Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 3

Lost GirlEpisode 3: Scream a Little Dream

This one starts out with a horrific scene … Kenzi is cleaning! When she gets a splinter from the broom, Bo comes running with a sword and axe. (Kenzi: “Oh, like you’ve never been suckered by a big shaft of wood.”) Bo’s been throwing herself into spring cleaning to get her mind off Dyson, but I’m not sure it’s working. Elsewhere, we see an old lady come out of a fancy building and she’s acting really weird, shuffling around like she’s a zombie of something. The doorman tries to talk to her, but she freaks out and runs back inside, where she slams into a marble pillar and keels over. The doorman goes to check on her and we see all the other residents wandering around mindlessly too.zombie elders

Later, Frank (the Doorman) tells Bo what happened at the apartment building. Frank is Light Fae and he’s supposed to look after the humans in the building, but he figures some Dark Fae scumbag is messing with them. He says the new Ash doesn’t give a shit about humans, so he asks Bo to help and she agrees to check things out. Bo calls Lauren for advice and Kenzi makes herself scarce (“The best way to get over someone is to getMumphert under someone else.”) At the Dal, Kenzi’s moaning about cleaning the house and a guy overhears her and introduces himself as Mumphert. He says he’s a Brownie who cleans houses (Kenzi: “Before you … devour the inhabitants?”) and offers to come and clean the house for free. Trick tells Kenzi Brownies aren’t dangerous, but she shouldn’t take him for granted. I don’t think she was paying attention to that part, but she tells Mumphert he’s hired.

At the apartment building, Lauren examines the old lady as Bo pokes through the vents. Lauren says she doesn’t know what’s affecting the humans. She and Bo seem to be getting closer again, but when Bo mentions that Lauren should be free (since there’s a new Ash), Lauren just says it’s complicated. The old lady has a freakout and there’s a strange apparition in the mirror that neither Bo nor Lauren notices. At heart breakerhome, Bo tells Kenzi they found nothing, but Kenzi’s more interested in the bow-chicka-wow-wow. Before Bo can say much about that, she’s startled by Mumphert with a mug of cocoa. (Kenzi: “Guess what I brought home?”  Bo: “Um, confusion and chocolate dispensing terror?”) Later, Bo has a weird dream where she wakes up and finds Dyson in the shower, so naturally, she jumps in with him. Just as things are getting good, he rips her heart out and shows it to her. Bo screams and Kenzi comes running. Both are startled to find a weird-looking woman kneeling on Bo’s chest. Bo takes a swing at her, but she runs off, passing right through Kenzi and leaving her gasping for breath. Bo realizes the weird woman must be what caused all the humans to go crazy at Frank’s building.

Next morning, Bo and Kenzi marvel at Mumphert’s cleaning job (and his kick-ass coffee), though they notice he ate all their honey-Berry Crunchmorning after cereal. If Kenzi had been paying attention in the bar, she’d have remembered Mumphert saying he likes honey. They discuss the weird attack from the night before (Kenzi: “I swear, she was like five seconds from going reverse cowgirl on you.”) Bo says every time she nodded off, she had terrible nightmares, like the weird woman was inside her head. Kenzi suggests it might be a type of succubus, feeding on people mentally instead of physically. Bo goes to get some answers from Trick and he tells her it sounds like the work of a Mare … as in nightmare. The superstition about a woman straddling your chest and giving you bad dreams is pretty old, and even nowadays some people have what’s called Night Hag Syndrome, where they’re half-awake but feel paralyzed. Trick says it’s helmetstrange for a Mare to affect Fae, and they usually aren’t powerful enough to affect a whole building full of humans either. He says he’ll look some stuff up, but warns Bo not to fall asleep until they figure out what’s going on. At Lauren’s place, she examines Bo’s brain with a weird-looking helmet and says everything’s lit up like a Christmas tree. Bo says her latest nightmare was about being hungry and she figures it’s the Mare’s hunger that she’s feeling. Lauren concludes that Bo somehow established a psychic link with the Mare and that Bo might be more powerful than anyone thought.

At home, Kenzi is overwhelmed when Mumphert gives her some cool clothes (though I think she’s even more impressed that he didn’t pay for them). He mentions getting more Honey Berry Crunch, which kinda pisses Kenzi off; better watch out, Kenz—you don’t want to take him for granted. At Lauren’s place, she tries to find something to help Bo stayknife awake. She’s just about to tell Bo what’s up with her when the new Ash comes strolling in with a couple of his goons. He says all the old Ash’s “chattels” have passed to him, including Lauren. Bo says Lauren is nobody’s property and is ready to fight, but Lauren tells her to let it go and leaves with the Ash. This Ash is even more of an arrogant asshole than the first one. I’m starting to think being a prick is a prerequisite for getting the title.

