Lost Girl Review: Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: Food for Thought

The sub-plot about Bo’s mother is on hold for this episode, so we can explore some of the culinary habits of the Fae. The episode starts with Bo getting dressed for a doctor’s appointment. Kenzi notices she’s looking pretty fancy and Bo admits the “appointment” is with Lauren, to see if Bo can control herself when surrounded by tasty humans. Seems like a bit of a gamble; what if she can’t control herself? Is Lauren gonna tranquilize her right there in the bar? Of course, we know some shit is going down, because Bo says the magic words: “What could possibly go wrong?” We cut to an old lady making dinner in her apartment. She’s adding stuff to the stewpot: some chopped meat, some spices, a human foot. Later we see the woman in bed, obviously not feeling too well (I’m gonna guess indigestion) and freaking out when she starts bleeding out of her eyes. (Just so you know, there’s a lot of eye-bleeding in this episode … don’t say you weren’t warned.)

After the opening credits we see Bo and Lauren at a (human) bar doing some tequila shooters.

Bo and Lauren
Lick it, slam it, suck it!

Bo says she can “see” people’s energy auras; the more turned on they are, the brighter the aura. Lauren asks about her own aura and Bo says she definitely curious … and not all scientifically-curious. Bo tests her power on Lauren and they almost kiss, but Bo pulls back because she’s afraid of losing control. Lauren’s been working with her to extend her control over her succubus abilities and tells Bo not to worry, and that she’s not a monster, no matter what anyone else thinks.


The next day, Bo and Kenzi are at Lauren’s lab for Bo’s checkup. Kenzi still doesn’t trust Lauren, saying that no one does favours without getting something in return, so what’s Lauren gettting out of it? Lauren tells Bo they have to reschedule because of an emergency call, but Bo and Kenzi end up tagging along to learn more about the Fae world. Kenzi apparently isn’t too fond of sick people, but goes anyway.

At the patient’s place, the same woman who was making foot soup in the opening is still bleeding from her eyes and also hacking up blood. Lauren tells Bo the woman is an Aswang, who eat human corpses. Meanwhile, Kenzi’s in the kitchen and helps herself to some yummy soup. Bo learns that by eating dead humans, Aswang help keep contagions from spreading through the population. But Aswang are supposed to be immune to anyKenzi freaks human diseases, so Lauren can’t figure out why this one is sick. (She asks, “Could it be due to someone you ate?”) The Aswang says she’s eaten everything from cancer to Black Death and never been sick before. Bo and Lauren go into the kitchen and see Kenzi chowing down. When they tell her what was in the soup, she’s … understandably upset. Bo worries that whatever made the Aswang sick might affect Kenzi too.

At the Dal, Trick is meeting with an old friend named Arval, who brought him some stuff in a blue vial. I’m not sure what it is, but Trick says he’s going to use it to make colcannon; yeah, right. It’s probably some weird sex drug. Arval wants to trade it for Gleipnir, the unbreakable chain that once held the Fenris Wolf, but Trick says no way. At the funeral home, Bo learns they only sell certain corpses to the Fae … basically ones that are hard to trace or won’t be missed. The one that apparently made her sick Kenzi bleedingwas a hit-and-run victim named Sibly. The funeral home director says she didn’t like the look of Sibly, so she sent him to the Aswang, since they’re supposed to be able to eat anything (or anyone, I guess). They go to Sibly’s place and find it ransacked. Bo gets jumped by a dude with a gun. She kicks his ass and he takes off, but before she can chase him, Kenzi keels over. When Bo grabs her, she sees Kenzi is bleeding from her eyes just like the Aswang.

Bo takes Kenzi to Lauren, who tells her the Aswang has some kind of hemmorhagic fever. Apparently, Sibly was infected with it. Lauren says she’ll try to make an anti-toxin. Bo asks Dyson to check out Sibly and finds out he was getting money regularly from a fake company. Bo descibes the guy who jumped her in Sibly’s place and Dyson recognizes a tattoo as the symbol for a biker club, the Iron Chains. They go to the Chains’ hangout and “persuade” the guy to talk … not with Bo’s succubus mojo, just some old-fashioned ass-kicking.Bo vs bikers He says he was hired to toss Sibly’s place and followed the guy who hired him to a building with the name Barron Chemicals on it. Bo tells Kenzi she’s got a lead, and Dyson offers to stay with Kenzi. Lauren says Barron develops Fae-derived drugs, but doesn’t think any of em would cause the hemmorhagic fever like this. Bo asks Lauren if she’ll bust into Barron Chemicals with her. Lauren finds out the company is (rather conveniently) being visited by an inspector, who (even more conveniently) looks a lot ike Lauren. She volunteers to take the inspector’s place, if Dyson can detain her for a while.

