Lost Girl Review: Episode 7

SpiderEpisode 7: ArachnoFaebia

Kenzi’s flirting with the pizza delivery guy (who’s also an actor, of course), but Bo runs him off with her succubus mojo. Kenzi’s not happy, since she was kinda into the guy (“Pretty sure his crust is double-stuffed, if you know what I mean.”) They have a mild argument about how messy the house is and Bo points out it’s their first real fight, which makes them more like sisters. Kenzi finally agrees the lace might need some cleaning when Bo points out some rat shit in a frying pan. We jump to another house where some old lady is complaining constantly to her sister about the neighbours. The sister comes in and stabs her with knitting needles. The camera pans back and a huge spider crawls up on the ball of yarn.

After the credits we see Bo and Kenzi going into a house that’s up for sale. Kenzi is dressed like a stereotypical Romani for some reason. It turns out to be the same house where the old lady killed her sister and Kenzi tells the real-estate agent she can rid the place of “evil spirits”. Kenzi reallyKenzi gypsy hams it up for the “cleansing”. Outside, Dyson and Hale approach the house after talking to the neighbours. They’re investigating the murder/suicide (yeah, the stabby old lady apparently killed herself after killing her sister), and Dyson thinks there may be a Dark Fae connection. It seems this murder/suicide is the fourth in the last three months in the area. Inside, Kenzi finishes her cleansing and gets paid, but none of them notice the spider crawling into her bag.

Outside, they talk to Dyson and Hale (who gets Kenzi to cut him in for 5% of her “gypsy con”) and Dyson asks Bo to use her Dark Fae contacts to check out the murder/suicides. They go to the Dal and Lauren shows up, which makes things kinda tense. Bo tries to smooth things over between Lauren and Dyson, but just makes it more awkward when she starts talking about threesomes. (She says she hadn’t been thinking about it in that way, but by the look on her face, she’s definitely thinking about it now.) Kenzi and Hale watch and Hale calls Kenzi out on her jealousy. The spider in Kenzi’s bag bites her and she leaves (after Hale pulls a small arsenal out of her bag).

Not gonna find that on QVC.

Dyson and Lauren argue some more and Bo again tries to play peacemaker (with shots!) Lauren gets sick of Dyson’s insults and leaves, and Bo’s not happy with him. (“Do you always have to be you?”)

At home, Kenzi’s watching some safari show and has a minor freak-out when she finds a note from Bo asking her to fold the laundry (which she throws on the floor). Bo comes in and picks it up and they talk about her Lauren/Dyson problem (Kenzi: “So, did you pick a lovah?”). Bo wonders why Dyson’s so weird about Lauren when he’s the one who wanted to bespider in the shower non-exclusive. Kenzi says it’s just how guys are (Kenzi: “It’s a balls thing.” Bo: “I knew it meant nothing.”). Bo can’t make up hr mind what she wants: Dyson is emotionally unavailable, but she’s scared of killing Lauren if they bang. Kenzi’s sort of sympathetic (“Poor Bo … so many choices, just one vadge.”) The spider crawls out of Kenzi’s bag and bites Bo as she’s showering.

Next morning, Kenzi’s starting to hear things and she and Bo both have huge headaches. Bo snaps at her and says she feels weird and Kenzi convinces her to see Lauren about it. Lauren tells Bo she’s fine physically and Bo says that emotionally she’s a level ten harpy, which pisses off Lauren’s assistant—apparently, she’s one of “the Boston harpies”. Lauren says the headache and irritability could be from the injections Bo’s been getting to help control her succubus powers. Bo tries to apologize for the Kenzi and Laurenprevious evening’s awkwardness, but before she can answer Lauren’s question about Dyson, Kenzi comes in and asks Lauren for help with her own pounding headache. Lauren says she might have the flu (Kenzi: “Med school … worth every dime.”) and Bo has a weird hallucination of Kenzi and Lauren making out. Lauren says something in their environment could be making both of them sick, and Bo and Kenzi snipe at each other a bit.

Dyson and Hale find that all the murder/suicide victims had some connection to each other, however tenuous. Bo shows up and gives Dyson a file with a summary of her investigation, but says none of her Dark Fae contacts knew what was going on. She asks Dyson to run a background check on Kenzi (and has another hallucination of him saying she should just kill her), but Dyson tells her she can trust Kenzi. Bo agrees and says she’s been feeling weird lately. She takes off and Hale shows Dyson a bunch of spider webs in some of the murder victims’ clothes.webs on clothes Dyson realizes there were webs at the scene of every murder. He takes the webs to Lauren, who says they aren’t from a regular spider. She forces him to undergo an exam–which he’s been putting off—and she mentions his tiredness. He implies that it’s because of all the hot sexing he’s doing with Bo.

