Lost Girl Reviews: Episode 13

Lost GirlEpisode 13: Blood Lines

This is the last episode of the first season and it wraps up some ongoing plots, while leaving plenty of questions unanswered for next season. The first scene shows Bo and Dyson getting it on and she’s forgiving him for everything … obviously, this is a dream sequence. It soon turns into a nightmare as Bo becomes Aife and starts draining Dyson, and he wakes up screaming. He’s actually in Bo’s bed and she isStabbed pretty understanding about walking in on him and Saskia at the end of last episode—she even apologizes to him. She’s also pretty stoked about using her succubus powers in reverse to heal him. Dyson’s guilt finally gets the better of him and he tells Bo Saskia is really Aife, her mother. Elsewhere, Aife and a couple of goons are roughing up a Light Fae dude in an alley. When he asks why, Aife says he’s the spark that going to light a really big fire, and one of the goons knifes him. Aife crosses him off a list and heads out to start a war between the Light and Dark Fae.

Kenzi’s reading a romance novel (called Pillaged Booty—please tell me that’s a real book; if not, I may have to write it), when Bo and Dyson come storming down the stairs. Kenzi’s about to leave, but when they start talking about Saskia/Aife being Bo’s mom, she decides to hang around. Bo’s mad, but Dyson says it was Trick’s secret to tell, not his. Cut to the Dal and Trick telling Bo he failed Aife before Bo was even born. Trick says the Light and Dark were at war for a long time and he got tired of the Aife in prisonconstant fighting, so he used his Blood Sage powers to force peace. Anything a Blood Sage writes in his own blood, comes true, but Trick says there’s always a terrible price. He says true peace needs forgiveness, but there are always some people who aren’t willing to forgive. Aife led a rebellion and killed a Dark Fae clan leader. She was caught, escaped, and came to Trick for help, bu he handed her back over to the Dark to keep the war from starting again, knowing they’d execute her. Obviously, she wasn’t executed (though Trick didn’t know that for a long time) and now she hates his guts.

Bo thinks there must be more to it than that (and there is, but we don’t find out everything until next season), but Trick insists he’s told her everything. He wants Bo to get out of town, but Bo would rather talk to her mother and get her side of things. She’s ready to know who she is andKenzi where she came from. Back at home, Bo and Kenzi recap the last few episodes (and confirm that Aife and Dyson actually were getting it on last episode Bo: “Well, technically, she banged him, but yeah.”) Bo’s pissed off that she can’t trust any of her friends (except Kenzi, of course), but she’s kinda stoked that she’s found her mom. They decide to track Aife down, and Bo says Lauren might be able to help with information and defense.

Dyson tells Trick he did the right thing and that it’s good there are no more secrets—I think he might be getting ahead of himself on that one. Trick wants Dyson to convince Bo to stay away from Aife, but Dyson knows that ain’t happening. At the lab, Lauren’s checking out the Light How do succubi fightFae dude that Aife’s goon knifed. Bo’s a bit suspicious, but since it wasn’t a succubus kill, she doesn’t make the connection. She asks Lauren about how succubi fight each other (I like Kenzi’s ideas: “Slow-motion pillow fights? Crotch lasers?”), but Lauren’s not sure, since Bo’s the only succubus she’s familiar with, but she says she’ll look into it. She still wants to explain her betrayal and Bo actually seems ready to listen … as soon as things calm down.

Kenzi goes to meet Hale and Dyson’s there. He wants Kenzi to act as an intermediary between him and Bo. She’s not interested until he says he’s in love with Bo. Kenzi crumbles and asks what she can do. At home, Bobad cookies finds Aife baking cookies. Bo’s pissed off and Aife tries to sweet talk her. Naturally, the cookies are drugged and Bo keels over. Kenzi shows up later, waving a white flag and brings Dyson in. He realizes Aife has Bo and they go to tell Trick. (When he asks if Dyson’s sure, he says, “Unfortunately, I know her scent.” Kenzi: “Dude, gross.”) Trick says it’s time to let the Light Fae Elders know what’s up.

Bo wakes up in a fancy bed with three studmuffins around her, waiting to do her bidding. It’s Aife’s mansion and there are shirtless dudes everywhere. Strangely, there are no women there; I guess not all succubi are bisexual? Or maybe it’s just Aife who isn’t into women. Bo’s pissed off about being drugged and says she’d have come on her own if Aife bothered to ask. Aife tells her it’s hard for her to trust people and recounts Aife madher history. After being handed over to the Dark Fae for execution, the king at the time kept her alive and imprisoned for centuries just so he could torture her. I guess that explains why she hates Trick so much. (Aife: “Hate’s like beauty, baby … the real stuff fades, but it never dies.”) She tells Bo she’s free to leave, but she’d rather Bo stayed so they can connect. Bo’s cool with that.

Trick warns the Ash about Aife, but the Ash is more interested in punishing Trick for withholding the information—and probably gettingTrick and Ash rid of Trick as a potential rival. He says the Elders can handle one wayward succubus … or two, if it comes to that. Bo asks Aife about how she keeps her beefcake enthralled for so long and learns about the subtle art of chi manipulation. She also finds out there’s an amulet that can protect someone from the draining power of a succubus, which is why Aife couldn’t escape when she was imprisoned—the Dark Fae king had an amulet. Bo asks about her father and Aife really doesn’t want to talk about him. Aife says she wants Bo to help her take down both sides of the Fae (it’s a bit of a Luke/Vader moment). Bo asks how so few of them can pull it off (“You, me, and your himbo army?”), and Aife says the guys aren’t just there for show.

