Lost Girl Review: Episode 10

Lost GirlEpisode 10: The Mourning After

This episode was written by show creator Michelle Lovretta, and it shows. There’s a lot more snarky jokes in this one than the last few … Kenzi especially gets some great lines. We start with Bo and Kenzi practicing their knife-throwing skills. Bo’s lamenting her lack of a love life and Kenzi agrees that two fine women like them shouldn’t be at home “waxing their weapons” on a Friday night—a phrase that gets Bo’s motor revving. Kenzi mentions Bo waxing Dyson’s sword, but Bo says they’re taking things slow. (Choice Kenzi dialogue when Bo asks her to hand her a six-inch knife: “Hey, if I could give you the six-inch, all our problems would be solved.” Bo’s answer: “Don’t flatter yourself.”) Bo says she’s sick of looking for loveBathtub and that the dating scene is a killer; I think that’s what’s known as foreshadowing. We cut to a man and woman ending a date outside a club. She invites him home and they get it on. When she wakes up, he’s gone and she goes into a weird bout of self-hate, slut-shaming herself by writing all over her bathroom windows. She takes it to the extreme when she decides to take a bath with a hair dryer.

Dyson and Hale investigate the woman’s death and can’t find any signs of foul play. Even the door was locked from the inside. But at a coffee shop, we see the sister (Collette) of the dead woman (Allison) telling Bo there’s no way her sister killed herself. She says Allison seemed upbeat the night before and texted that she’d met a cool guy, so Collette cleared out of their shared house. She can’t figure out why her sister would suddenly commit shaftsuicide, so she hires Bo to find out the truth. At the cop shop, Dyson says not to get her hopes up; there’s nothing suspicious about the woman’s death. She even held the hair dryer under the water so hard it cracked the shaft (a word Kenzi finds hilarious) when she was electrocuted. Dyson admits even without signs of physical force, it could’ve been a Fae kill. But the human authorities have already ruled it a suicide, so Dyson’s resources are limited. He says he’ll forward it to the Fae lab, but that means Bo has to go see Lauren. Kenzi, not wanting to drown in drama, says Bo will have to handle that on her own.

At the lab, things between Bo and Lauren are … awkward. Lauren says there are lots of Fae who feed on humans’ bad moods, but there’s no evidence pointing to any of them. Lauren mentions that Allison had sex an hour or so before she died. I’d initially thought she’d woken up the next morning and killed herself, but apparently the banging, falling asleep, waking up to find the guy gone, and killing herself all happened within an hour. Doesn’t say much for the guy, but it explains why the sister didn’t come back.  Bo gets in a dig about Lauren betraying her and walks outLauren can kiss my ass before Lauren can explain. At the Dal, Kenzi’s boozing it up when a dude named Valentine shows up and tells Trick (in a really obnoxious way) that he’s ready to “take possession of the coin” tomorrow. Trick isn’t happy about it. Before Kenzi can grill him, Bo shows up in a shitty mood. (“Two words: Lauren can kiss my ass … lotta hyphens in that last one.”)

Bo asks Collette about the guy Allison met, but she doesn’t know anything. Bo and Kenzi look around the house and Kenzi notes Allison’s fancy gitch collection (“I’d say the lady was single and ready to crotch-mingle.”) In case anyone’s wondering, gitch is Canadian slang for underwear—sometimes also known as gotch. Who says blogs aren’t educational? Bo notices Allison’s romance self-help books and says she and Allison were both looking for love in all the wrong places (Kenzi: “Is that your way of saying anal?”). Bo finds a bunch of matchbooks from a Saskiaclub and Kenzi finds credit card receipts from the same place, so they decide to check it out. They go to the club (Kenzi: “Set phasers to douche.”) and a guy takes their photo as soon as they walk in. They head into a private area and we get our first look at Saskia (played by Inga Cadranel from Orphan Black), who’s destined to become very important in future episodes. Right now, she just seems to be watching them closely. Bo and Kenzi soon realize the private part of the club is set up for speed dating (which almost sends Kenzi fleeing in terror), but with a twist: theme nights! Tonight’s themes are “fondest memories/biggest regrets”. They sign up and try to find out about Allison; well, Bo asks questions about Allison (sometimesKenzi steals watch using her Fae mojo), but Kenzi just goofs around. At one table (wearing a name tag that says “Astra”) she says her favourite literary quote about regret is by the great poet, Ludacris: “Regret is for suckahs, for suckahs, for suckahs, for suckahs, regret is for suckahs … bitch.” At another table (now wearing a tag that says “Svetlana”) she steals a guy’s watch while telling him a sob story in a weird Slavic accent.

