Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 2

Lost GirlEpisode 2: I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)

When this episode starts, Kenzi and Hale are stocking up on vodka, ice cream, and what looks like some sort of tranquilizer. Kenzi’s worried about how Bo’s going to take her break-up with Dyson considering how she freaked out last time, and that was before they were serious. But when they go to Bo’s room to give her the booze and ice cream, they find her … cheerful? She actually seems to be in a pretty good mood (which Kenzi interprets as “lost her shit”); she’s even swinging … literally. I don’t remember Bo having a swing in her room before. She must’ve put it in when she and Dyson were still together. Bo’s logic is that Dyson technically didn’t dumpBo swings her, they were broken up by the Norn when she took Dyson’s love in exchange for helping Bo against Aife. Bo figures if she turns on the charm, she can make Dyson fall in love with her all over again. Kenzi’s a bit skeptical, but Bo says not to underestimate the power of a desperate woman in love. Elsewhere, we see a van arriving in an alley and a woman getting out. She brings a manacled, hooded person out of the van to hand them over to someone, but as soon as the manacles are removed, the hooded figure goes nuts and takes off. We see it’s a young woman and she’s almost caught, but spins to face her pursuers and knocks them both down without touching them. She apologizes and says there’s one last thing she has to do, then takes off. We can see the two people who chased her have some kind of needles sticking out of them.

Dyson and Hale check out the alley and we learn Dyson has been out wolfing it up since he and Bo split—I mean literally; he’s been out hunting. The guard (who was just knocked out by the poison quills, not killed) says they were transferring the woman from the Catacombs, some kind of Fae prison. Dyson and Hale wonder who authorized that, and the guard is surprised they don’t know. Looks like there’s a new Ash in town. At the Dal, Bo asks Trick about the Norn, but is interrupted by an emissary from the Old Country showing up.Black Thorn All the Light Fae bow to him, and Trick greets him as the Black Thorn. He proclaims that a new Ash will be appointed in two days and everybody starts cheering like crazy. At the lab, Lauren’s getting her science on when Bo calls to give her the news. Lauren seems a bit discombobulated by it. Makes sense, I guess; the old Ash basically owned her, so what happens when he’s replaced by a new one? Back at the Dal, Hale explains to Bo and Kenzi the choosing of a new leader is quite a celebration. (Kenzi: “Will there be wenches and mead?”) He also explains the weird names; the Dark Fae leaders name themselves after legendary warriors (e.g. The Morrigan) and the Light Fae leaders after sacred trees. (Kenzi:” Trees … buncha hippies.”) Hale says they won’t know who’s in the running to be the new Ash until the big gala, then the candidates take part in some kind of stag hunt, and the winner is the new Ash. So he could turn out to be cool, or he could end up being a complete asshole. He invites them to go with him, but Bo turns him down (with a Princess Bride reference … I love when Michelle Lovretta writes the episodes) and drags Kenzi out of the bar. That might’ve had something to do with the fact Dyson’s there, but Bo’s not the only one who noticed; the Black Thorn is eyeing him up too.

Back at home, Kenzi wonders why Bo would turn down an invite to a huge party, but Bo’s done with Fae politics after the whole Aife mess. Kenzi tries to convince her (by mentioning Mary Poppins—“I ran out of  British crap, okay?”), but finally gives up.

Bo and Kenzi in the kitchen
I want that fridge

They hear a noise and find the woman who escaped earlier hiding in the living room. She tells them she’s the stag for the big hunt. So much for staying out of things. At the Dal, Trick worries about how much the Black Thorn knows. Dyson says the scuttlebutt is that the Elders got blown up right under the old Ash’s nose, so he’s being replaced. As far as he can tell, the Black Thorn doesn’t know anything about Aife’s involvement. Trick hopes that’s true, but doesn’t seem quite convinced. At Bo’s place, the “stag” (Sabine, who’s played by Natalie Brown from “Sophie” and “The Strain”) tells them the stag hunt is always against a dangerous prisoner. She was imprisoned for falling in love with a Dark Fae (she’s flashbackLight Fae—strictly taboo) named Hamish and we get a flashback to what looks like the late 20s or early 30s. Sabine and Hamish are making out like crazy in his car and he gives her a ring. Hamish was already betrothed to another Dark Fae, so they decided to elope, but she got jumped by Light Fae guards and hurt one of them, so she’s been imprisoned for 83 years. Sabine never saw Hamish again and still doesn’t know if they were betrayed by the Dark or her own people.


