Lost Girl Review: Episode 5

Dyson and BoEpisode 5 Dead Lucky

This episode starts (as many do) with Bo getting some action. She and Dyson are going at it on Dyson’s desk at the police station. When he asks why she needed healing, Bo says she didn’t; she was just hungry. Nothing like a midnight snack to keep you going. They try to come up with some rules for their “friends with benefits” arrangement (yeah, ’cause that always works), but it’s obvious Dyson is more invested than her in their relationship. He even asks if he can walk her home, but she says she can take care of herself … and she’s immediately shanghaied by three guys with guns (though she does give one guy a good kick in the balls).

We see Kenzi at a restaurant trying to drum up business for her and Bo’s “detective agency”. The potential client is a bit weird (she thinks her cat is possessed  and trying to kill her); I bet Kenzi’s regretting the ads that said “We’re ready to believe you!” Kenzi’s not too thrilled about this crazy cat lady, though a wad of money grabs her interest. She’s also a tad pissed off at Bo for not being there (“This really puts the suck in succubus.”), butBall kick Bo’s a little indisposed at the moment. Her abductors have taken her to a Chinese restaurant run by a guy named Mayer. Another kick to the balls (yup, same guy she kicked before … he’s Mayer’s nephew, Seymour) lets her grab a gun. But as she’s leaving, Mayer touches her and a few steps later she falls on her ass. Turns out Mayer is a Luck Fae; he steals luck from people, mostly humans that come to gamble at his place. But the previous night, a human named Roger won a pile of money betting at Mayer’s place. Mayer swears he’d already drained all Roger’s luck, so there’s no way he should’ve won anything. He wants Bo to find out how Roger cheated him, before his Dark Fae boss (i.e. The Morrigan) finds out about it. Bo refuses, but changes her mind when Mayer says his niece Cassie (as in Cassandra, I guess) is an Oracle who can give Bo answers about her past.

If Cassandra looked like that at Troy, no wonder they didn’t listen to her.

At the restaurant, Kenzi can’t get a hold of Bo, so the client ends up walking out. Might’ve dodged a bullet on that one. At Mayer’s place, Cassie gives Bo a taste of her divining powers, telling Bo about her “first time” with a guy. First times are always awkward, but apparently Bo’s was worse than most; her succubus power manifested for the first time and she woke up next to her boyfriend’s corpse. Cassie knowing that convinces Bo she might be able to help, so she agrees to work for Mayer. At home, Kenzi’s not happy about Bo missing their meeting, but calms down when Bo tells her what happened with Mayer. As they’re talking, Bo’s eating grapes and peanut butter … maybe they ran out of grape jelly?I'm stupid They go to see Dyson and Kenzi is a bit snippy with him. Part of it is because she’s kinda feeling like Bo’s unappreciated secretary, and part of it is from Dyson being a dick and screwing around on Bo. (“I just barfed in my mouth.”) Dyson gives them some info on Roger, and Kenzi informs him she’s no longer on team Dyson (and leaves him a nice note).

“When did he … bite it?”

They go to Roger’s place, but end up crashing his wake (don’t you hate it when that happens?) Turns out he’s been dead for a couple days, so he couldn’t have been in Mayer’s gambling club 24 hours ago. At the Dal, Bo asks Trick’s advice and he mentions Chinese spirits called hsien, who prefer to jump between dead bodies instead of inhabiting their own. He seems creeped out by it and says, “Humans are for feeding off, not wearing.” I’m not entirely sure he was joking. Dyson and Hale are playing pool and Dyson’s sucking down energy drinks, because Bo’s been wearing him out. Hale offers to take a turn, but Dyson says no thanks. Apparently, Bo’s quite the lay, at least to hear Kenzi and Hale play poolDyson brag about it. He and Bo flirt and he says he knows where they might find a hsien. Trick isn’t happy when he sees them leave together. Neither is Kenzi, who stays behind to play pool with Hale. She’s winning, but he uses his siren powers to cheat. She’s pissed off, but Hale says if she wants the Fae to take her seriously, she has to show them she can handle her shit. She says she doesn’t care about any of their opinions, except Bo’s.

Eddie dancesAt the morgue, Dyson and Bo find the hsien (named Eddie), inhabiting the body of a recently deceased woman and dancing around. Dyson tells Eddie to get back into his own body (a definite downgrade) and introduces him to Bo. Eddie says he’s a Light Fae hsien (and claims to be responsible for the Elvis sightings back in the 70s), but swears he had nothing to do with reanimating Roger. (Although his “scout’s honour” sign is actually the Vulcan salute.) He tells them there’s another hsien rumoured to be in town, a Dark Fae named Lucas. Bo tells Mayer he was ripped off by a hsien and he’s not happy. After treating Kenzi like crap, he says there’s a backroom gamer named Jesper who might’ve hired the hsien to ruin his business. Kenzi convinces Bo to let her come to Jesper’s place, since she learned a lot about backroom poker from her dad.

