Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 4

Lost GirlEpisode 4: Mirror Mirror

This one starts with Bo and Kenzi having a drink at the Dal and watching Dyson flirt with one of the waitresses and some blonde girl. Hale says they’re celebrating convincing a mob mistress to testify against her gangster boyfriend—mostly because she’s kinda hot for Dyson. As for the waitress … well, she’s obviously pretty into him, and he doesn’t seem to mind.Bo shows commendable maturity by giving Dyson aKenzi's wrist friendly wave … then proceeds to almost break Kenzi’s wrist. Back at home, Bo and Kenzi continue their drunk fest and talk about getting back at Dyson. Kenzi has swiped a book from Trick and is looking at different curses, but Bo says Dyson sacrificing his love to save her was noble, so they can’t really be mad at him for that. Kenzi points out that he’s kinda been acting like a dick lately, and thinks they should invoke Baba Yaga to curse Dyson. Baba Yaga is a scary Slavic witch who lives in a hut with giant chicken legs and devours young girls … so, not someone you’d want on your bad side. Bo says they’re the good guys and should take the high road, “so no Baby Yoda!” Kenzi agrees, but knowing how much Bo’s hurting, she later makes a drunken invocation to the bathroom mirror for Baba Yaga to curse Dyson, to let him know what rejection feels like. It seems as though Kenzi wasn’t expecting anything to actually happen, but as she walks away, the mirror explodes and a voice says “as you wish” … and I don’t think it was the Dread Pirate Roberts speaking.

Next morning, Bo finds the shards of the mirror and asks Kenzi what the hell she did, but Kenz is so hung over she can’t remember anything. (Kenzi: “Why do I taste shampoo?”) Bo’s not much better off and finds a weird mark that’s basically branded into her skin.

morning after
“This is what happens when you buy wine from the bargain bin.”

At the cop shop, Dyson talks on the phone to his star witness, who’s getting nervous about testifying. Hale gives Dyson shit about flaunting his sex life in front of Bo, but Dyson says it’s more cruel to pretend he’s not seeing other women and letting Bo think she still has a shot. I guess it’s his version of tough love. A female suspect is dragged by and calls Dyson a pig, which Hale finds funny.

At the Dal, Trick looks at the weird mark on Bo’s ass and asks her if she’s “communed” with any strange Fae lately. Kenzi thinks the idea of a Fae STD is kinda funny, but when Trick says it’s either that or Baba Yaga, Kenzi ain’t laughing any more. She’s shocked that Baba Yaga is real and Trick says the old crone has marked Bo as her own. Back at the cop shop, Hale wipes spit off Dyson’s shirt; apparently, five different hookers were hocking loogies at him, and when number six comes at him, he retreats pissed off waitressinto the interview room. But the woman in there—who wanted to talk to someone about illegal street racing in her neighbourhood—goes nuts and attacks him. At the Dal, he tells Hale women have been freaking out on him everywhere he goes, and the trend continues when one of the waitress he’s been banging goes crazy and attacks him. Hale drags her away and Bo and Kenzi come in, trying to remember what happened the night before. Kenzi remembers them talking shit about Dyson, but can’t recall anything after that. The waitress comes after Dyson again and Bo uses her mojo to calm her down. Bo sees Baba Yaga’s mark on Dyson’s stomach and tells him they’ve been cursed by Kenzi.

Dyson’s not happy and gives Bo and Kenzi shit … especially Kenzi. Trick explains who Baba Yaga is and says Bo must’ve wanted the curse to work on some level, since Baba Yaga only acts when there’s an intense connection between the wronged party and the target. Trick says Fae can’t travel to Baba Yaga’s realm and even if they could, he wouldn’t because she’s way too intense. Kenzi decides it’s up to her to fix things, since she started the whole mess. She and Bo go to see Kenzi’s Aunt Ludmilla,Aunt Ludmilla who’s some kind of stereotypical fortune-teller, complete with thick Slavic accent. She embarrasses the crap out of Kenzi, but Bo learns that Kenzi’s stepfather was an abusive prick. When Kenzi tells her they need to reverse a Baba Yaga curse, Ludmilla busts out laughing. At the cop shop, the witness deposition has been moved up and Dyson is worried his new status of “woman poison” will cause the star witness to back out of testifying. She shows up and seems fine, but he’s still twenty feet away.

At Ludmilla’s trailer, she insists Baba Yaga is a fairy tale, so Bo demonstrates her succubus powers to convince her that some fairy tales are true. (Kenzi: “Making out with my peeps just to prove a point … kinda gross.”) Ludmilla says she can summon Baba Yaga—in theory, at least. At the cop shop, Dyson’s still trying to keep a healthy distance from the Kenzi in the mirrorwitness, Gloria, but it’s not enough. She freaks out about men in general and Dyson in particular, and goes across the table after him. At Ludmilla’s, the fortune-teller does a ritual and summons Baba Yaga in her mirror. Bo asks the crone to lift the curse and she says she will in exchange for Bo. She starts pulling Bo into the mirror, but Kenzi says she’s the one who invoked the curse, so she should go. Turns out that was Baba Yaga’s plan all along, since a “nubile young girl” is much more valuable to her than a succubus. She pulls Kenzi through the mirror, which shatters.