At a meeting of the Elders, the Ash is still obsessed with Trick. Aife’s goon walks in, wearing a very chic vest with dynamite all over it. He blows the dynamite vestplace to shit. Back at the mansion, Bo’s not cool with the whole “mass murder” thing, but Aife says if Bo can choose not to align herself with either side, then everyone should get the same choice. The only way to make that happen is to tear down the establishment and let the world burn; these revolutionaries always go a little too far. Bo finally realizes her mom is batshit crazy and wants out. Aife calls her himbos and Bo jumps through the window and takes off.Bo jumps through window

At home, Bo bangs Dyson and says she needs all the strength she can store up to fight her mother. He tells her to take everything he’s got. At the lab, the Ash is brought in almost dead and Lauren scrambles to save him. Bo tells Dyson she’s not mad about him lying because she knows he was trying to protect her. She can forgive, but not forget and she can’t have anyone on her team that she can’t trust completely. She tells him they can see where things stand after it’s all over. At the lab, there’s total chaos; the Ash is on life support and the Elders who weren’t blown up areLauren and Bo going into hiding. Everyone’s assuming the bombing was a Dark Fae move, so they’re preparing for war. Bo tells Lauren about her mom and says she wants one more shot at talking to her. Lauren says the amulet she needs is in the Ash’s trophy room and gives her the key and a map. They part on … relatively good terms.

Dyson asks Trick if he wants to hide, but Trick says hes staying. Dyson plans to go to the Norn and ask for her help. Trick warns him about her deviousness, but Dyson says he’s dealt with her before. Bo and Kenzi get to the trophy room (Kenzi: “I thought there would be guard dragons.”) Kenzi cuffedand look around. Kenzi finds the amulet and Bo tests it, using Kenzi as the subject (Kenzi: “Did you set this whole thing up just to make out with me?”) The amulet works—instead of Kenzi’s chi, Bo just gets a mouthful of black smoke. Bo handcuffs Kenzi to the shelf, saying she doesn’t want to risk her life. As soon as Bo leaves, Kenzi calls Hale. I guess she left her lockpicks at home?

Bo shows up at Aife’s place and tries to convince her to stop all her crazy shit, but that doesn’t work so Bo challenges her. Luckily, all the himbosBo and Aife fight seem to be out for the night. At the Dal, Trick is helping Fae escape. Kenzi asks him to use his powers to help Bo, but he says whenever he uses them, there’s always a price to pay. Kenzi gives him shit and takes off. Bo and Aife fight and Aife disarms her. But when she tries to drain Bo’s chi, the amulet protects her. Aife gets pissed off and chases Bo through the house. Dyson goes to see the Norn, an old woman with a big fucking tree growing through her living room. In mythology, the Norns have to do with human destiny, much like the Fates staircasein Greek myth. This Norn can give a person whatever they desire most, but in return they have to give her what they value most. Aife chases Bo down and the Star Wars parallels continue as Bo says, “I know there’s good in you,” and they struggle at the top of a reactor shaft—uh, I mean, a circular stairwell. Meanwhile, Trick gets out his Blood King desk set.

The Norn reminds Dyson of the last time he asked her for a favour and she wanted his wolf essence in return. He refused that time, but he’s ready now. If the Norn gives Bo his strength, she can take what she wants inNorn return. She agrees, but istead of taking his wolfitude, she takes his love for Bo. She says he’ll have all the memories, but none of the passion. Bo gains Dyson’s strength and knocks Aife over the railing. She catches her, but Aife tries to drag Bo down too. Kenzi shows up and tries to get Bo to let Aife go before the bannister she’s holding gives way. But Bo says she won’t give up on her mother the way everyone else did.

We see Trick doing his Blood Sage ritual and a weird rune appears on runeAife’s forehead. I’m not sure what the rune is meant to represent; it looks a bit like Laguz, but with an extra stoke. Laguz represents water, renewal, and life energy. It can also predict success with the possibility of loss, so i guess that kinda fits here. Or maybe it’s a different rune altogether, something they made up for the show. Anyway, the rune turns Aife sane and she tells Bo Trick has more to tell her and asks for forgiveness. To keep from dragging Bo down, she pries Bo’s hand loose and falls. When Bo and Kenzi reach the bottom of the stairs, there’s a pool of blood but no body—and no blood trail. Bo seems kinda happy about that. So what do you do after fighting a succubus and stopping a war? It’s Miller time! At home, Bo and Kenzi recap the situation, but they kinda get things mixed up. Bo’s mad at Trick for keeping more secrets and for not doing anything to help (but weTrick's arm see Trick passed out with blood all over his arm), and she’s thrilled with Dyson for helping her and not keeping any more secrets (but we know Dyson now has a BIG secret). Bo says the Aife that saved her was her mother, the real Aife, and they don’t need to be afraid of her anymore. Meanwhile, we see someone carrying Aife’s body down a dark corridor.

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