenzi and Sean are attacked by a Goblin (who never follow Fae rules, so La Shoshain means nothing to them). Sean wants Kenzi smoochto give himself up since he’s fated to die anyway, but Kenzi says fate is bullshit and people can make their own fates. She punctuates that with a big smooch. Bo and Dyson show up and kinda get slapped around by the Goblin, until Dyson finally shoots it. He says he’s allowed to use violence on La Shoshain to save a life; I’m not sure if that’s a real rule or he just made it up—either way, it’s kinda plot-convenient.Dyson shoots goblin

Bo tells Sean his brother’s the one who put the hit on him. Dyson says if they report it to the Ash, he’ll clean up the mess and let the Morrigan know. Since Liam ordered an unsanctioned hit on the holiest day of the year, he’ll be in some deep shit. But Sean has his own idea of how to end things and goes to Liam’s office with a crossbow to kill him. Bo arrives up and shows off the results of her recent reading when she invokes Agallamh. What’s Agallamh? I’m glad you asked; it’s an old tradition where a third party can force two opposing sides to try and resolve their differences peacefully on La Shoshain. It hasn’t been used in forever, because if the two factions don’t reach a peace accord, the person who invoked Agallamh forfeits their own life. Apparently, Bo didn’t read all the way to the end.

agallamh startsTrick isn’t happy, but says he’ll help Bo do the ceremony right. They start the ceremony and Trick says to speed it up; if sundown comes before the end of the Agallamh (and Sean dies), the ceremony is incomplete and Bo’s life is forfeit too. Dyson offers to be her Claymore—basically, the one who kills her if the Agallamh goes sour. Sean and Liam each present their case and argue back and forth for a bit, with Liam insisting he never stole the money and Sean saying nobody else had access except him and their dad. Liam gets fed up, says there can be no peace, and asks for the Agallamh to end (which would mean Bo’s death), so his Goblin assassin can kill Sean. Trick says he won’t allow violence in his house, so Liam says they can go outside. Kenzi gets an idea and tells Bo to stall. Bo tells everyone to take a break (“Smoke ’em if you got ’em!”).

Dyson reminds Trick that he could stop all this if he wanted to, but Trick doesn’t look thrilled by the idea. Kenzi goes to Sean’s dad’s mansion. Meanwhile, we see Trick get out his fancy desk set from a couple episodesDad confesses ago. Liam asks for the Agallamh to resume and end and Bo reconvenes it. She stalls a bit more and just before she’s forced to close the ceremony, Kenzi shows up with Sean and Liam’s dad. He’s sworn in and—with some prompting from Kenzi—Bo asks if he’s the one who stole the money from his own company. He admits it (since lying at an Agallamh is punishable by death) and detective Kenzi tells everyone the old man has a gambling problem. He admits taking the money and says the boys weren’t supposed to find out. Sean and Liam make up and Liam says he’ll even pay back all the people he ripped off with his pyramid scheme as long as their mom’s grave is moved to neutral ground so he can visit it. He also calls off guy shoots seanthe hit on Sean. The Agallamh is closed and everyone celebrates the peace between the brothers and beating the Banshee’s prophecy. Unfortunately, one of those celebrations is premature. The same pissed off dude we saw being dragged out of Liam’s office earlier shows up in the alley and takes a shot at Liam. Too bad his aim is shitty, because he hits Sean instead. Sean dies, showing that you don’t fuck with the Banshee, son. Of course, both Liam and Kenzi are devastated.Kenzi cries

Later, Dyson and Trick talk; Trick asks if Dyson would really have killed Bo and Dyson asks if Trick would really have used his blood to save her. Dyson says Bo’s ready to know about her mother and that Bo might actually “amount to something”. Trick hopes not, since prominence usually brings pain. Dyson then toasts him as the Blood King. So yeah, Trick’s the Blood King; what exactly does that mean? We’ll find out more in upcoming episodes, but it seems Bo’s parentage isn’t the only secret Trick’s been keeping. Of course, the secret about him being the Blood Kin is something that almost nobody knows, even the other Fae. Why does Dyson know? That’s another answer we’ll have to wait for. But there are only four episodes left in the first season, and the pace really picks up from here on out.

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