Saskia sits down across from Bo and gives her a little succubus kiss. It’s not really a salacious smooch, but it’s not exactly a peck on the cheek either, which is a bit weird considering what happens later.

Whoa, you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Saskia’s pissed off because she thinks Bo’s been hunting on her turf. They talk and Saskia says she’s kind of a travelling courtesan, who moves around banging people and getting them to pay her way. When she finds out Bo’s a P.I., she finds the whole idea of working for a living kind of quaint. Kenzi takes off and goes to the Dal, bummed out that Bo seems to be ignoring her for her new BFF, Saskia. Trick’s in a shit mood too, but he apologizes and asks for Kenzi’s help. He tells her about the coin he’s supposed to give Valentine the next day; they found it together and alternate possession of it every century. It brings good luck to whomever owns it, but Trick can’t return it to Valentin tomorrow because he lost it. If he can’t produce it by tomorrow, he’ll have to give Valentine the Dal. He says if he had a Lightning Bird egg, he could use that to find the coin, but Lightning Birds only talk to human females, so he needs Kenzi. She says she’ll help.

Saskia tells Bo she doesn’t know anything about Allison’s death, but she’s willing to help figure it out because she doesn’t want anyone (even a human killer) hunting on her turf. She also wants to get it over with so she and Bo can go nuts and have some succubus fun. The speed dating organizer, Bertram, says everyone is screened and that Alllison was really popular but hadn’t checked any names on the “I’d like to see this person again” box. Bo mojos him to get the client list and asks Dyson to run the names. At home, Bo and Saskia hang out and Saskia says she’s Dark Fae. Bo tells her how she doesn’t know anything about her past or her family; Saskia talks about a bunch of Fae stuff, but says there’s lots of time to figure things out. Kenzi, ever the diplomat, asks what would happen if Bo and Saskia get it on (“Will you create a black hole or cancel each other out or something?”)

Collette screams
You’re that clever shark, aren’t you?

Saskia says she’s not into banging other succubi. When I first saw this episode, I thought that was weird; I assumed Bo and Saskia were headed for a huge bangfest, but in retrospect it makes sense. After Saskia leaves, Kenzi says she might be involved with Allison’s murder, but Bo knows it wasn’t a succubus kill, plus Allison had sex with a dude. Kenzi’s obviously a bit jealous of Bo and Saskia’s sudden friendship, but pretends to be cool with it. Elsewhere, Collette opens the door and screams when she sees who’s there.

Dyson tells Bo the speed daters are all clean, but mentions that a dozen single women have killed themselves over the past five years and left the same slut-shaming graffiti. Bo and Saskia go to Collette’s place and find her ODed on the couch with a ton of slut-shame graffiti on the walls. Saskia says an Alabaster killed Allison and Collette and they have to getCollette dead the hell out of there. At the Dal, Trick and Kenzi prepare the ritual to summon the Lightning Bird. Saskia tells Bo Alabasters are basically the opposite of succubi: instead of creating and feeding off sexual pleasure, Alabasters create and feed off sexual shame. They cause people (mostly women—big surprise) to feel shame from enjoying sex. The shame spirals into depression, eating disorders, and suicide. Saskia says there’s no way Bo’s strong enough to handle an Alabaster, but Bo won’t give up. Kenzi overhears them talking and says Alllison could’ve met the dude outside. They get in touch with the guy who was taking photos and find one of Allison with the dude she banged. Saskia recognizes him as a PUA-type who hangs around and scoops girls up just before closing time. Sounds like a real winner. Bo and Saskia head for the club, while Kenzi goes to help Trick. They do the ritual and the Lightning Bird shows up pretty quickly.