They show up at Jesper’s club all dolled up, and Kenzi immediately startsBo and Kenzi at club analyzing the main poker game. She explains about tells to Bo (“thank you, Rain Man.”), who heads off to another room with Jesper. Kenzi’s knowledge of tells impresses a dirty old man who latches onto her. Bo and Jesper start getting it on, but her succubus power doesn’t work. Turns out he’s not a hsien, but he does have freezing powers. They fight until his thumbs turn into icicles and he stabs her and starts freezing her.

Thumb icicles
“I did not peg you as frigid.”

Kenzi notices the wall icing up and starts a brawl at the poker game by saying another player was cheating. She goes to help Bo and whacks Jesper with a crowbar. Bo knocks him onto a spike where he’s impaled and they take off. Kenzi gets Bo to the Dal so Dyson can heal her. He tells her Jesper was a Frost Giant and she’s lucky to be alive. Their high intensity banging attracts Trick’s attention.

Trick mad
“Did my troll get loose?”–Well, someone’s did.

Bo drains Dyson (in every sense) and heals (Kenzi: “Dude, your junk could cure cancer!”) Trick’s not happy with Dyson, but before he can give him shit, Eddie calls from the morgue freaking out. He and Bo take off, ignoring Kenzi who’s figured out that someone’s been aware of their every move before they make it. Kenzi goes to Mayer’s place and breaks into his nephew’s car (with her handy Slim Jim). She finds something in the trunk, but gets jumped before she can do anything.


At the morgue, Bo and a still weak-from-sex Dyson find Eddie, who seems surprised to see them. Bo notices he has a tell—not to mention a knife sticking out of his back—and realizes the hsien Lucas killed Eddie and took over his body.

Eddie dead
You ever have an itch you just can’t quite reach?

He locks Dyson in the freezer and tries to kill Bo. Lucas keeps hopping from one corpse to another until he gets into the body of Thor … or someone who looks a hell of a lot like him.Thor Dyson tries to punch his way out of the freezer as Bo and Thor-Lucas mix it up. Lucas is close to strangling her, but Dyson goes all wolf-crazy and busts out just in time. He pulls a gun on Lucas and threatens to kill the body he’s inhabiting, which would kill him as he has no other corpse within reach. At first, Lucas won’t talk, but they say they can wait for the body he’s in to putrefy, which would kill him anyway. Lucas finally tells them he was forced to impersonate Roger and rip Mayer off by someone who stole his original body.


Bo, Dyson, and Lucas show up at Mayer’s place. Bo manages to broker a temporary truce between Dyson and Mayer; since they’re on opposite sides—Light and Dark—they aren’t supposed to cooperate, but Bo gets them to put aside their differences for a while. That’s kind of an ongoing theme, with Bo being a bridge between the Light and the Dark. It starts small here, but as Mayer says, “A bad peace is better than a good war.” Lucas tells everyone that Mayer’s nephew was the one who hired him to ruin Mayer’s business. Seymour was apparently pissed off because Mayer never let him do anything and treated him like a servant. Dyson finds Lucas’s body in Seymour’s trunk, along with a tied up Kenzi. Kenzi in trunkAfter Lucas goes back into his own body, Kenzi says nobody except Bo takes her seriously, and she doesn’t want to lose that. Dyson says he won’t tell Bo about Kenzi getting in trouble and they seem cool, though Kenzi says she’s still not back on team Dyson.

Since Mayer is Dark Fae, his bosses would expect him to kill anyone who crossed him, but he doesn’t want to kill his own nephew, so he asks Bo to keep quiet. Kenzi says that wasn’t part of the original deal, so Mayer says Bo can talk to Cassie and he’ll still owe her a favour. Mayer “samples”Mayer and Kenzi Kenzi’s luck and says she tastes like a survivor. Bo talks to Cassie, who tells her that Bo’s mother was betrayed and held prisoner by the one she trusted most, but she escaped and is looking for Bo. She also says Bo will have a big choice to make, that she’s a major player, and that “Fate has some serious plans for you.” Bo doesn’t care about all that … she’s just stunned that her mother is alive and apparently looking for her.

The overall theme of this episode has to do with Kenzi feeling inadequate and ignored, which is paralleled by Mayer’s nephew, Seymour. But there Kenziare a couple of differences: Kenzi keeps trying to help Bo (and saves her from the Frost Giant), even though she feels unappreciated, whereas Seymour tries to ruin his uncle’s business to get back at him. And it seems Seymour was motivated (at least partially) by how his uncle made him look bad to everyone, while Kenzi doesn’t give a damn what the other Fae think of her, she just doesn’t want to be a millstone around Bo’s neck. So we get a nice contrast there, and Kenzi’s loyalty will be a major theme in the rest of the series. Of course, things are getting a lot more intense now that Bo knows her mother is alive and looking for her. We’ll see some of the repercussions of that next episode.

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