Lost Girl Review: Episode 4

Dyson with skull
Alas, poor Samir, I knew him, Horatio.

Episode 4: Faetal Attraction

This one starts in media res, with Dyson showing up at a house and Bo and Kenzi running out right before the house blows up. Debris rains down on them, including a human skull; so yeah, skull rain … where do you go from there? Well, we go back in time a bit to see Bo sleeping and Kenzi waking her up. Bo tells her about Dyson banging the waitress at the Dal. Bo’s not taking it well and Kenzi realizes she’s never been rejected before. I guess that makes sense; how do you reject a succubus who can charm you into wanting her? Kenzi tells Bo that dealing with rejection can be fun. I’m not sure if that’s exactly the right word.

Next we see Dyson’s way of dealing; he’s interrogating a suspect and dislocates his arm.

Dyson breaks suspect's arm
Tag, you’re it!

It’s cool though … he snaps it right back into place. WeBo smashing a car see Bo and Kenzi getting all cathartic by smashing up a car (as Billy Squier’s The Stroke plays over it … that’s some good car-smashing music). After totalling the car, they decide to go to the Dal. At the police station, Dyson gets in shit for roughing up the suspect (who walks) and he’s told he has to see the department shrink. Hale tries to figure out what’s up, but Dyson’s doing his “strong-silent” thing.


At the Dal, Bo and Kenzi are getting wasted on some green stuff (Buckthorn mead, apparently), and Bo vents about Dyson. Lauren comes in (and hears Kenzi is talking shit about her) and Bo hits on her. Kenzi notices that Lauren is into Bo, but nothing comes of it … yet. (Don’t worry, all you Bo/Lauren shippers will get what you want in a few episodes.) Bo meets a guy named Samir, who says he and his wife want to have a three-way with her (everybody drink!) His wife Olivia is one of the Erinyes aka the Furies. Kenzi says a rebound lay is a great way to get over someone.

Safe word
“We’re gonna need a safe-word.”

Of course, Bo pretends she wasn’t bothered by Dyson screwing around, but when he and Hale show up, she changes her mind about the threesome … and makes damn sure Dyson sees her leave with Samir and Olivia. Back home, Bo gives Samir and Olivia the time of their lives. Plaster is falling from the ceiling as Kenzi tries to eat, so she consoles herself with some more Buckthorn mead she stole from the Dal.

Next morning, Bo wakes up. Kenzi is hung over as shit, but she’s trying the old “hair of the dog” remedy; some people never learn. Olivia shows up and says she wants to hire Bo to kill someone. She explains that the threesomes are a way of alleviating boredom after centuries of marriage (well, it beats Pictionary, I guess), but neither of them is supposed to screw around on their own. Apparently Samir has been banging a florist named Jenny. She says she’d kill Jenny herself, but Light Fae aren’t supposed to do that sort of thing; I guess it’s cool to hire someone else to do it, though. Bo refuses and Olivia says she’ll handle it herself, so Bo decides she’d better warn Jenny.

Jenny lives out on a farm and when Bo gets there, Olivia is already trying to kill Jenny (who’s played by Krystin Pellerin from Republic of Doyle).

Bo and Olivia fight
It slices, it dices, it juliennes fries!

They fight and Olivia uses some kind of vision power to sear Bo’s mind and almost drive her crazy, but Bo uses a toaster to reflect it back on Olivia. She grabs Jenny and they haul ass outta there. Back at the station, Hale convinces Dyson to go to his therapy session. At Bo and Kenzi’s place, Bo tells Jenny that Olivia put a hit on her. Jenny figures that’s why Samir stopped calling (he wanted to protect her), but Kenz’s a lot more cynical, saying he was probably leading her on just for some tail. Methinks Kenzi’s speaking from experience here. Kenzi actually wants to tell Jenny the truth (hey Kenz, what happened to “truth is for pussies”?), but Bo says they can’t. At Dyson’s therapy session, the therapist tries to get him to open up. He uses his wolf-senses to analyze her lonely existence, but she does the same to him … with psychology!


Bo goes to see Samir and runs into Olivia covered with blood. Olivia takes off and Bo finds Samir, decapitated.