At the Dal, Bo struggles to stay wake. Trick says she needs a Baku. Baku eat nightmares, but their pelts ward off disease, so they’ve been hunted almost to extinction and the ones that are left are in hiding. He says Lauren might know where to find one, but Bo tells him the Ash has Lauren and says if he hurts her, she’ll go after him. Trick tells her he has ears in Maremany places (Kenzi: “When you’re Fae you should probably use a different expression.”) and word from the Ash’s compound is that Lauren is being treated well. He warns Bo to be careful of Lachlan, the new Ash, since he’s an unknown quantity. At the compound, Bo requests an audience with Lauren and sits down next to a dude who looks a bit like Humphrey Bogart. He turns into the Mare and Bo suddenly wakes up to see Lachlan staring at her. She tries to humbly ask permission to see Lauren, but soon gives up and starts giving him shit for being such a dick. But she feels kinda stupid when she finds out Frank lied about coming to see Lachlan, so she slinks out with her tail between her legs.

Mumphert's mad
“Qu’est-ce que the hell?”

At home, Kenzi finds the spaghetti not to her liking (“Too much … sock!”) and gives Mumphert shit, but he’s mad at her too and gives her the old “you know what you did” routine. She tells him to leave, but he says she invited him to stay, so he’s staying—forever. At Frank’s building, Bo gives him shit and he suckers her by blowing sand in her face that knocks her out. Bo has a weird nightmare about being in the Dal with all her friends, but they take off and leave her behind. The Mare shows up and screws with her head a bit more, then everything in the room gets covered by some creeping black shit. When the stuff covers Bo, she makes up screaming. She’s tied to a chair and Frank tells her he had no choice and circumstances are beyond his control. Bo kicks his ass, busts out of the chair, and prepares to drain Mumphy out of the closethim. At home, Kenzi makes amends to Mumphert (who apparently got into her closet) by giving him a whole hockey bag full of Honey Berry Crunch. He forgives her and she asks if he can find a live Baku for her. At the building, Bo finds out Frank is actually a Dark Fae who’s been squatting on Light Fae territory. He says the new Ash hasn’t restored order yet, so he took the opportunity. The Mare is his girlfriend and she was really hungry, so he lured Bo there so the Mare could feed on her. He figured since she’s unaligned, no one would have her back.

Unfortunately, while they’re talking Bo is getting sleepier, since Frank is a Sandman and gives off sleep dust like cats give off dander. Bo keels overthe shining again and the Mare comes in (extremely pregnant, which explains why she’s so powerful … she’s eating for six) to let Frank loose. They start arguing (yup, definitely married) and Bo wakes up and pulls a knife on them, but she’s having a lot of trouble staying awake. She takes off through the building with Frank chasing her (there’s a bit of a Shining vibe to it) and makes it to the elevator. She calls Kenzi, but she’s so sleep-deprived she can hardly tell what’s real and what’s a dream. At home, Mumphert brings in the Baku and Kenzi tells Bo to hang on. Bo realizes the psychic connection she has can lead her straight to the Mare, so she heads for the basement and we get some more horror movie imagery. Bo goes through a door and finds herself in her bedroom. A crying woman is on the bed and Bo realizes it’s an older version of herself. Old Bo says she’s been alone for years; all her friends have died and she never found love again.

Older Bo
Stop draining yourself

She then puts the moves on her younger self and starts draining the real Bo, who wakes up still in the basement hallway. Kenzi has brought the Baku and he starts hugging Bo. in the dream, creepy Old Bo fades away, but she’s approached by Dyson saying they can be together forever inside her dreams. The Baku says he’s eaten Bo’s scary dreams but something else is holding her back. In the dream, Bo stabs Dyson and he fades away—I’m thinking a simple “no, thanks” woulda worked just fine.


Bo wakes up and tells the Baku he can feed on all the humans’ dreams in the building. Bo can still feel the psychic link to the Mare, but when she goes to get stabby, she finds the Mare’s water just broke. At the Ash’s compound, Bo tells him about Frank and the Mare illegally feeding in Light Fae territory. Lachlan makes her an offer to freelance for him, but she basically tells him to go to hell—though much more diplomatically this time. At home, Mumphert tells Kenzi he’s going to clean at the Baku’s place, which is apparently quite the shithole. Kenzi offers to be messierBo sleepy (“I’ll play paintball in the kitchen … I’ll shave my legs in the living room!”), but Mumphert says the Baku needs him more. Bo gets ready for some much-needed sleep and Kenzi tells her to take as much time as she needs. So, this episode had some weird themes running through it, but I guess the main one was Bo’s fear of what’ll happen as she ages. Succubi have really long lifespans (close to being immortal, maybe?), so Bo’s definitely going to outlive her human friends like Kenzi and Lauren, and maybe even a lot of the Fae. It can’t be easy, knowing you’ll outlive everyone you know and love; the true curse of immortality.

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