At the club, Bo and Saskia find the guy in the photo and latch onto him. At the Dal, Kenzi commiserates with the Lightning Bird (whose name is Gloris), saying she shouldn’t be doing favours for Fae with no compensation. She offers to be Gloris’s agent and negotiates a future favour from Trick in exchange for an egg. Trick’s not thrilled, but agrees Lightning Birdto it. Before she leaves, Gloris tells Kenzi Trick is the Blood King and could get whatever he wanted. Trick doesn’t know what she said, since Fae can’t see or hear Lightning Birds. At the club, Bo and Saskia double team the dude, but he doesn’t know anything about Allison’s death. Saskia’s style of interrogation is a bit more intense than Bo’s, but she uses her succubus powers in reverse to revive him. Bo is fascinated, since she had no idea succubi could do that. Anyway, turns out the guy didn’t kill Allison. At the Dal, Trick uses the egg to find the coin; it’s in a cemetary. The map he’s using is interesting. It’s one of those old-style maps from the late 19th-early 20th century. From looking at it, I’d say it’s a map of Niagara, or somewhere around there; there aren’t any street names, but I made out the names “Central and Hudson River Railroad” and Niagara Gorge Railroad”. The Central and Hudson ran from NYC up to Niagara, but the Niagara Gorge R.R. Only ran a very short distance between Niagara and Lewiston. So I figure the map is probably of that area.

At home, Bo calls Saskia, wanting to know the secret of how to give someone life force instead of just draining it. Bertram, the speed dating organizer, shows up and says he’s the Alabaster. Bo isn’t scared of him, but he’s not worried about her either. Trick, Kenzi, and Hale go to the cemetary and head into a mausoleum to look for the coin, but it’s notSaskia kicks Bertram's ass there. Kenzi realizes where it is. Meanwhile, Bertram tries to use Bo’s sense of shame against her. He proves immune to her succubus powers (so I guess he was just faking when she mojoed him earlier at the club?), but he gets to her because—unlike most Fae—she actually has a conscience. Saskia shows up and kicks his ass (“Bad news Bert … cause I’m pretty Goddamn shameless.”) She heals Bo and they team up on Bertram.

At the Dal, Valentine shows up to claim his prize and act like a dick. Kenzi reveals that Valentine had the real coin all along and gave Trick a fake one Kenzi figures it outthat dissolved, so he could cheat Trick out of the Dal. She knew what Valentine did when she saw a bunch of flowers in the mausoleum—the same kind of flower Valentine wears in his lapel. Valentine gives Trick the real coin when Hale threatens to shake it out of him. Bo and Saskia tie Bertram up. Bo says he’s probably as horny as anyone else, but prefers to get off on judging others. Bo goes to cal Dyson, but Saskia drains Bert and kills him.. Bo wants her to revive him, but Saskia says he got what he deserved. Bo says she’ll kill for feeding or self-defense, but killing a guy who’s already tied up is murder. Saskia says it’s more like an execution. Saskia wants Bo to take off withSaskia kills Bertram her, since the Dark Fae won’t be happy she killed one of her own team, but Bo refuses. Saskia says when Bo’s ready to know more about herself, she should come find her. Later, Dyson tells Bo he can clear things with the Morrigan over Bertram’s death, since he attacked Bo in her own home, but Bo still feels guilty. At the Dal, Kenzi’s feeling kind of neglected. She asks Trick about the whole “Blood King” thing, but he pretends not to know anything about it. At home, Bo lets Kenzi know how much she appreciates her and says she wants to hear about Kenzi’s adventure for once. Kenzi launches into her (slightly embellished) tale, but Bo’s obviously still thinking about Saskia.

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