Someone starts pounding on Bo’s door and Sabine says she’s not afraid to die, she just wants to know if Hamish is still alive and to see him one last time. Bo says she’ll help (she’s such a softie) and she and Kenzi grab some weapons. The guys bust in and Bo tells them to get lost, but Dyson’s with them. He says Sabine will be cared for until the hunt and Sabine agrees to go with them, since she already told Bo what she came there to say. Bodress fitting tells Dyson they need to talk about stuff and he agrees, but says it’ll have to wait. At the Ash’s compound (which is where Sabine is being held), the Black Thorn greets Bo and tries to ingratiate himself. He tries to convince her the Light are more civilized than the Dark because the Dark kill for fun while the Light only kill to feed. He gives her a dress and she lets him know she’s going to be searching for Sabine’s long lost love. He offhandedly asks her to bring Trick to the gala.

Later, Bo and Kenzi check out an old address for Hamish and Bo says Dyson’s coming over on the weekend. Kenzi asks what Bo’s plan is, and Bo says, “Cleavage … that’s as far as I’ve gotten.” (Kenzi: “Honey, that’s farther than some of us ever get.”) When they meet Hamish, things don’t go exactly as planned. He has no interest in seeing Sabine and says he’s Hamish fades outhad 80 years to get over her and she should do the same. He has a weird moment where he turns invisible for a few seconds, then slams the door in their faces. Bo’s pissed off (Kenzi:”I know you’re a little sensitivo when it comes to penis-related rejections …”) and decides they’re going to save Sabine’s life—and not get caught. Kenzi’s not thrilled with that idea (“I wish I could quit you.”), but she goes along with it. At the Dal, Bo tries to figure out a way to help Sabine without getting herself killed. Trick tells her the candidates go through a vetting process called the Gillehall (Bo: “Which one, Jake or Maggie?”) to prove their political skills, and the ones who get enough votes compete in the hunt. Bo knows Sabine will go free if she makes it to the end of the hunt, but Trick says that never happens because everything is stacked against her. Bo knows she can attend the hunt as the Black Thorn’s guest, but figures it’ll be easier to save Sabine if they have someone else on the inside. Trick says it’s too late to get Dyson in, so it’d have to be someone of noble blood … and he just happens to know someone who fits the bill. In fact, they all know him … it’s Hale.Hale

Yup, turns out Hale is Fae nobility, though he doesn’t like to acknowledge it. Bo and Kenzi basically beg him to help (though Kenzi’s technique leaves something to be desired—she calls him “Lord gutless of knobsburg”), and he finally agrees. Bo knows the gala is for currying favour before voting and that anything goes, so she tells Hale to use his siren powers while she uses her succubus mojo to incapacitate the competition. Dyson will run interference, though his idea of being a team player seems to differ from hers a bit. Bo sizes up Hale’s competition, especially one named Lachlan (who’s played by Vincent Walsh and was apparently Patrick on Degrassi Junior High, which I can hardly believe because they look so different.)

Oh, Christine …

Hale schmoozes with everyone and Bo tries to use her mojo on Lachlan, but it doesn’t work. Dyson saves Hale from getting some kind of Fae roofie, and Bo uses her mojo on other candidates—with more success thispile of bodies time. She still wants to talk to Dyson, but he avoids her. Trick gives him shit, but he says Trick got his wish, since he didn’t want Bo and Dyson together in the first place. The Black Thorn lets Trick know he’s aware that Aife was Bo’s mom.