Bo goes in as the company director’s personal assistant (apparently, he has trouble keeping them since he’s such a horndog—another bit of plotKenzi freaking out convenience). Dyson grabs the real inspector from the airport (saying she had a bomb in her luggage) and hands her ID and stuff over to Lauren. At the lab, Kenzi wakes up and freaks out because Dyson isn’t there like he promised. She freaks even more when she sees the Aswang die, and the staff have to sedate her. At Barron Chemical, Bo is in a rush to bust into the lab, but Lauren calms her down. She says can’t just use her succubus power on the director, since leaving a trail of bodies is a tad conspicuous. She tells Bo she should use her natural “charms” to get the director’s ID badge and a voice sample. Lauren says she’ll cause a distraction with the guards at 7:00.

Kenzi with needleKenzi wakes up again and still isn’t in a great mood. She threatens the nurse with a needle and takes off, after stealing his clothes. At Barron Chemical, Lauren prepares for her diversion by loading a hypodermic and brewing up some kind of bomb. Back at the lab, Dyson finds out Kenzi’s gone and uses his wolf-senses to track her. At Barron, Bo manages to get the ID and the voice sample from her boss (his unpronounceable name is pretty plot-convenient too … what would she have done if his name was John Smith?) She takes off, leaving him unfulfilled and probably craving a cold shower.Bo and her boss Dyson tracks Kenzi to a cemetary and she says she won’t go back to the lab to die. Dyson says he’ll take her someplace safe. I think this is where their friendship is sealed for good; Kenzi’s not used to having people care about her.

Dyson and Kenzi
Went down to the cemetery, looking for love …

At Barron, Lauren conks out two guards with her MacGyvered gas-bomb. Dyson takes Kenzi to the Dal, where Trick says he can’t cure her but he can buy her some time. Bo runs into another guard at Barron Chemical and tries to be all sexy, but … she’s not really his type. (Bo: “I just love a man in uniform.” Guard: “Honey, that makes two of us.”) She uses herLauren with hypo succubus power (which may end up warping this dude’s entire worldview) and manages to stop herself before she kills him. Unfortunately, that means he’s conscious enough to pull his gun on her. Lauren shows up and drugs him witth the hypo. Bo tells Lauren about her newfound control, and Lauren is happy for her (and maybe for herself as well?)

Trick asks Arval for an abath horn and trades Gleipnir for it (Chekhov’s chain!) An abath is a legendary horned creature that supposedly lived in the Malay Peninsula hundreds of years ago, probably inspired by early explorers seeing rhinos there. Like the unicorn, the abath’s horn was trick's desk setsupposed to be an antidote for all poisons, which explains why Trick wants it for Kenzi. As he returns with the horn, he sees Kenzi has found his special “desk set” and tells her he doesn’t use it anymore. No, it wasn’t his graduation present from his parents, but it will be very important in later episodes. (Chekhov’s desk set?)

Bo and Lauren get into the lab at Barron Chemicals and find a basilisk in a tank. Lauren realizes that’s what caused the hemmorhagic fever. At the Dal, Kenzi tells Dyson she knows that his helping Bo leaves him weak and wonders how he can protect Bo if his strength is gone. She asks him if he’s willing to let Bo go if that’s what’s best for her. Bo and Lauren get a tissue sample from the basilisk and then kill it.Basilisk Alarms go off and they run like hell. Lauren uses the basilisk sample to create an anti-toxin and cures Kenzi, though it takes a while to kick in. Bo and Lauren almost have a moment (yeah, they just love torturing all the Bo/Lauren shippers out there!) Kenzi chows down on some fast food … might’ve been more nutritious to stick with the foot soup. Bo tells Dyson she can bang humans without killing them and he asks if Lauren will be her first “test subject”. He says he’s cool with whatever (and whoever) she does, but it’s obvious he’s bothered by it. I’m not sure if Bo was testing him to see what he’d say, or if she just asked out of courtesy. It seems she isn’t as invested in their relationship as he is, but maybe she’s covering her true feelings (just like him)? Either way, she’s definitely attracted to Lauren, and we’ll see what comes of that pretty soon, though it may not be quite the way Bo (or we) imagined it.

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