Bo and Kenzi paranoidAt home, Kenzi tells Bo a big spider tried to rip her in the face (“the face part of my face!”) and they go into the basement to look for it. Lauren tells Dyson the web is from a Djieiene, a Native American Underfae which causes paranoia and homicidal thoughts, then feeds off them. It also uses its power to keep its victims from simply leaving. Dyson realizes Bo was bitten and Lauren says the Djieiene has to die to save Bo. In their basement, Bo and Kenzi search for the spider, but the paranoia’s really getting to them. They try to take off, but the Djieiene makes them think the door is bricked up, so they can’t leave.

As Bo and Kenzi argue even more, the safari guy on TV “tells” Kenzi to kill Bo. Hale shows up and Kenzi takes his phone as Bo conks him out with the rat shit frying pan (which Kenzi never got around to cleaning, apparently). Because of their paranoia, they think hale’s working with the spider. They argue some more and Bo says she needs to feed. Kenzi freaks and runs off, so Bo feeds on Hale, which clears her head.Bo and Hale Bo tries to go out a window, but a woman (Serena) with a shotgun says the house is under quarantine and anyone who comes out gets blown away. Dyson knows Serena, but she won’t let him inside; she says she’ll give him a couple hours, then she’s burning the place to the ground on the Ash’s orders. Bo talks to Dyson on the phone and says she’s okay after feeding on Hale (which gets Dyson’s attention). Hale—still tied up—is bitten by the Djieiene. Dyson tells Bo she has to kill the spider to free Kenzi from its influence.

Dyson goes to the Dal and gives Lauren shit for calling in the quarantine, but Trick says she did the right thing, otherwise it could turn into a huge outbreak. In the basement, Bo finds the spider and chops it in two, but itchopped spider pops right back together. Kenzi locks Bo in the basement. At the Dal, Trick researches Djieiene and sees that they bury their hearts, and until the heart is destroyed, the Djieiene is invincible. Dyson goes through the file Bo gave him and Trick recognizes a name (Gordon Hurley) as a guy who imports a lot of Dark Underfae for the black market. Lauren and Dyson go to find Hurley. Meanwhile, Kenzi frees Hale, thinking he knows a secret way in and out of the house. He pretends to help her, but grabs an axe when her back is turned.

Hale takes Kenzi to Bo’s room, then tries to kill her. She locks herself in, but he uses his siren power on her. Dyson and Lauren bring Hurley back to the Dal; he’s reluctant to help them (it almost sounds like he’s in love with the Djieiene), and Trick realizes the heart wasn’t buried, it was implanted … in Hurley. Hale pulls a “Shining” with the axe,

Hale's Shining moment
Heeeeere’s Hale!

but Bo conks him out with the shitty frying pan again (“Twice in one day? He’ll be lucky if he can remember the alphabet.”) Kenzi pulls Hale’s gun and Bo takes off. Dyson asks Serena for a little more time, but she thinks he’s stalling and prepares to burn the place to the ground. Lauren is ready to kill Hurley to get the Djieiene’s heart out of him. Bo tries to reason with Kenzi and Bo almost kill each otherKenzi, and when that doesn’t work, she holds a sword to her throat. Lauren removes the heart from Hurley and destroys it just in time to keep Bo and Kenzi from killing each other. A quick phone call gets Serena to back off, though she seems rather disappointed she didn’t get to burn a bunch of people alive.Serena

At the lab, Lauren tells Bo the spider’s influence ended as soon as the heart was destroyed. Kenzi and Hale make peace (and she agrees not to tell Dyson about Bo smooching Hale). Hale whistles a happy tune and Bo and Kenzi both yell, “Don’t do that!” Dyson and Lauren are still at odds; he says he can’t figure out her motives. Back at home, Bo and Kenzi sort out their differences. Dyson shows up (with pizza!) and tells Bo he doesn’t trust Lauren. Bo says she does trust her,and Dyson says she should go to Lauren for healing from now on. I’m more team Lauren than team Dyson, but as we’ll see next episode, he’s actually right about her in this particular case.

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