Bo talks to Sabine and tells her Hamish is alive, but that he didn’t want to see her. Bo wonders if Hamish might’ve been the one who betrayed her, but Sabine doesn’t believe it. When Bo tells her they’re going to help win her freedom, Sabine says she wouldn’t know how to live in the world after being out of it for 80 years. She says some stories just aren’t meant to Hamish headbuttedhave happy endings. Nearby, Hamish does his weird invisible flickering thing and runs into a waitress. Bo follows him—and head butts him. Succubi can see people’s auras, so she could follow him and she can see he still loves (or at least has the hots for) Sabine. He admits it and tells her his family were the ones who betrayed her. Bo asks him to help save Sabine during the hunt, but he doesn’t want to get her hopes up in case it doesn’t work. Bo gets mad and says if he really loved Sabine, he’d fight for her. I’m thinking those words might’ve been meant more for Dyson than Hamish.

Later, the Black Thorn talks to the final three candidates (Hale, Lachlan, and some woman) and tells them the rules: they can’t kill each other, can only use sanctioned weapons (which apparently means bow and arrows) and if Sabine makes it to the bell and rings it, they all lose. The hunt begins and Sabine runs through the woods, chased by the candidates. We see Lachlan using scent to track her … maybe he’s a shapechanger likeSabine shot Dyson? The female candidate actually finds Sabine, but gets shot full of quills for her efforts. Dyson pops up and grabs Sabine, saying he’ll help her. Bo and Kenzi find the bell, which looks deserted. Dyson and Sabine find it too ad he tells her to head straight for it and don’t stop, but Lachlan is waiting and he shoots her just before she reaches the bell. Lachlan is pronounced the new Ash and he tells Bo her days of doing whatever she wants are over. After everyone leaves, Lauren, Hale, and Hamish show up. Lauren removes the arrow, Lauren saves Sabinesaying it went through soft tissue only; apparently, an invisible Hamish tried to spin Sabine out of the arrow’s path, which probably saved her life. Of course, the arrow was poisoned, but Lauren pulls a Pulp Fiction and revives Sabine, who’s overjoyed to see Hamish again. Bo makes a comment about science kicking the crap out of tradition, which could be a metaphor for her Lauren vs. Dyson situation.

We see Lachlan being crowned the new Ash (and looking really full of himself—get used to it, because that’s pretty much his default expression from now on), and we see Trick looking far less happy. At Bo’s place, Dyson shows up for their talk and Bo’s wearing a really hot camisole-type thing. She thanks him for helping with Sabine and says she wants them to start over. But he says wolves mate for life and that love is gone, taken byBo gets crazy the Norn. Bo says the Norn took his feelings, not hers and she wants to try again to get back what they had. But he doesn’t even want to try and we see a flash of evil Bo when she threatens to make him fall back in love with her. He tells her she needs to move on, because he already has. At the Dal, Trick and the Black Thorn talk about Bo. The Black Thorn reveals he’s the one who tipped Sabine off about Bo and facilitated her escape. He asks Trick about the rumours of him being the Blood King. Trick denies it, but the Black Thorn says the Council is worried Trick might have aspirations toward power. Trick assures him they have nothing to worry about—as long as they stop looking for Aife. Bo and Kenzi commiserate over her failed efforts to win Dyson back. Kenzi says it’s the Tim effect, named after the first guy she ever “lurved”, who she caught lurving another Bo and Kenzigirl—from behind. She said she eventually got past it, but couldn’t get herself to feel that way about anyone again, even when she tried. She figures that’s what the Norn did to Dyson. Bo gets it, but thinks it sucks because she didn’t do anything wrong, but she’s still the one being punished. The weird part is, as a succubus, she can make anyone want her, but can’t make Dyson fall back in love with her. Kenzi offers to “beat the snot out of him”, but Bo says whatever Dyson did, he did it for her, so she’s gonna tell him she’s cool with just being friends. In other words, she’s gonna lie.

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