Samir headless
That’s what happens when you hog the remote.

When Bo goes home and tells Jenny that Samir’s dead, she freaks and Bo has to use some of her succubus mojo to calm her down. Strangely, she does it right through a blanket; I always assumed there had to be skin-to-skin contact. Dyson investigates Samir’s death and quickly sniffs out Bo’s involvement. When he confronts her, she tells him everything. Things are obviously tense between them, and Dyson asks why Bo brought Samir back to her place the previous night. (Kenzi’s response: “Hey, hairy palms, what’s it to you? Jealous much?”) Dyson mentions that there are three Furies and Olivia’s sisters might not be too happy. He and Hale go to the Furies’ place (he was right, they ain’t happy) and they take Olivia into custody.


Bo and Kenzi figure the Furies might attack, so they prepare for a siege. Jenny is hot for Bo (maybe used too much of the old sex mojo?), but Bo says there’s no future for them. Jenny seems to take the rejection calmly (way too calmly), but it’s obvious she has a screw loose. Dyson calls and asks Bo to come to the clinic to see Lauren and the Ash. Bo asks Kenzi to talk Jenny out of her crush. Yeah, like that ever works. At the clinic, the Ash gives Bo and Olivia shit (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for someone who’s supposedly a good guy, the Ash is a real prick).

Kenzi finds head
This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted some head!

Olivia says she didn’t kill Samir, then she dies. Back home, Kenzi is getting freaked out by Jenny, who keeps asking about what Bo likes. It’s obvious Jenny’s jealous of how close Bo and Kenzi are, so Kenzi tries to downplay it. She checks Jenny’s bag and finds a bloody chainsaw … oh, and Samir’s head. Jenny conks her out and hugs the head, saying “Mine.” Yeah, this girl is fucked up.


Dyson calls Bo to tell her that Samir only banged Jenny once and she got all obsessed and started stalking him. He had to get a restraining order, but didn’t ask for help because he didn’t want Olivia to know he’d been fucking around. Bo rushes home and finds Samir’s head and a really weird mash note from Jenny. She heads out to the farm where Jenny is holding a gun on a tied-up Kenzi. Bo rolls the head into the room (which I guess could be considered romantic, if you’re a nutcase like Jenny). Bo says she loves Jenny, who picks up the head and puts it in a cupboard with a whole bunch of skulls.

Jenny's skulls
I tried collecting commemorative plates, but they kept breaking.

And you thought you had relationship issues. Kenzi tries to work her way loose, as Jenny confesses she’s the one who killed Samir. Jenny has the place wired to blow up, so she and Bo can be “together forever”. Bo says she wants to die in Jenny’s arms, but before she can use her mojo, the two remaining Furies bust in. Jenny assumes Bo brought them, but the Furies blame Bo for Olivia’s death as much as they do Jenny. One Fury zaps Jenny before she can trigger the bomb, while the other fights with Bo. Bo’s getting zapped by the Fury’s power, but she gives her a shot of bug spray in the eyes. Bo and Kenzi take off and Jenny hits the detonator … and we’re back to where the episode started.

Bo sprays Fury
Kills Furies, dead!

Later at the Dal, Kenzi worries about being too clingy and maybe going all whacko like Jenny, but Bo tells her she has nothing to worry about. She also says: “You make me want to be a better Fae.” Kenzi’s response? “Go seduce a yak.” Dyson says he covered for Bo with the Ash, but also brags about getting all the credit for solving the skull-collecting serial killer case. (Kenzi: “Yup, still a douche.”) As Trick is giving Kenzi shit for stealing the (300 year old) Buckthorn mead, Dyson tells Bo he’ll still bang her if she needs to heal. She asks about “friends with benefits” and says he’s perfect for that because he won’t die, he doesn’t care, and she trusts him. Well, two out of three ain’t bad; later we see Dyson telling his therapist “There’s this … woman.”Dyson therapy

So, this episode didn’t do much to advance Bo’s search for her past, but it sorta addressed the Dyson/Bo thing; mostly it was about the Furies and crazy-ass Jenny. Next episode though, Bo actually does get some important (and maybe life-changing) info about her past.

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