Comics Reviews: Superman 326, Action 486, Jonah Hex 15

Superman 326-coverSuperman #326 – “A Million Dollars a Minute”– Martin Pasko/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte

This one starts right after the end of last issue, with Superman telling everyone he’s agreed to go on UBC live and reveal his secret identity to the world. Superman says commercial time is selling for a million dollars per minute and even shows reporters the contract where he agrees to reveal his identity. Lana gets all choked up and Superman suddenly comes to his senses, wondering where the hell he is. He takes off and goes to see Jenet Klyburn at STAR Labs. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Superman 326, Action 486, Jonah Hex 15”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 7

Lost GirlEpisode 7: There’s Bo Place Like Home

This one starts with Bo practicing for her Dawning ritual. Apparently, the Dawning involves crossing into another reality or something, so Bo’s trying to walk through a mystical doorway that Trick set up … but she’s not doing too well. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 7”

Comics Reviews: Batman 302, Firestorm 4, Warlord 14

Batman 302-coverBatman #302 – “The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers” – David V. Reed/John Calnan/Dick Giordano

This one starts very soon after last issue, with Batman wanted for murder. Dick (Robin) Grayson shows up, wondering what the hell’s going on and Batman gives him (and us) a recap of last issue. Basically, there’s n unknown crime boss in Gotham who uses neural implants in a cabal of wire-head killers” to protect himself from his mob underlings. If any mobster kills him, the wire-heads slaughter the killer and everyone associated with him. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Batman 302, Firestorm 4, Warlord 14”

Comics Reviews: Black Lightning 10, Jonah Hex 14

Black Lightning 10 coverBlack Lightning #10 – “The Other Black Lightning” – Tony Isabella/Trevor von Eeden/Vince Colletta

This one starts with some cops (or maybe Feds) transporting Trickster to a trial in California. But Trickster has other plans, and escapes the plane in mid-air by using some illusion-casting devices he stole from Mirror Master. He bails out and lands near a costume he’d previously stashed. Trickster figures it’s time to lay low and hone his skills, so he decides to get a job as a high-wire act for a circus (the same one his parents worked at years ago). Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Black Lightning 10, Jonah Hex 14”

Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: The Kenzi Scale

This one starts rather dramatically, with Bo hauling Kenzi into the Dal and spouting accusations about her. Trick clears the bar and Bo tells him something’s happened to the real Kenzi and this one’s just an impostor. Continue reading “Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 6”

Comics Reviews: Flash 263, Wonder Woman 245, Green Lantern 106

Flash 263 coverFlash #263 – “Nobody Stays a Flash Forever” – Cary Bates/Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with a news report reminding us what’s been going on for the last couple of issues: Ringmaster, a new super hero showed up out of nowhere and caught Golden Glider, who Flash failed to stop. Now everyone’s speculating that Flash may be all washed up. Barry (Flash) Allen is watching the report and gets all huffy about it. He goes for a run on the cosmic treadmill, but his exercise is interrupted  by Golden Glider popping up on the TV and  taunting him about how she arranged for Ringmaster to steal Flash’s thunder—and his wife. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: Flash 263, Wonder Woman 245, Green Lantern 106”

Comics Reviews: JLA 156, Superboy & the Legion 241, All-Star Comics 73

JLA 156 coverJustice League of America #156 – “The Fiend With Five Faces” – Gerry Conway/Dick Dillin/Frank McLaughlin

This one starts with Aquaman emerging from the ocean in Honolulu and staggering through the streets mumbling about having to warn the JLA about a fiend with five faces. He’s accosted by a couple of muggers (who he quickly slaps down), then finds a cab. The cabbie is really excited to have such a distinguished person in his cab and takes Aquaman to a building where the JLA transporter tube is located. (The joke is that the cabbie thought Aquaman was Steve McQueen—ask your parents.) Aquaman beams to the JLA Satellite where Ralph (Elongated Man) Dibny is on duty. Continue reading “Comics Reviews: JLA 156, Superboy & the Legion 241, All-Star Comics 73”