Kenzi wakes up inside Baba Yaga’s hut and soon realizes she can’t get out. She meets four other girls who were taken through the mirror like her. They urge her not to make waves and to help them with the chores. BackKenzi and other girls in the real world, Bo freaks out and goes to Trick for help, but he says Baba Yaga doesn’t inhabit their world and has very specific rules for who she lets into hers. Dyson’s there too, and he and Bo are still arguing. He says he’ll help get Kenzi back because no matter what’s happened “I’m still me”; but Bo says she wonders about that sometimes. Trick says Baba Yaga won’t kill Kenzi right away, she want to fatten her up first (Dyson: “Lucky for us, that could take a while”). Trick says he can’t help, but there’s another way. Dyson knows exactly what he means and tells Bo she better learn to enjoy the taste of crow—hopefully, he isn’t speaking literally.

In the hut, Kenzi and the other girls prepare vegetables for supper. Kenzi tries to be her usual snarky self, but the other girls bring her back to reality pretty quick. They’ve been there for years and say it never gets any better. Kenzi sees an open doorway to another room and wonders what’s in there. They tell her it’s off-limits, so of course she goes to look and domovoialmost gets killed by a Domovoi that’s guarding the door. The Domovoi is chained and Kenzi can see what looks like a treasure chest behind him. In the real world, Bo is in the Ash’s compound and asks him to help her get int Baba Yaga’s realm. He’s an asshole (as usual) but says he can help her if she gives him something in return. She agrees to accept the offer he made last episode to do freelance work for him and the Light Fae. He says the “shortcut” into Baba Yaga’s realm depends on how long Bo can hold her breath.

In the hut, the girls tell Kenzi it’s almost time for the feast. She’s hungry, but soon finds out the feast is for Baba Yaga alone … they have to make do with slop (Kenzi: “Delicious slop?”).  The crone returns and makes them all pick marbles from a bag. Kenzi’s excited about a chance to leave until she realizes whoever picks the black marble goes into Baba Yaga’s oven. Elena picks the black marble and walks into the oven, almost relieved to be put out of her misery. Later, Baba Yaga gnaws on one of Elena’s bones.feast Kenzi palms a knife and whacks the crone with a frying pan. She tries to get out, but the door’s still locked—didn’t really think that one through, did you Kenz? At the Ash’s compound, a Nymph is brought in to help Bo get into Baba Yaga’s domain. She’s not too happy to see Dyson—not because of the curse, just because he banged her and never called afterwards. She isn’t thrilled about messing with Baba Yaga, but the Ash’s orders say she has no choice.

Speaking of the old hag, she’s pretty pissed off at Kenzi, but Kenzi uses her super power of slinging bullshit to convince the crone she can train the Domovoi to be more docile. Kenzi gives Baba Yaga a list of things she needs (a switch from a willow tree, a bell from a Highland cow, and bones from a goat born on a Sunday). Baba Yaga says she’ll get the stuff and give Bo getting into the tubKenzi two hours to train the Domovoi, then she eats her. At the Ash’s compound, Daphne (the Nymph) tells Bo that mirrors and water sources can lead to Baba Yaga’s realm. Bo eager to go, but Daphne warns her it won’t be easy—she may die before she can make it through. Bo’s willing to take that risk for Kenzi and reminds Daphne that she really has no choice but to help.

Kenzi looks for a way out and focuses on the treasure chest. She gives the Domovoi one of Elena’s bones to distract him and gets a hand mirror out of the chest. She tries to use the mirror to go home (“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, time to bust this bitch’s balls”), but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Bo prepares to cross over by immersing herself in a tub full of ice water. Daphne holds the portal open and Dyson holds Bo under so she won’tsmashed mirror instinctually come up for air. It works and Bo wakes up in Baba Yaga’s hut. Kenzi is thrilled to see her (“This place is like Hansel and Gretel meets Hannibal Lecter”). Baba Yaga shows up and slaps Bo down (Bo’s powers are useless since she came uninvited), and Bo wakes up back in the bathtub. She tells Dyson she has to try again; after losing him, and probably Lauren, she can’t lose Kenzi too. She goes back and Baba Yaga isn’t inclined to let them go, until Kenzi shows her the mirror she stole. The crone freaks and says she’ll let them go if Kenzi gives the mirror back. I guess the mirror is Baba Yaga’s link to the real world (and her food supply). She tells Kenzi to look in the mirror and picture “home”, but Kenzi smashes the mirror into three pieces and gives each of the caged girls a shard so they can go home. Baba Yaga decks Bo again and back in the real world, Daphne tells Dyson if Bo oven timestays under much longer she could die. Baba Yaga starts herding Kenzi toward the oven, tormenting her with memories of her abusive stepfather and how she used to almost invoke Baba Yaga, but never had the courage to go through with it. In the real world, Dyson pulls Bo out of the tub because she has no pulse. He starts CPR, trying to revive her. In the hut, the Domovoi strains at his chain as Baba Yaga pushes Kenzi toward the oven. The chain breaks and the Domovoi goes after the crone, knocking both of the into the oven. Kenzi closes the door on them.

The oven (and probably the rest of the hut) starts to break apart and Kenzi wakes up in the bathtub. Dyson is still trying to revive Bo and finally does. Apparently, Baba Yaga’s oven dive undid the curse, because we see Dyson talking to Gloria and she’s hanging all over him again. Bo and Kenzi are sucking back the booze again (Kenzi: “I always drink after a barbecue”). Kenzi promises she’ll never screw around with magic again, and tells Boending her stepfather was an asshole but didn’t do anything really bad to her. She thanks Bo for not giving up on her, but tells her not to give up on herself, and that she should fight for whatever makes her happy, whether it’s Dyson or Lauren. As Bo and Kenzi walk out of the living room, we see a hand that looks a lot like Baba Yaga’s come out of the mirror.

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